Huawei with the highest number of votes won the 2014 “Polaris Cup” top ten inverter PV topped

Polaris solar PV net news: November 6, 2014-after 2 months of “North Star Cup” CREC ten photovoltaic enterprises campaign officially came to an end, awards ceremony held at the hotel Wuxi Grand afterlife, nearly 500 guests showed up. Huawei 40776 highest ballot numbers successfully appeared in the top ten photovoltaic inverter companies. This selection from the Polaris solar network and China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Conference and exhibition (CREC) jointly held, relying on the Polaris solar PV NET 150,000/day online voting, vote full objectivity and impartiality.

The end of 2010, Huawei network started photovoltaic inverter technology in the energy sector, and market research, Huawei’s layout after research and Development Center. After two years of painstaking research and development, 2011 Huawei inverter enters photovoltaic market. 13 shipments up to 1GW of scale-top string inverter market first. Up to now, Huawei’s order has more than 3.5GW.

This award is the support and affirmation of Huawei’s products, customer-centric is Huawei’s goal, only constant innovation in order to provide the best products and solutions in order to better customer service. Huawei digital information technology, Internet technology and photovoltaic technology blends launched leading intelligent PV solutions, is currently in China, many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific and other regions succeed scale.

Huawei receives full digital power station, power station and more innovative ideas, such as simple, automated operation and maintenance, to create “intelligent, efficient, safe and reliable” smart PV solutions, establishing a new benchmark for photovoltaic power station. But Huawei is committed to creating an open platform, together with photovoltaic industry excellent enterprise cooperation to strengthen collaborative innovation, promote sustainable and healthy development of the photovoltaic industry!

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