Hu Xuanchun: distributed PV challenges facing security problems first

Polaris solar PV net news: the sixth China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Conference and Expo in November 2014, 6 between 9th and was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu, this exhibition “new energy, new towns, new life” as its theme.

Huawei energy inverter products chief engineer Hu Xuanchun

Huawei products chief engineer Hu Xuanchun energy inverter on “smart PV solutions” were introduced. Is a literal record of the following:

Hu Xuanchun: members led members expert everyone morning good, very thanks, thanks Assembly to I this opportunities, let I representative Huawei company to everyone reported we Huawei company PV Industry Department, PV products line in PV field do of some work, time relationship I on directly Chase has, I today reported of theme is Huawei of in distributed PV station key big technology, first we see about distributed roof do PV system of when has which problem? We thought distributed rooftop PV was in and safety of large ground first and foremost in order to solve a problem, just a few guests also have repeatedly stressed this point, but distributed in photovoltaic: why security is compromised? In addition to the components that we have just mentioned, the component will fire, in fact, most of the time is the entire roof system, we design when faced with a difficult challenge in the industry.

Safety: DC fault of fire hazard.

Electricity: roof complex, block and towards inconsistent reduced electricity, roof of obstacles compared more, everyone are has do had similar project of, everyone are knows, has two a features, first a roof of obstacles special more, air conditioning of machine clean has wind noise these things will produced local of heat, addition distributed roof towards is very inconsistent of, except has South of roof, many when also to with some partial North of roof, even is with some towards East towards West of roof, The difference towards the roof of the impact on the electricity they produce when we do focus on one factor.

Compatibility: the roofs vary in size, centralized inverter capacity is difficult to match. We distributed more time to find the roof of the capacity of the roof, then used reverse our equipment, so we do distributed capacity of the roof, you may use a variety of inverters, these having varying on the inverters come with a matching the complexity.

Eco-friendly: not suitable for inverter room built, sensitive to noise. Turning fan on our surrounding environment creates a great deal of influence, including some of our construction of radiation, some problems when it came to doing the project above, we have a good solution? Here’s a key report, Huawei’s understanding and thinking in this area.

We believe in distributed projects are there really made of high quality eco-friendly projects, it is necessary to abandon traditional practices, the kind of traditional centralized optimization into a small flow of string type, how to solve it? Let me give you a detailed explanation. First look at security, we think that when we do a distributed project, we can first we removed the DC combiner box we find it difficult to deal with, and the second is directly adjacent to the alignment you want to place this directly from the roof to avoid the DC system power distribution room, across the roof from the high voltage DC into AC system, thus we improve the security of the entire system.

For we distributed project among common of local block, we on used more road MPPT of way, put original whole roof to weak pressure MPPT control, such optimization into 5 a kW or is 10 a kW with a MPPT control, through this technology we can do, I even appeared has local block these appeared local block of component also does not effects those no was block of component, thus guarantees I whole system of power, Our current coastal Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces in the country, including the Guangdong side had done some practical items, US 10 times down through these technologies can bring us an entire distributed project’s annual output of 8% or even 10%, so as to improve our project’s return on investment.

The other thing is that for distributed project, because there are a lot of items are direct low voltage grid-connected systems, and this time we can use without an isolation transformer, on the one hand eliminates the grid, the second system components can be reduced.

Then is distributed project of capacity, this is compared simple of, we can according to distributed roof itself of capacity can select more small density of loaded inverse variable device, regardless of we of roof is 100-kilowatt or is 300-kilowatt divisible 20, such get of equipment of number and species are is can controlled of, last even we has so a Taiwan equipment or is two Taiwan equipment loaded can’t, but corresponds to of a capacity of loss is 19 a kW can maximize of using we roof of capacity reduced we installed of complex degrees.

Last on distributed project also has a is grid of maintenance, this when certainly cannot expect sent people climbed roof climbed hillside, we can with we of grid equipment, can put we of grid inverse variable device made station of computer and Butler, can help we real-time detection component, once found these component has problem words we on can match we corresponds to of a management system, this management system on very of flexible has, we of station turned to distribution room inside of monitoring system, Can also go inside to carry a portable device such as mobile phone PAD, via a mobile terminal, Terminal we can monitor in real time to my management of the power station, so as to monitor operational status in this power station.

On distributed project we think last solution of problem is construction including we of operations of problem, in this problem Shang we recommended of is this small of grid inverse variable device, in construction aspects is very simple of, because now small equipment weight can do 40-50 kg, then by 1-2 a workers directly moved to roof up local installation on can has, as on from we original do concentrated type equipment of when, to with large of crane of problem.

Device in case of failure we can use to replace the machine, you can quickly repair, on the one hand that we can fix quickly, on the other hand we can also reduce the effects of our generation, so as to improve the operation and maintenance of the power stations throughout the cycle as a whole.

Last is group series type programme environment friendly, protection human health, is a full closed of so on around environment of effects bear more, on without produced noise, also does not on around of electronic equipment caused some interference, thus do real of on environment friendly of PV system, through this technology we hopes can real of to help we of distributed project from technology Shang solution it of series of problem, thus eventually promoting distributed project boom of development.

Last you a little report of our domestic and overseas to do several typical distributed projects, helps your reference, first of our nearest, cgnpc distributed an 11MW roof PV project in jiaxing, Han made with total support of this project. Down not only generating capacity exceeded expectations throughout the project and overall program quality is also very good for grid-connected. Except just said of roof project yiwai, we do of second a project is 300MW agricultural light complementary smart PV station, whole hillside above all do of is this system, following with of is we of inverse variable device, through this technology we can in we of Zhejiang Province radiation relative compared poor of mountain area can get with Northwest basic equal of years electricity, years electricity do 1300-1400, so is very great of.

Other projects that Jordan AAU University City rooftop PV projects, this is to give you an introduction, leading experts have the opportunity to welcome everyone here to our factories, our photovoltaic power plant to visit and we hope that through our high quality inverter, help the vigorous development of distributed projects, thank you!

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