PV inverter business survival strategy: value trust

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, many industry insiders have grievances to reporters, during the installation of distributed PV systems when it came to the “exotic” customers, as many owners do not understand solar power, causes the enterprise encounter a variety of problems in a distributed PV promotion.

Owners concerns are understandable, especially by entering the PV industry firms in other industries, as well as newly entering the field of photovoltaic companies such as zhongmin voted, they want businesses that work there must be accumulated in the industry and continued operation of the enterprise.

On September 12, is located in huadu district of Guangzhou Yi Ma fashion distribution distributed 1MW PV grid-connected electricity generation project has successfully passed acceptance, Guangzhou City, this is one of the first successful implementation of distributed PV grid-connected projects. Yi Ma Zhan Binghuang, head of fashion, “says this project from planning applications to complete grid-connected, our suppliers throughout the follow-up and control of the inverter. Investment power plant is a long-term thing, we need people with integrity, technical strength, can continue to operate a strategic partner. “It is understood that the inverter manufacturer is Sun power.

To allow customers to create value for the company, first of all, enterprises have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand customer needs and how to deliver value to customers. In addition to product replacement, but also needed better services and coordinated operations and values in order to win trust.

Technology upgrade cycle: six months for the industry benchmark

Asia’s largest inverter manufacturer, Sunshine power Vice President Zheng Guibiao said: “power from the Sun since its inception in 1997, from learners to leaders, relied on technology upgrading and trying again and again. A good inverter price components must not simply piling up, including component matching and logic is the core of our Sun power advantage. This focus and adhere to win long-term customer trust is our main reason for maintaining market share in the first. ”

The development of photovoltaic industry has always been swift and changeable. Product standards, technical upgrading, market, customer requirements and other areas in a fast-changing and constantly improve, manufacturers can follow the market changes and innovation speaks for itself of its own power and market acceptance.

It is understood that the average domestic inverter technology upgrade cycle for about half a year, Sun and other leading cycle in several leading inverter is reduced to three months, while foreign manufacturers in General for a period of one year or longer. This is apart from the price factor, foreign inverter manufacturers in the fast-changing Chinese market is another reason for the slow progress. According to insiders, one used to occupy a market share of foreign companies in the domestic, as research and development in the country, with communication costs are too high in the domestic market, problems tend to be resolved more than a year, leading to discontent around the domestic dealers, instead of building its own plant. Customer from blind faith in foreign products to admit sunlight power set by companies such as technology, quality benchmarking.

Sale: more important than the product

After sales more important than the product itself, it’s not grandstanding.

If a company’s products are generally not even products, but after sales customer satisfaction, even if it can become operational after only sold the company to survive. One of those aftermarket companies still exist, it is because customers don’t want to devote their efforts to prosecute it or do a short time, the problem did not exist.

So far, the PV large-scale application at the global level would be just a few short decades, just four or five years in China, no company can guarantee that an inverter problem.

While the inverter’s warranty was increased from five years to ten years, and now corporate slogan of the proposed 25-year warranty, but how many enterprises will make it to 25 years? Even by the ten-year warranty terms, when customers buy inverters, also think the vendors could continue to exist for ten years.

Chinese inverter company in 2010 before and after growth spurt. Before and after 2011 there are at least hundreds of inverter manufacturers in the global market, but are more active at present but dozens of homes, but with good performance in the domestic market more than 10 companies. Insiders lamented, inverter manufacturers has been hung on the head a Republika Damo sword: I do not know a few years ago the inverter will not cause any massive failures.

Some domestic companies as the first to enter the Australian market of China PV companies, occupy the lion’s share of the Australian market several years ago, but because the market does not understand Australia’s environment and climate in the early, acclimatized. After a problem occurs, the company boss reportedly initially wanted to replace, then realized returns quantity in terms of container, after sale expenses far exceeded profit, refused to return. But it is not only close the door to overseas markets, also harm the dealers.

Photovoltaic industry has always been a grass-roots heroism, but all that the peasant uprising is not laying the Foundation for nearly 300 years the Ming dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang strongman, Hong Xiuquan, after only modest success to keep God’s pleasure even in a business of “godlike” there are plenty of. Select whether the inverter must be at least at the time of the business cooperation in more than a decade?

Certain size, excellent technology, stable cash flow is an important feature of a company’s ability to survive in the long term.

Reporters are not “only the size of” fans, don’t think bigger is stronger. But at the time of purchase to think, a year of research and development, foreshadowing a year, accumulated one year, three years if maintained in very small enterprises, which would not be good business. In addition, head of corporate research and development technical and financial background, investment agencies investments analysis reports, as well as the industry’s reputation, is to determine whether the enterprise can long survive the reference indexes.

Meanwhile, after-sale costs money and time are also important considerations.

With one of the Everbright group of overseas power plant business staff to reporters: “after-sale problems exist not only in China, we in Germany has a 2.8MW power plant selection of Germany’s inverter, results when a problem occurs, the company fell apart. “Now that they are faced with a very troublesome maintenance problem: local companies is too expensive, select inverter from China but failed to maintain the problem, and Chinese engineers in Germany operating power stations also faced many restrictions.

Early in the PV market in China, customers still favor an international brand, but those who do not realize the localization of international brands of aftermarket companies headaches. “Finally we chose sunshine, the domestic brands. “One senior photovoltaic said.

Cooperation: with their differentiated products and improve customer’s value chain

When selecting a PV parts, and inverter is often the most important component is a big difference: component separation roughly 123 factory, while the inverter is to be specific to certain enterprises. Inverters the complexity and uncertainty than component, so customers tend to choose more carefully.

Inverter business, first of all recognize that to really understand the customer what it’s missing, you need to solve any problem, which parts are most concerned about PV power station in operation, know more than the customer’s own photovoltaic power plant operations, to give them a few constructive comments and suggestions.

Photovoltaic power stations from the previous “Western ground” emerge gradually in the same pattern, distributed development, new applications such as greenhouses, fisheries and light complementary modes, while the traditional terrestrial plants also have higher requirements. Future trends in photovoltaic power plant must be “detail value” of the era. And customers will be in the process of application, come up with new ideas, and new requirements. Such customers will be more inclined to development together with them, to show its continued support and even companies.

Zheng Guibiao said: “as light as an example, we provide customers with a complete access solutions and applications, product for customers in desert power plants, power stations and the hills of distributed power plant applications were given the most intimate of designs. ”

“Such as Sun power of distributed PV solution for distributed PV classify common applications and features of the induction, clarifies distributed PV application environment is characterized by diversity analyses users, power grids, investor demand, that also shows an obvious diversity. Based on this situation, proposed the “according to scientific design” photovoltaic power plant. Typical distributed applications scenarios, industrial roofing, commercial roofing, residential roofing, classic system solutions are recommended. In a typical scenario, choose sunlight power equipment and solutions will allow the entire distributed PV systems more secure, better, smarter and more efficient. With customers to build a “learning” customer trust in the Sun power also greatly enhance, power supply of the product to the Sun trust more, create more value for our customers. Distributed PV start-up, for roof owners, return the discount rate isn’t enough to make them move. We are convinced through targeted communication activities, efforts to provide professional technical services and security. For example, by helping customers do some digging deeper in favour of brand image promoted. So for them, photovoltaic power generation has both economic and social benefits, fame and fortune. After-sales service commitment can reduce the roof owner’s worries. Sun roof power commitments impact of damaged most of the company is responsible for, and consider adding roofing insurance content. ”

For years, Sun power has always been photovoltaic inverters first brand, win the trust of customers the most profound reason, Sun power deep understanding of PV power application, and turn them into cutting-edge technology research and development capabilities and further into high-quality products. Just from the normal parameters to compare Sun power solar inverters, is not fully exploring and understanding the Sun contains ideas and values of the brand. Which is why many inverter worthy place.

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