Play hit PV games start again?

Polaris solar PV net news: “Although around shining golden light, but has been eroded, black. “This arises from three gold directed by Ishikawa Eclipse’s famous movie lines and is often used to describe the PV industry in China is completely different.

Latest example occurred on October 21, 2014. Seven years ago, New York-listed shares of LDK LDK Solar Co, choose this day to Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city United States Bankruptcy Court formally filed for bankruptcy reorganization.

This is nothing but a series of black events link. Dating back six months, resumed after a share price “abnormally low”, NYSE has halted the company’s depository receipts traded. Meanwhile, Apollo Asia investment company with BOC international background as a “class a redeemable convertible preferred stock holders” identity, trying to appeal to the Court ruling, Chairman of LDK LDK LDK personal bankruptcy. On November 7, 2014, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong courts will also be the main creditors to vote on a restructuring plan to be audited.

With Suntech has arisen now Liang-Yu has been one step ahead of bankruptcy, which is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu’s fiscal strength is far from the smallest prefecture-level city in Jiangxi Xinyu can compare. Once bet his political career support has arisen now Secretary of Xinyu municipal Committee Wang De and has transferred four years ago; endorsement of State Heng in Jiangxi risun energy gets two years ago has arisen now 16.8% stake, but in a peak total debt ratio of 33.5 billion yuan, 227%, regardless of its room for manoeuvre is limited. The once 12.8 billionth’s annual revenue, said the world’s largest polysilicon production enterprises, seems to be away from the water to the poor.

However, many details indicate that both LDK and the others, now may be the beginning of a Carnival.

Or those who can really prevent the looming policy. 2012 late, State Executive Conference will PV included national strategy industries and help five article policy, originally only to bad dial prepared of Bank were has has borrowed new also old elongated repayment period of full reason; turned Festival to, has obviously glut of polysilicon export rebate rate and from originally of 13% improve to 17%, and supplement enterprise of can renewable energy electric price additional in past two years twice raised, 1.5 points of each degrees additional more 2006 Shi has rose 6.5 times times (certainly enterprise can got also have see skill).

Embody Guide, still recently former CAs President Lu Yongxiang, former Vice-Chairman of the national people’s Congress Standing Committee went to zhangbei, Hebei to investigate and issue a report, proposes to local trillion to build wind power, photovoltaic and solar thermal project clusters. Pain due to continued to coal and steel production capacity of Hebei smell of exultation, zhangbei as 2022 Winter Olympic co-host’s identity to match recent rejection of even the plane descending all the great smog, right time and fully stocked, but new investors who come just to make up a table.

But PV Association in China on a watch list of 57 companies, although there were 34 reported earnings for various subsidies, but the average rate of only 3.3%, in the face of tens of billions of investments, and all the more cherish the right of lending financial institutions, especially in today’s productivity is far from complete, there are who can be who?

It has underestimated the wisdom of capital, might as well listen to fosun Group CEO Liang xinjun, say: If the investment cost is $ 10,000, you buy 10,000 pieces, then it’s no consolidation, industry productivity losses that final integration, is you. We must open the fold to buy so I bought came in off half the capacity, when losses were his, the so-called integration depends on how much is your price.

When your fate is went berserk, clouds of drought had made no request is accepted. Fold? Sorry, only 20 percent of compensation of creditors, lonely hearts go LDK LDK is such, recently grabbed a lot of headlines of *ST Suri, too, must retain or return at any time can be increased or allotment of listed companies to let people help.

So, see October 21 news sigh LDK LDK filed for bankruptcy reorganization, it is some literary. LDK-June 2008 failed to hit 12 billion gamble of 15,000 metric tons of polysilicon production lines have already started production. There was that famous United States 15th chapter company law “bankruptcy protection” covered for asset protection in the United States. Win 2011 SPI purchased the company’s debt has been cut, and it was this piece, evergrande has entered the collection of Hong Kong-listed country hand in hand with the group.

As lead restructuring GCL Group Chairman Mr Zhu of *ST Suri mountain, and despite how much steam to Suri original creditor the poor reputation of coercion can inject 600 million and 800 million the next two years respectively with quality asset recovery firm financing commitment and a mouthful of spit nails.

Remembered the gold Eclipse the film credits Easter egg, losing Prime Minister Mrs Terada a happy face put the upstart’s arms in the future. Originally, the game eventually will continue, just another player.

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