Promotion of “roof generation” don’t let residents go it alone

Polaris solar PV net news: residents of Huizhou power except for personal use, surplus can also be sold to the grid, and looks very beautiful, but to achieve the Green still had a long path to wealth.

In accordance with our “Twelve-Five” program, in 2015, China distributed solar power system installed capacity will reach 10 million-kilowatt. To achieve this goal, more the appropriate policy-driven market behavior. Huizhou now spontaneous “power station”, purchase prices per kilowatt is about 0.45 Yuan, each device also can earn $ 26 a month, a set of equipment required to 8-10 recovery of costs, and life span are not far from it, this is achieved in the subsidies on the basis of earnings. Coupled with custom built “power station” and also urban planning, environmental assessment and land use approval reports, as a result, compared to other forms of power, input and output is not proportional, as ordinary citizens should not be blindly follow investment still needed their noses, waiting for the more mature market and policy environments. Wu Guoqiang

Roofing built individual PV projects, policy support, and grid support, more return on investment and ultimately benefit vision, but from the overall construction point of view, many cities are happy for a while, and there is no development climate. The reason is, first, the power station will be built on the roof, but the use of the roof, not to achieve the same floor most owners agree, inevitably lead to disputes. Second, although the power company responsible for the construction of public electric network reformed, but not for PV equipment products, residents in their own procurement, product quality cannot be guaranteed. Third, the PV 8 years to recover the cost, the equipment during maintenance issue was a big one.

Departments concerned should design and overall planning. For example, enabling a number of PV equipment manufacture and installation company in a position, through the contact with the electro-industrial, property management and resident coordination, first pilot within a certain range, on the success of the pilot and then spread.

Original title: promoting “rooftop power generation” don’t let residents go it alone

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