If you want to build your own home your PV power station done

Polaris solar PV net news: the family do photovoltaic design and construction quality? Does the resident individual to install PV power plant specific procedures how to go? We recently raised plenty of questions, now make up on domestic PV on-grid frequently asked questions, procedures, as follows:

1, you want to build a photovoltaic power station, what should I do?

You can dial 95598, then go to their local electricity Office to apply for. At home generation ID card, certificate of household register, real estate and other materials handled, if occupied a public area, you need to provide proof of the consent of the other owners, the property and the neighborhood.

Providing applications, power supply companies will send people to a site survey, issued a accepted scheme, members of the public under the programme to design and purchase qualified units of solar panels, inverters, stands, cables, installation and power supply companies to audit. Approved, power companies will send the installation of metering devices, check network contract, parallel debugging.

Power systems capacity backup free for enterprise, from grid-connected applications to parallel debugging the whole no charge, electricity all Internet access, but also all for personal use, or generated for their own use, and power.

State grid Corporation pledges within 45 working days to complete the entire process. Judging from the family of PV power plant put into operation and power supply companies generally can be completed within 45 days of service processes.

Actual cases: Beijing shunyi sea of families from application to grid-connected PV power station with only 35 working days, Xu Pengfei had 30 working days, Qingdao, Shandong, Beijing shunyi Xiaodong Xu only spent less than 20 business days, Hefei Kong Qingbin only 17 working days.

2, a natural owners only what information is required?

Q: State grid “access request form”, the note names of natural persons required to provide information: “Attn original and photocopy of identity card, household register, certificate of real estate projects such as the legitimacy of support documents”. “Such as” is expressed the need to identity card, household register, the certificate of these three documents, or other to prove legitimacy of the project other documents may also be?

Answer: the customer service centre in Beijing city staff pointed out that property owners who are ready to operate the whole process, applications need only carry an ID card, household register, the certificate can apply for, if you want to delegate (could be family or friends), in addition to the above three documents, also carry the relevant contact person’s ID card. Situation is different in different cities, all required materials, including ownership and property companies start licenses (certificates), copy of personal ID card as well as the parameters of the inverter. Consult your local power company customer service center.

3, natural applications for project approval is required?

Q: “access request form” on one or more columns “approval required”: “provincial”, “City”, “other”, “not approved”. So what is the client what level of approval is required, and in any case is “not approved” mean? File is not clear. Hall mastering standards from all over the State grid.

Answer: the customer service centre in Beijing city staff pointed out that Beijing projects without authorization, done by the State grid Corporation will be in charge.

4, applications need to programme and project design plan?

Q: this natural owners will be required to provide information not mentioned in, but the actual implementation is often requested, varies. Corporate owners, referred to a “preliminary project work related data”, but did not include what information.

Answer: the customer service centre in Beijing city staff pointed out that applications do not need project plans and designs, State grid after accepting an application for incorporation, in formulating the scheme of connecting to owners House after inspection, discuss it with the landlord to decide.

5, whether on project design and construction had the qualifications required?

Q: for natural project, many individuals own design and installation, or ask a friend for help, and no specific units. Start in the application process, some owners then met with network requests for design qualifications.

Answer: State grid file only the inverters should be used through the national testing and certification in the “content access systems and technical requirements” document, reference must meet quality requirements such as network voltage and frequency grid-connected power generation. Beijing city customer service center staff member replied that State does not provide design units, but if you want to delegate the engineering design and construction units need to achieve tertiary qualifications or above standards.

6, a power station and do not have an utility application process what is the difference?

Which are the relevant policies before they have been building the power station, if you want to apply for on-grid, you can take my ID card, proof of property or land titles, property or a neighbor agreed, to the company fill in the application form.

Zhihou, power companies will be sent to a home in field exploration and development scheme of connecting, user confirmation, reforming the power stations by programme, grid testing and debugging an application after the end, through the free installation of electric energy measuring device after, and signed contracts to buy electricity for sale and network scheduling agreements, parallel operation, generating “spontaneous use, surplus power.”

Second is there is no install roof plants but decided to install, in order to avoid duplication of efforts a waste of resources, it is best to install into applications for grid-connected electricity supply company before, accepted by the power supply company issued letter of access systems and networks, users will no longer hold such information requests qualified design, construction drawings and installation equipment.

Note that the installation of photovoltaic panels, inverters must be a regular production, 3 c, CE, or SAA certification, design and construction units must be equipped with the corresponding qualifications in order to ensure correct design, installation security. After Setup is complete and then press apply grid.

In addition, residents of distributed power plant or unit investment building to be successful into the national power grid, located near the users, power issued by local use, voltage level access to 10,000 volts and below, and the single total does not exceed 6 megawatts of installed capacity and outlets.

7, buy photovoltaic components that you can install it?

Pre-installation must obtain the consent of the property and all the neighbors agreed that installation DIY

Buy photovoltaic components that you can install it?

No, you should at least obtain residential property consent (written permission). Because you need to light the best roof-mounted solar panels. Roofs in the public area, so if you’re not a single-family home, also must have the consent of all potentially affected neighbours agree.

Consent of the property and neighbors are sometimes very long process.

Nation’s first domestic photovoltaic power stations introduce user Xu Pengfei, his solar equipment installed on the roof of the building, on request, provide proof of their written signatures of all the neighbors and owners of residential property, proof of the consent of the Commission, the residents ‘ Committee or to seal. This process is how much did he spend time? Find 20 neighbors to sign off, Xu Pengfei was taken up almost 3 weeks time.

Kong Qingbin in Hefei on the consent of the neighbour is lucky. He lives 7/f, the second half of 2012, after the purchase of equipment such as solar panels, his roommate, to install solar panels on 18 on a load-bearing wall of the building. Due to minimize encroachment on public areas, he only needed consent of the bearing wall beneath a neighbor can be. This neighbor is a reasonable “$literal” and was informed that after his power contribute to energy saving and emission reduction, immediately agreed.

So, if I just lived on top of a floor, also subject to the approval of neighbors agree? Beijing Oriental Sun City communities Xiaodong Xu ran into this situation. He lived in a four-story building’s top two floors, installing solar panels at the top level, his properties in one or two layers of neighbors and consent. As in Minhang district, Shanghai, Chen single-family construction of building domestic photovoltaic power stations, natural does not require consent of the neighbour agrees, but you still need the consent of the property agree. Property licensing terms, some relatively simple, such as Hefei properties, some are more cautious, such as Shanghai Chen community property in which he promised an impact once the safest thing, you must suffer the consequences.

Obtain written permission from neighbors and property, domestic photovoltaic power stations can begin installation. But because there is currently no professional installation companies, so everything must be DIY (do it yourself). The PV or solar enthusiast employees, this may be only a matter of time, but for the uninitiated, this step can be extremely difficult.

In China PV or solar enthusiast, hands-on ability is stronger. Reporters noted that sea of shunyi, Beijing, Qingdao, Shandong province Xu Pengfei, Shanghai Minhang district, Mr CHAN is known as photovoltaic devices and installations, Hefei second briefest of families applying for grid-connected PV power station and first applications for families of grid-connected PV power plant in Henan province, Wang Yong two buffs, are machinery, mechanical work, DIY install devices naturally no problem.

8, DIY install equipment, how long will it take?

A case study of Shanghai Minhang Chen. He began installing equipment early in November 2012, after 5 weekends (about 10 days) fighting, the installation was completed in early December.

Wang Yong’s residence in Kaifeng, 6/f, welding of aluminum alloy sheet for roof gardens on the South side of the platform a triangular shelf, used for display, fixed photovoltaic panels, prevent the windy weather. So, fixed solar panels installed is absolutely safe?

Reporters heard from counterparts in Shanghai, personally installed the photovoltaic panels to deal with windy and rainy weather is a big problem, But if a 2012 “anemones” 2014 “ramasun” weather, installing rooftop photovoltaic panels does not guarantee absolute safety.

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