Li Hejun: do all things 20 years

Polaris solar PV net news: world’s largest thin-film solar power plant–hanergy holding Group’s Chairman of the Board and CEO Li Hejun, frequently based on dark horse’s position in over a year on the rich list, was once the richest man in China.

Analysts pointed out that Li Hejun rapid accumulation of wealth, fully embodies the film generation green wealth represented by the rise of, as well as the rapid development of the new economy bring change to the map of China.

As a leader in China’s new energy, Li Hejun recently in Singapore when interviewed, spoke highly of solar energy. He said, “solar energy is the most promising clean energy industry. In human resources that can be used in solar energy inexhaustible, is the lowest energy consumption, maximum utilization of resources. Compared with conventional energy projects, short construction period, can better achieve the sustainable development of energy resources. ”

“Over the past 20 years, we Chinese people can only do one thing, ‘ change the world with clean energy ‘, to create the world’s largest thin-film solar power plant. From the very beginning of hydro-wind turbine, and thin-film solar power, I firmly believe that clean energy is the fundamental way of Hina, it is our focus on human sustainable development, peaceful coexistence of choice. ”

Hina was founded in 1994, from small hydroelectric plant began; now Hina employs more than 10,000 people, in several Chinese provinces, as well as the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa and other regions with branches, business power over hydropower, wind power, solar thin film.

In November 2013, Li Hejun launched his first book leading a third industrial revolution – in China. In the book, Li Hejun believes that films generating industry is China’s new economic growth pole, direct market size of more than 10 trillion yuan (RMB, same below 2.1 trillion new dollars), indirect market size of 30 trillion yuan.

End of October, he came to Singapore, to the media, the English version of the book, when referring to thin film solar power prospects, Li Hejun talk, fight, full of confidence.

He said, “China is under great pressure in carbon emissions in the future, countries explore how many directions to reduce emissions. We come to an important conclusion is that the future is most rapid reduction of solar … … Solar energy policies and initiatives in the area of China in the future, I think it is absolutely beyond our imagination, and faster, especially Hina film power is the army’s leader. Slowly get the direction of the country very well, introduction of the national policy is a matter of time. Is definitely an explosive growth in this industry. ”

He also said that thin-film power will change the way people use electricity, each individual is a power station, rather than power. “Theoretically, films can subvert off grid, all subversive all conventional supplies of energy through the network, unless the Sun fall down. ”

He believes that future competition for energy will be totally different, no longer compete for resources such as coal and oil wars; it’s who has the core technology, will have the energy. This will change the global energy landscape, “immediately changed the geopolitical, Iraq and other countries, immediately reduced to a lower-level State … … The thing everyone says is still very far away, in fact, that’s not very far away. “

Li Hejun by Forbes magazine last year as China’s most successful renewable energy entrepreneurs, with net assets of $ 10.9 billion in 2013 the Forbes China rich list ranked fourth. In 2014, the Li Hejun, the 87 billion dollars worth, “the new Fortune 500 rich list” for the first time.

Clean energy status of Chinese number one Li Hejun, why is just over 20, and plunging headlong into the clean energy this once “shunned” industry? He said that in retrospect, he was “surprised” into the clean energy to get ahead.

According to the information on the Internet, Li Hejun 22 years after graduating from Beijing Jiaotong University, 1991, went into business, and her friends founded the trading company in Zhongguancun, has been involved in the logistics and real estate industries, has been accumulated.

Li Hejun in an interview with the financial times, recalls this period of entrepreneurship, said that after graduating from scratch, please ask the teacher borrowed 50,000 yuan, in Zhongguancun. At the beginning, took three or four years in the primitive accumulation of capital; by Hina was established in 1994, started doing hydro, from “a small dam”.

As far as 20 years ago, will set foot in clean energy, is a “very clever things.”

Li Hejun recalled: “at the time, Hina in the future development direction of where it is, is a bit confusing. However, coincidentally we had the idea to buy a small publicly traded company, the acquisition process and acquire assets, coincidentally, found a hydroelectric power station. Then we think clean energy is good, so a lucky hit, and since then, stick with clean energy for 20 years until now. ”

But he also admits that, they also have many temptations, such as real estate agents, and so on, but be able to resist these temptations, will it be possible to adhere to today.

The visiting Singapore, Li Hejun brings not only his own writings, had some thin film products, introduced to the assembled media with gusto. His press conference on clean energy vision for changing the world at the same time, and said he was another major breakthrough in the field of thin-film power–to thin film solar power generation solar car into now is cooperating with five automakers, plans to complete five prototype next year, entered the test phase.

Original title: 20 only one thing–research on clean energy visit to the Hina Group President Li Hejun

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