Gobi landscape: the integration of photovoltaic base green image

Polaris solar PV net news: Golmud East Grand photovoltaic parks, neat rows of spruce and poplar trees along the photovoltaic parks on both sides of the road stretches for several kilometers, vast Gobi add vitality and energy, became a unique scenery.

In recent years, the Golmud city, thoroughly implement the provincial government on the deployment of photovoltaic industrial park greening efforts, promptly set up a leading group, clear responsibilities and detailed work, spare no effort to promote PV industry Park greening efforts. Commitments photovoltaic industrial park enterprises, establish environmental awareness, strengthening the work of maintenance, management and consolidate the Park Green.

It is learnt that the 2014 Park virescence project completed investment of 110 million Yuan (provincial, State and municipal financial investments), completed afforestation 8300 acres. In recent years through the work around here Green has formed a basis NET Framework, along with the continuous development of greening in the future will improve not only Sha Huang, photovoltaic industrial park tree green face, eco-PV photovoltaic industrial park will achieve in the future, the Green PV. This reporter recently on the road to Golmud photovoltaic industrial park and filmed several scenes within the industrial park.

Visiting the Golmud photovoltaic Park, green for entering the PV power station on the road to add new vigor and vitality.

PV industry in the upcoming greening area.

PV industry have completed green areas inside the Park.

Original title: vast Gobi: integration of photovoltaic base green image

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