Huadian group PV project in zaoyang, Hubei to invest 2.5 billion

Polaris solar PV net news: the morning of November 11, the people’s Government of zaoyang city of Hubei, and Huadian power photovoltaic project developed a framework agreement of cooperation signed in date. China Huadian group, Hubei power limited by site visits, photovoltaic power generation project in zaoyang city investment of 2.5 billion yuan.

Xiangyang municipal Committee, Minister Cheng Jiagang, Huadian power, Board Chairman and General Manager of Hubei Province Zhang ming, zaoyang city Party Secretary Chen Dongling, mayors and city leaders Zhou Shiyun, He Fei ye, Wei Fujun attended the signing ceremony. Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Du Yunfeng presided over the signing ceremony.

Pointed out in his speech, Chen Dongling, zaoyang photovoltaic power generation project signed and zaoyang both speed up industrial upgrading, promoting leap-forward development of strategic choice, zaoyang is grasping the strategic opportunity, speed up the transformation of another significant achievement. Zaoyang full nanny service will make every effort to contribute to the project, in zaoyang trust investments, venture investment enterprises development. Hubei power generation company hopes China Huadian meticulous organization and scientific arrangement, in zaoyang ensure that projects take root and grow.

Zaoyang He Fei and Huadian power plant in Hubei Province on behalf of the Mayor to sign.

Huadian power plan in the city in Hubei province bears town, Wu Zhen, Tai Ping Zhen, Liu shengping, towns, and other places to invest 2.5 billion yuan, developed photovoltaic projects. Combined with local solar resources, building total installed capacity of 220 megawatts of photovoltaic power generation project using industrial plant and the public to build 400,000 square meters of the roof, building total installed capacity of 30 MW of distributed solar power projects.

Original title: Huadian power limited and the people’s Government of zaoyang city of Hubei photovoltaic project development framework agreement signed

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