Polaris solar PV NET weekly Hots collection (11.21-11.27)

Polaris solar PV net news: policy review

1. Bank credit to invest in PV industry policy (2015)

This policy, the term “solar” is defined as a National Bureau of classification of the sector (GB/T4754-2011) standard C2664A in electronic semiconductor materials used in PV manufacturing, C3825 PV manufacturing equipment and components [1], D4415 solar power.

Due to the photovoltaic industry is a growth industry, corresponding to the national standard industrial classification is difficult to directly, so banks will be the main business part photovoltaic power generation system Business Division for the photovoltaic industry. Actually belong to the photovoltaic industry, but the GB range corresponds to the banking industry for non-PV, you can refer to this credit towards policy implementation.

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2. Hangzhou release distributed PV project subsidy notifications

For implement implementation Hangzhou City Government on accelerated distributed PV power application promoting industry health development of implementation views (Hang Zheng letter (2014) 29th,), accelerated advance I city distributed PV power application, on time completed Province issued I city of PV power installed target task, according to municipal government (House Office Jane complex subsection B20141619,) Jian Fu single spirit, now on I city distributed PV power project funds subsidies related matters added following:

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Market review

1. various types of capital surges hit photovoltaic business worries behind the scenery hidden

At present, on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, along with the State Department advises the introduction, as well as the recently released by the National Energy Board issued the notice on the further implementation of distributed photovoltaic-related policies, China PV industry country policy support and technical innovations, such as good news overall signs of obvious, all kinds of capital pouring in. However, PV is an industry heavily dependent on Government subsidies, if government subsidies of variables, the entire photovoltaic industry profits will be overturned.

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2. policy market together with photovoltaic industry into “Golden development period”

In recent years, the industry giants such as Huawei, evergrande, and Central stake, Solarfun Rainbow electronics, refinement and a number of listed companies, were mightily into the photovoltaic industry in the depth of winter. Behind this heat share investments, is good policy frequently introduce and the PV market demand continued to pick up. Under the policy and market forces, this year and next will usher in a rare period of investment, the development of the photovoltaic industry, among them, and downstream photovoltaic plant will be the various capital “battleground.”

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3. the PV seeks end of “shock troops”

National Energy Board November 20 release data, the first three quarters of this year, when national photovoltaic power generation is about 18 billion-kilowatt, equivalent to 200% 2013 as a whole generating capacity. The first three quarters, the national new PV on-grid capacity 3.79 million-kilowatt, among them, the new grid-connected PV capacity 2.45 million-kilowatt. Industry experts believe that, although the first three quarters of new grid-connected PV capacity just 3.79 GW, but last year completed new installed capacity of 10 gigawatts is no problem, or the total number up to 12 gigawatts. Factor is installing the tide has come.

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4. Central Bank rate cut PV net profits or increased by more than 3%

After the Central Bank announced the rate cut, if some companies are running required banks large loans for PV power plant project, it may mean that the company’s loan interest rates would reduce the return on investment be increased.

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5. photovoltaic operation and maintenance difficult game-changers

Integrated view, led to PV station shipped dimension market needs insufficient of causes, both PV station investors investment accounts different of factors, those not intends to long-term holds station of owners for run maintenance by can brings electricity of upgrade, may does not value; and has shipped dimension industry itself of causes, trapped Yu development cycle more short, factors, how since card is due to run maintenance brings has electricity of increased, is shipped dimension enterprise had to face of problem.

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6. China: City small-scale solar photovoltaic power generation device development limited

Household solar power generation equipment is very popular in rural China; families are used to generate electricity or water were installed on the roof of shimmering solar panels. The problem is, the city does not appear in similar situations. While the reason for this is because, the inability to achieve the balance of costs and benefits, another reason is the price of residential electricity consumption in China remains relatively low.

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Comment article

1. the “flagging” sale “a two-edged sword

National Energy Board recently issued about reselling is strictly prohibited “flagging” measures for China PV industry, can be a “double-edged sword.” This measure if you want to reduce the burden on enterprises, rent reduction effect, directly depends on the implementation of the policies of the local government, including record-keeping policies and procedures transparent, remove front and additional conditions, such as in the project record.

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PV installed capacity is only 9 month of 4GW 2.2014 years ago?

Market is to sharpen the ruthless, market performance is made up of different investments and game logic behind the game’s comprehensive response, according to media reports: “third quarter of 2014 years ago, national new PV on-grid capacity 3.79GW. “The Department of energy is released. This article is about to unveil why 2014 1 September 4GW installed all the answers.

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3. PV manufacturers cut: happiness is better all of a sudden

The evening of November 21, after the Central Bank announced the rate cut, many PV companies excited friends: laments a world less side, side murmured it could send less money to the Bank.

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4. place des Vosges PV recorded the rise and fall: “towel King” why Yan Qi?

After 6 years, the “towel King” of the Vosges shares have been heavily involved in the PV industry’s strategy of complete collapse. The evening of November 21, Vosges stake announcement said the company intention to exit the PV industry, will sell all PV projects related to production equipment.

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5.4 billion foray into photovoltaic companies why favorite station?

Now, with fangda group, evergrande real estate, Shi Yuzhu’s Green Giant and other companies cut many traditional fields, such as enterprise after the PV industry, one finds: a power station as an opportunity, enterprises can achieve new energy transition available to investors of all ages, take this opportunity to improve your cash flow and improve operational capabilities, good returns on investment.

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Enterprise version

1. the Ministry announced a third batch of photovoltaic entry list of 19 listed (table)

According to State on promoting PV industry health development of several views (country sent [2013]24,) of requirements, according to PV manufacturing industry specification conditions and the PV manufacturing industry specification bulletin management provisional approach, by Enterprise declared, and provincial industrial and information competent sector verification recommended, and expert review, and online publicity and the site sampling, now will meet PV manufacturing industry specification conditions enterprise list (third batch) be bulletin.

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2. constant: transboundary PV bet beats

Evergrande, these two words just like Xu jiayin in two meetings with the Hermes belt, in 2014, much industry and investors attention. Of course, concern has nothing to do with Hermes, but its constant turns, good style of a bid to open up, with a fashionable word, is cross-border. Evergrande investment photovoltaic twice in a row in less than ten days, can be said to be playing a lot of. So, entering today’s hottest photovoltaic industry, evergrande would appreciate what recent multi-billion-dollar investments and what it can bring to the boss?

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3. Suntech reorganization case to explore a road to new trial

Suntech restructuring case for PV industry settlement trouble not only provide the path back to life, as well as other difficulties offer meaningful reference to industry reorganization, for how to rescue troubled firms in the sector trough, and explore a new path to an effective trial.

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4. inventory: “not of first building” violations by notification warning of photovoltaic companies

On November 17, the National Energy Board regulatory Office informed ten new energy enterprises in Jiangsu Province “built not of first, early starts” malpractices such as construction issues. Was informed the enterprise such as energy saving, long Yuan and Huadian in Central enterprises subordinate units and sumec Dongtai power investment company limited, Jiangsu, Nantong building sea energy enterprises in Hong Kong, warning: no power license violation.

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5. Rainbow group “grievances” against a dollar sale its two subsidiaries

According to reports, on November 6 and the 11th, LED optoelectronic products, such as the Rainbow group in State-owned enterprises listed for transfer of two wholly-owned subsidiaries of the China Beijing equity exchange 100% owned by surprise is that both transactions of transfer pricing are only a dollar.

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Character articles

1. Wang Sicheng: 2016 photovoltaic subsidy will be reduced in 2025 without subsidy

“2025 solar power will no longer need State subsidies. Not yet, but the curve is expected 2020 power parity could be achieved in 2025 to reach power parity. “November 20, 2014 to be held in Beijing on China International Solar PV Exhibition and Forum, the NDRC Energy Research Institute researcher Wang Sicheng told reporters.

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2. Cao renxian: latest technology and prospects of photovoltaic inverter

November 19, 2014 the 14th China PV Conference successfully held in Beijing landmark Convention Center, Sun power General Manager Cao renxian published the latest technology and prospects of photovoltaic inverters.

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3. Wang Bohua: 2014, China’s polysilicon production will exceed 130,000 tons

At the recent meeting of the 14th session of the China PV Conference (CPVC14), the Chinese Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bohua introduced, according to some estimates, this year more than 130,000 tons of polysilicon production will, reaching unprecedented levels. Coupled with more than 90,000 tonnes of imports it or to reach 220,000 tons.

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