Lein electric photovoltaic jointly enter the field of distributed PV in Henan province

Polaris solar PV net news: at the moment, with national as well as local support for photovoltaic power generation project, Henan also entered the development of photovoltaic industry in “fast-track”. Recently, reporters from Henan Lein solar company got the news, the company has signed strategic cooperation with CEEG group and Henan reseller agreement to jointly develop distributed photovoltaic market in Henan province, vigorously promoting photovoltaic power generation system for civilian use.

Henan Lein photovoltaic technology limited (Lein PV for short), Mr Stone told reporters, as Henan province local emerging photovoltaic companies, Lein electric photovoltaic will introduce the most advanced photovoltaic technologies, combined with their own funds, market advantages into local distributed photovoltaic power generation enterprises.

Mr Stone says, the current national and local support for PV power generation projects is growing, distributed grid-connected PV power management, and subsidy scheme more meticulous, makes this PV of PV industry confidence in the future.

It is understood that the CEEG is the world’s leading suppliers of electrical equipment manufacturing and new energy systems, is internally distributed PV industry pioneer and leader, is the sole provider of 20 brands of photovoltaic power performance warranty.

And, the Group integration its resources, official launched PV power system application a station type service platform–PV easy, for General residents user, and business user, and public building user, provides PV power system solution programme, relies on its Institute, and Institute, and engineering company, and PV component company, professional institutions, from project advisory, and programme design, and engineering installation, and grid support, and monitoring maintenance, and system upgrade, all links for user provides a station type service.

It is reported that in 2014 the State issued a new photovoltaic power generation capacity in Henan province 750,000-kilowatt, including distributed PV 550,000-kilowatt, PV 200,000-kilowatt, PV development in order to push the province, mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties, through researching, photovoltaic power generation initial stage of development of our province and not be restricted by national scale, focusing on promoting distributed generation PV demonstration project construction and various forms.

On this stone pointed out that Henan province, distributed photovoltaic project development opportunities and challenges, although the PV industry financing, costs, registration, site, grid-connected, there are varying degrees of problems such as subsidies, but a single spark can start a prairie fire. With technical advances in PV industry and landed one after another State-aid policy, will show great market potential.

“Lein PV in order to promote community energy-saving emission reduction, let the sky bluer, the land greener, the social responsibility of reducing smog, the endless green energy solar energy is also going into millions of households. Companies are ready, in this round of competition and make inroads into the emerging market. “In the end, Mr Stone told reporters.

Original title: Lein electric photovoltaic jointly enter the field of distributed PV in Henan province

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