PV “disorders” is now under the Ministry of energy, “strong medicine” reduces heat

Polaris solar PV net news: solar power as a clean energy applications have been developed for many years, the technology is relatively mature, into millions of households. Statistics show that in 2013, China’s new grid-connected PV power installed capacity reached 12.9 GW, as the world’s largest market for PV applications. 2014 scale photovoltaic power plant construction in China will reach 10-12 GW, one-fourth of the world.

But the industry’s growth, Savage brings many problems, National Energy Board recently made it clear that, in some areas, PV does not sync with the matching power grid construction, project management weakness of the specifications, standards and quality control issue is outstanding.

AQSIQ has recently released a report on the checks, antireflection glass for photovoltaic modules for solar power products quality supervision, the results surprising, 30 companies of 30 kinds of products sampled, only 23 companies of 23 qualified products, sampling rate and product qualification rate is 76.7%.

Reports show that the spot checks involving 7 inspection items, including debris, shotgun bags, washing resistance and impact resistance, optical properties of neutral salt spray resistance, wet and freezing resistance, UV-resistant properties. Fragmented state, shock canister is safety indicators, related to the product after you install PV modules, PV module safety. Results showed that the non-conformance mainly Frost tolerance and fragmented state.

Actually these hidden realities would have exposed, frequently exposed in the Western region in recent years PV quality issues. Based on third party inspection agency a report Beijing Jian Heng certified centers, national survey of 425 solar power station, 30% completed 3 years plants have suffered different degrees of problems.

Sun blamed the previous annuity works higher subsidies and lower acceptance criteria, resulting in many serious quality problems in the power station in the West. Power plant operational lifetime is 25, and subsequent issues will become more and more serious.

PV quality problems frequently exposed to national energy Board recognizes the seriousness of the problem, has taken a series of measures to regulate. Recently issued a special document on further reinforcing the management of photovoltaic power plant construction and operation notice from 11 aspects of the PV was standard, and require equipment purchase tenders project units certified and meets the national stipulation target product.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant “disorders” is now under the Ministry of energy, “strong medicine” reduces heat

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