Jye photovoltaic power generation project to light China APEC Summit 2014

Polaris solar PV net news: “2014 China APEC Summit” will be held in Beijing in mid-November 2014, the meeting’s main venue is located in Huairou district of Beijing Yanqi Lake Beijing International Conference Center. In order to ensure the complete success of the meeting, many facilities have been built around the stadium, Beijing jye power system engineering limited company contractors “main hall car park photovoltaic power generation project” is one of them.

The project used the building and green energy applications combined with the design concept, strictly implement the guiding ideology of the energy-saving, environmental protection, from technical solutions to aspects such as equipment, choice of materials, construction structures, fully taking into account the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection. 12870 Watts of installed capacity after the project is completed, with an average annual energy output of about 11,800 kWh 25 power output may reach 260,000-kilowatt above. After estimated annual savings of 5.05 tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide 14.39 tons, sulfur oxides, 0.11 tonnes.

Since it is installed on top of the traditional shed, so use the flexible thin-film solar panels, will conserve the land resource, and played a very good role in shading and insulation, both functional and exemplary role, for the traditional shed to wear a “scientific style” jacket.

Jye electric power system engineering company limited, Beijing has a long history of photovoltaic technology reserves and large key projects construction experience, ever undertake in 2008 Olympics desertification in Qinghai Golmud 100 MW large photovoltaic projects, solar power station, the Northern-controlled Havana Convention Centre on-grid PV power station and so on. The project lasted 21 days in September 2014 and high standards through inspection, jye core competencies in the construction of large-scale international conferences are again on display.

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