HONGHE Prefecture, more than $ 7 billion PV hareon signed project cooperation agreement

Polaris solar PV net news: hareon November 6, the evening bulletin, the company recently signed the cooperative framework agreement with the Government of the Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous. The parties will prepare and submit national declarations of the Honghe PV industrial development master plan, Honghe become important clean-energy base in Southwest China.

Phase I of the project scale: in Honghe State investment of 4.8 billion yuan to build not less than 600MW solar photovoltaic power plant, to invest 2.4 billion yuan to build not less than 300MW distributed solar energy power station, three-year construction duration; take the form of production in Red River State invested 500 million Yuan building 300MW/years solar panel factory, construction period of three years. The Honghe Prefecture of PV industry development after the introduction of the master plan, according to the second part of the study on the actual conditions of mutual cooperation. Project construction sites to Red River in the State of desertification, desertification land and the Red River in the State eligible for continuous roof.

Hareon solar as the subject of project, project approval, construction work, Honghe State Government to actively cooperate to accelerate project development. Hareon solar was established in the Honghe prefecture the project company responsible for the project’s specific operations and accept the Honghe State of unified management and direction. Under operating conditions, “solar photovoltaic plant on the ground,” “distributed solar power stations” within one month to start construction of the project, three years; 100MW PV targets on the ground after the implementation in the cooperation between the two sides, “solar panel” item must be started in the same period, divided into three phases and completed within three years.

Hareon, agreements were signed for the company quickly and efficiently in the coming years to expand domestic solar ground power and distributed power plant operations, such as the smooth implementation of the project will have a positive impact on the company’s business performance.

Original title: Honghe Prefecture, more than $ 7 billion PV hareon signed project cooperation agreement

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