Industrial 4.0 meter nightmare

Polaris solar PV net news: this year, Germany “industrial 4.0” slogan has enormous repercussions in China, people said the industry 4.0 Enterprise and consumer direct docking, the leather merchant’s life. Electrical contractor, after all, has the advantage of directly to consumers, most of the concern is the people who work in industrial societies engage in simple, after industrial intelligence, which will inevitably be replaced by a machine, for example in the energy sector a lot of meter workers, patrol work, the future really is to think about how to transform.

In equipment innovation in China enterprises in 2014 annual meeting, Germany North Rhine-Westphalia, Chief Representative of the Beijing Office of the investment promotion department Feng Xingliang introduces 2011 industrial fair in Hanover, Germany, Director of the artificial intelligence research center in WolfgangWahlster was first introduced to the Internet now, logistics network, 3D printing technology into industrial production, production becomes more intelligent, he called the industry 4.0.

Industrial 4.0 includes two themes, one is “smart factory”, a “smart”. The so-called “smart factory” focuses on intelligent production systems and processes, and implementation of the distributed production facilities; “smart” mainly related to production logistics management across the enterprise, human-computer interaction, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology application in the industrial production process.

In addition to these two topics, there are three ideas: products, facilities and management. Products to realize the integrated with dynamic memory, perception and communication capacity, carrying its entire supply chain and lifecycle information required must; facility consists of the entire production value chain integration, can realize self-organizing management flexibility in determining the production process according to the current situation.

Robots are considered to be important direction of development of industrial 4.0 after Germany some automation product videos are also widely spread in China social media, and drew exclaimed. In China, the direction of automation of enterprises in the industrial area of achievement did not receive widespread attention and, in fact, every industrial revolution are far away from the small wave developed into the billows into sight.

China products in the world famous bots there have been good results in the game, such as Robotics Ltd in Zhejiang country global Robocup (robot World Cup) games consecutively and won the Championship. This is a robot that is mainly dominated by service industries company.

Zhu Lingfen, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang since the robot technology introduction, industrial robots product line mainly provided AGV (automatic guided vehicles) and patrol platforms such as Android robots, machine vision products, and industrial manufacturing, Assembly, testing, logistics and warehousing, and other links providing comprehensive automation solutions.

Key products related to the robots have their own Visual systems, drive systems, GPS navigation, support platform, platform for human-computer interaction, speech recognition systems. “Upstream of the core components, such as monitors, chips, and so on, is the upstream acquisition. The algorithm we do is platform, through a number of platform technology, according to our object the application as a whole. “Zhu Lingfen said.

These robots are instead of manual, first starting from the routine work, such as patrolling robot. What is a robot? Is actually a robot patrols, inspections, now national grid [Twitter] and other companies began to apply.

In some of the national grid substation, inspection includes thousands of sites, inspection robot can completely replace the inspection of work, not only to detect thousands of points in accordance with the road planning, but also images, video, site, climate data and device data returned in the control room, generate reports in real time.

Inspection robot with a speed run 2 meters per second chassis, you can achieve the 8-hour inspection, and will recharge your equipped with batteries, do not need any help. Full do not need a special laying track, once you set your route can be. If a successor needs to change course, rebuilding the map is OK.

Robot in addition to outside inspection like a person, you can access integrated automated systems and production management system, enables inspection robot for daily operations, dispatching the business logic from the substation on the business logic in the data system standards, and implements centralized control, optimal control of inspection robot.

So that at least one robot can replace 2 operation and maintenance personnel. The last substation inspection, requires drivers to send two operations staff, because the grid is “1+1” operations, now is 2 operations staff by one robot instead. 500,000-volt substations in the past measured once a week, 250,000 volts transformer substation is measured once a month, inspection robot you can test four times a day. “He is not going to strike, wages do not need duplicate payments. Labour costs had dropped significantly. “Zhu Lingfen said.

In addition, AGV robots, automobiles, tobacco factories has also begun preliminary application, no wages, no rest, mighty robot being robbed off Porter’s job.

Manufacturing also requires the human right? Needed, but more is needed the wisdom of mankind. Deloitte manufacturing Director Dong Weilong, China believes that industry needs concept innovation, recognizing that manufacturing industry services is the next growth opportunity. Used to produce a single products manufacturing industry will need to build your own chain, because future needs based on the individual’s demand to create a more service-oriented product.

This change in manufacturing revenue model will be a huge impact, because the production process of the product is in fact a very short time, in the full life-cycle of products, and use more time. So if enterprises in the production process have been taken into account in the subsequent use, maintenance, service, and contact businesses and consumers will have a long time and possibility of value-added products is giving birth.

Industrial 4.0 times require businesses to rebuild consumer and production process, and each worker needs to rethink their own values, find new direction before the are replaced by robots.

Original title: nightmare for 4.0 is the meter of industry workers

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