Hareon investor non-actual control or change strategies “Department of State”

Polaris solar PV net news: once suspended due to introduce strategic shareholders hareon solar technology Corporation (hareon) the evening of November 10 announcement, stocks will be resumed from November 11. But the notice did not reveal the true identity of new strategic shareholders, saying the matter “is the negotiation phase, will probably entail changes in actual control of the company.”

Opinions about potential for the industry to buy into, hareon, Chairman Yang Huaijin told reporters, not prior to media reports of the National Development Bank CDB capital of a limited liability company (hereinafter “CDB capital”).

“(The stake) is not a CDB capital, their business model and hareon is totally different. Now everyone is just speculation. “For whom the shareholder, Yang Huaijin were not disclosed.

Previously, hareon said because of plans to introduce a strategic shareholder, also will be proposed to the shareholders of the company held by the transfer of part of the company’s stock to a strategic investor, trading in company shares since the beginning of October 21. Suspension of only one day, a Web site broke news of the photovoltaic industry, hareon is working with ping an securities to discuss strategic matters, and “co-operation is very high.”

But the news was soon a professional financial media noted that are not true. Instead, the financial media reported that the “open system” is likely to buy into hareon, shares may be the CDB capital.

Public information, China development financial was founded in August 2009, according to the written reply of the State Council’s reform programme is a national development Bank set up a wholly owned subsidiary, registered capital of 35 billion yuan, mainly engaged in private equity (PE), direct investment, investment advisory and financial advisory services.

In early 2011, CDB capital has worked with under the CCB International Investment Fund and another major Chinese Bank’s affiliated investment funds signed an investment agreement, the three parties jointly invested $ 240 million, wholly-owned holding received by LDK LDK LDK LDK polysilicon materials and chemical technology, 18.46% minority interests.

In other words, injected in CDB capital on the PV industry is not without precedent. But CDB capital are likely to take stakes hareon market rumors, may be derived from this.

But for this version of the rumor, denied the Huai Yang directly. For progress, said Yang Huaijin “are still talking about how, as to when they could come up with results, and does not disclose the specifics.”

Planning a major event, hareon October 21, 2014, to suspend business. On October 27, hareon bulletin, intends to introduce strategic shareholders also will be proposed to shareholders hareon equity assignment as strategic investors.

Original title: hareon investor non-actual control or change strategies “Department of State”

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