How to create a new energy model?

Polaris solar PV net news: less than two months time, four companies of photovoltaic grid-connected power generation project power, one of the nation’s first 18 distributed PV demonstration area–Taian high-tech zone is to take concrete actions to show their commitment to the development of new energy.

Selected in 2013 the first distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration zone, Taian high-tech zone, meaning demonstration area’s construction is, first of all, it can adjust and optimize the energy structure of the whole district, promote energy-saving emission reduction and can boost local photovoltaic components, power transmission equipment, steel processing, such as the development of related industries.

As a new energy application of young Park, Taian high district active guide new energy enterprise constantly extends, and elongated industry chain, especially was national energy Council approved for distributed PV demonstration district yilai, more is grasp national vigorously encourages development distributed PV power this a favourable timing, guide meet installation conditions of Enterprise Active inputs to distributed PV of construction in the, in high-tech district formed to distributed PV, and nuclear power switch, and bio mass boiler, and wind electric equipment and new energy car for representative of new energy industry, Efforts to make the new energy high-tech zone, focusing on one of the pillar industries.

“Tarzan” nuclear equipment instead of imported

Nuclear power as a safe, clean and economical energy source has been valued by more and more people, compared with thermal power, nuclear power does not emit sulphur dioxide, smoke and dust, nitrogen-hydrogen compounds and carbon dioxide.

Taikai company seize the favorable opportunity of domestic nuclear power as a clean energy, matching equipment for vigorously developing nuclear power, the company independently developed TKHD1 nuclear safety grade low-voltage switchgear, TKHD2 nuclear safety level of medium voltage switchgear, the project included technical innovation project of Shandong province. At present, the Group produced nuclear power switch cabinet for the first time to replace imported products, successfully applied to the Fuqing nuclear power plant, qinshan nuclear power plant nuclear power project and to achieve a safe operation. Taikai Group invested 1.22 billion yuan this year, 610 acres of land, a new project on nuclear power Assembly. The project reaches the postpartum, the annual nuclear power intelligent switchgear 5800, 10/14700 35,000-volt smart Assembly production capacity; expected annual sales revenue of 2.44 billion yuan, realizing profits of 380 million Yuan.

Biomass equipment to fill in the blanks

Taishan Group’s new energy industry turned out to belong to the blank, the company through technical innovation met with Southeast University, Shanghai Institute of industrial boilers, biomass combustion research, development and manufacturing of biomass boilers and biomass burning industrial boilers.

After several years of independent research and development and the introduction of digestion and absorption of advanced technologies, currently the Group’s independent research and development of domestic wealth of crop straw for fuel-burning biomass boiler design of circulating fluidized bed boiler rated evaporation capacity 75-130T/h, the Group’s technical center in the efficient use of domestic renewable energy, energy saving and emission reduction areas of research and development in the domestic leading level. During the construction of the group in the new energy industry, the purchase of a DCS control and testing system of burning biomass, such as research and development equipment, construction and improvement of biomass combustion laboratory, developed combustion of biomass-fired circulating fluidized bed boiler technology and products, further enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Wind power equipment to break into the international market

Thai opened Group caught domestic, and outside wind power new energy fast development of opportunities, investment construction of wind power box variable, and wind power no work compensation equipment, independent development production wind electric Europe variable, and wind electric beauty variable box type transformer, and SVC no work compensation device, and SVG still synchronization compensation device, series, and in the pressure sets switch equipment (products), has widely application Yu national focus wind power large construction project. Jia Hua electric power to seize the domestic wind power development, develop wind power transformers at the same time, actively explore the international market, at present, the company has been in Ethiopia, Singapore set up branches, and the transformer occupies Ethiopian market.

New energy vehicles will hit the road

Give full play to the advantages of automobile and auto parts production base in the province, based on the existing backbone enterprises, actively encourages support for Aerospace special vehicles and other qualified enterprises for new energy vehicles key technology research and development and innovation, accelerate auto renovation of traditional technologies. Make greater efforts in attracting new energy vehicles project, Shandong road locomotive manufacturing co investment of 280 million yuan in light of new energy vehicles located in high-tech zone, the project is built, production with an annual output of 30,000 new energy vehicles, mainly products son TRA diesel tourist GQ04, son TRA GD04 electric sightseeing cars and so on.

Solar energy utilization trends far

Support for photovoltaic power generation businesses?

Of Taian high-tech zone, actively coordinate with relevant departments to strictly implement the price subsidies, financial support and tax incentives, increase financial collateral support, protection and improve the development of photovoltaic industry initiative. Strict adherence to the National Energy Board interim measures for the management of distributed solar power projects and project management, construction management, and network services such as project management system, with a series of processes to standardize the PV management, leading photovoltaic market open, standardized, orderly and healthy development.

Up to now, the high-tech zone has accumulatively 22MW filing procedures in installed PV capacity. By the end of 2015, total PV installed capacity above 54MW, foster 2-3 strength, strong competitiveness of the construction of distributed PV enterprises at home and abroad in 2017, realization of photovoltaic power generation installed capacity up to 80MW, by 2020 PV installed capacity of 100MW, built a first-class demonstration zone for photovoltaic applications.

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