PV glass industry status

Polaris solar PV net news: through the analysis of PV glass industry status, we learn that despite the rapid development of flat glass industry in China, technology advancement and innovation capacity is still insufficient. PV glass industry are as follows:

PV glass general flair

With the replacement of glass manufacturing technology are expected in the next few years building energy-saving glass and photovoltaic glass to a bout, high added value will become the glass out of glass, upgrade product is the only way. Currently the trend of building energy-saving glass have begun mass production, but PV glass technology has not yet matured, it is difficult to meet the market demand. In the manufacture of glass equipment, domestic exploration North glass shares, the company continued to carry out technical, substantive outcomes has yet to emerge. As the glass industry capacity, “structural surplus” glass with high added value technical maturation time is needed, so we are more cautious attitude towards 2012 glass market.

As the demand for high value added glass trends increases, glass coating products market expanded rapidly, by elevating the conversion cost-saving applications of all glass coating characteristics will be mainstream.

Solar PV glass bring new opportunities

Solar PV glass including ultra white rolling glass for amorphous silicon solar cell and thin film PV TCO glass. Solar photovoltaic solar cell industry as an important emerging products, along with the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry and growing, photovoltaic glass industry development trend in our country.

Subway can be combined with solar

Stretch high into the air and, of course, can go deep underground, subway and photovoltaic “combine” in some cities did. Germany atop a subway where the grass was covered with photovoltaic panels to supply subway running energy consumption; in Taiwan Kaohsiung, subway, also equipped with similar devices, if we compare this system to move to Shanghai, will save a lot of Metro operation costs.

PV industry benefit from energy storage technology development

Dependent on light, solar photovoltaic industry is a “weak spot”, with the development of energy storage technologies, entirely apart from the night other than don’t use photovoltaic, wet weather running can also protect the worry-free.

Develop display substrate glass, photovoltaic-thermal glass, coated glass, low-emission and energy-saving glass with multi-functional compound coating products will enable industry competitiveness; Secondly, promote technological progress and enhance independent innovation, speeding up technological transformation, and perfecting the relevant standards. The “Twelve-Five” period, is able to achieve an average 20% over the rapid growth of high-end products, such as ultrathin glass for display substrate average annual increase of 28%, solar light and heat, such as glass, low-e coated glass 24% 18%, are all areas of future focus.

PV glass is a rely on Yu PV power industry of industry, from recently view, PV industry currently trend confusing, European policy full uncertainty, United States, and China, market no development up, again plus on China glass production enterprise for technology still is a problem, so this is a full has challenge and risk of industry, on Enterprise for, needs keep reason of thinking, on both at home and abroad market for accurate of judge, thus for caution of investment, this is now in PV glass industry survival of King. From the long term, developing photovoltaic industry is inevitable in the process of human history, will have greater development worldwide, and also there will be more demand for PV glass, this is full of opportunities for industry.

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