Nanning signed 22 major projects nearly 7 billion yuan in agriculture-photovoltaic greenhouses glory

Polaris solar PV net news: on November 4, the Association of leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization in Guangxi in China fair for international investment and cooperation signing ceremony of the project, a total of 122 signed contract, contract value of 42.8 billion yuan. In addition, the intention of 42 investment projects, intended investment of 10.7 billion yuan. Among them, the strategic cooperation agreement was signed up on the spot major project in Nanning city and item number 22, total contract amounted to 6.997 billion yuan.

The contracted projects including the mushroom factory construction project, biomass thermal power projects of environmental protection, beef-processing programs, the demonstration area of new seedlings, demonstration garden of modern vegetable production, integrated demonstration project of planting and deep process of honeysuckle, that cover synthesis demonstration village of agro-processing, agro-industrial base, the new river town park.

While,, Heng, and binyang County, and xixiang Tang district, and, xingning district, and Nanning by opened district and Guangxi-ASEAN by opened district, are has signed project, including Jasmine Flower integrated industry Park project, and annual 24,000 tons yeast powder and the related products production project, and China-Brunei agricultural industry Park, and “there huaxiang” modern agricultural tourism demonstration district, and amendment group drug industry and the health products production base project, and chicken food processing project,.

In addition, the region also has many cooperative projects between enterprises, a photovoltaic greenhouse of eco-agriculture tourism Demonstration Garden, Heng, an annual output of 100,000 tons, 3000 tons of bananas banana pulp mill project, Nanning spent Rainy Lake cottages, seed processing project showroom, shrimp fine, food processing and sales, jasmine tea, finishing, annual production capacity of 150,000 cubic meters of oriented strand board (OSB) production projects.

Original title: City sign 22 major projects in agriculture nearly 7 billion yuan

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