Huawei’s most mysterious piece of business to hide in the new energy

Polaris solar PV net news: ren zhengfei has now become China’s most mysterious entrepreneurs midway aboard the new photovoltaic energy a new passenger Express.

With constant freshman shot Howe throwing hundreds of billions of capital hunting PV paths, same for the solar PV industry the “underachievers” Huawei information industry giants in two years ‘ time, China entered the photovoltaic equipment. The firm into the market mainly through the core equipment of PV inverter PV power station.

United States energy information consulting research institution recently published HIS famous, according to a survey ranking, in the second quarter of 2014, Huawei, with its string inverters, first among the “top ten” PV inverter suppliers list.

This new survey a surprised tone, and Huawei PV inverters have been steady fall bags more than 3.5GW of orders at home and abroad, and during the quarter contributed to global sales of inverter 3.7%, becoming the only company from China’s listed companies.

Core of the PV inverter PV equipment, like power generation system’s “brain”. PV inverter, also known as power inverters, is the key equipment for DC power into AC power. Inverter technology and quality is directly related to power system reliability, security, and power generation, developers are most concerned about is power station equipment. Though inconspicuous, it is the core component of. In the normal series line, inverter failure will lead to the stagnation of the power plant to generate electricity.

In the ranks of the world’s top ten, and Huawei at the location of the old nine, and its target is within 5 years will Sprint to the industry the number one spot. Movement is unlikely in the PV industry, Huawei, why become a dark horse?

Huawei officials from the solar energy program interface for journalists in an interview, said the PV inverter is one of the three plates of Huawei network power business, in the development of new products, maximize its advantages of each cross-Department cooperation through the effective integration of hardware and software, while improving efficiency, helping clients improve industry competitiveness.

Jiangsu PV companies have dealings with Huawei’s Executive Director told interface news, 2014 Huawei’s sales target is inverter 4GW. In this regard, Solarbuzz PV Lian Rui, senior analyst believe that Huawei inverters have less actual shipments and sign this singular. “But the magnitude is enough to affect the entire photovoltaic industry. ”

PV manufacturing in China began to suffer from the global financial crisis after the end of 2010, Huawei network start research into the solar energy sector ready to look for a breakthrough. PV inverter market profitable at that time, a large number of domestic strength of small and medium companies usually enter the layout, product design, basically a copy, do not have their own ideas.

Huawei photovoltaic strategy began to break three tubes used for thinking to develop customer advocate in the software industry, leading and pushing “string” instead of “centralized” former generation than a 5%~10% increase.

Interface journalists learned that after Huawei into the inverter business, recruited Emerson, Sun, power supply and other industries to join the elite, respectively in Sweden Stockholm, Germany Nuremberg to establish research and development the first echelon; in Shanghai, Chengdu, XI ‘ an and other cities for the second Echelon, inverters and Development Center in Shanghai is responsible for docking in Europe; Shenzhen Huawei’s headquarters at the same time as inverter’s engineering and manufacturing center.

PV inverters, Huawei network product line of energy head Hu Yue said in a media interview, Huawei is one of the main business section of new energy sources of the future.

Huawei team with a new design of the PV inverter inverter products, new customer perspective propositions through a corner of the PV inverter market opens shortcut to Solar Empire. 2012 select PV inverter toughness, one year after shipments pushed 1GW of scale, ranks among the top three domestic.

Huawei’s push into international inverters giant forest of Europe, prior to the size of the domestic market. Due to the photovoltaic products sold abroad are similar to electronic products, required agents to participate in, the company accumulated overseas sales channels and marketing experience for its company in Europe, Africa or even just interest in PV industry in South-East Asia, innate advantage over competitors based on.

Planning sales of Huawei’s 2014 inverter 4GW, sold more than half of them to foreign markets. According to the PV inverter market report China in 2013, according to the 2013lai inverter business shipments from China breakthrough 13GW, global market share rose to 26% per cent. Among them, Huawei and TBEA, Sun power, 10 companies accounted for 87% of the country’s shipments.

In HIS most recent research carried out by about 40% ‘s buyers tend to use string inverters-inverters (previously 20%, most centralized). In promoting distributed and sought higher investment returns at the moment (subsidy per kilowatt) case, select-string inverter MW power station to become one.

Meanwhile, Huawei entered the inverter industry consolidation pressure builds. Based on distributed PV firmly bullish on the market Outlook, PV manufacturers are adjusting entry Cadence. Huawei takes string-type small inverter comes into play and ask the China Guangdong nuclear power. China Guangdong Nuclear solar energy General Manager Han Qinghao has said publicly at an Energy Forum, cgnpc distributed engineering future-only string inverter.

Current inverters and domestic prices and down 0.42 Yuan per watt, and net income of less than 2 cents per watt, and domestic enterprises to give 3 ~9 monthly billing period in the lower reaches. Solarbuzz PV Lian Rui, senior analyst believe that Huawei has a good brand image, also gives companies a longer billing cycle. Ordinary companies apparently do not have the financial strength.

Analysts pointed out that, although with the inverter as a breakthrough into the PV, but it is clear that Huawei has more industrial ambition. Have opened the curtain of PV Application strategy, provide photovoltaic power plant intelligence solution may in fact be the Huawei qianyiji markets of most concern.

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