Quest jinglong PV cold winter time at full capacity after the miracle

Polaris solar PV net news: so far this year, with both domestic and international market plus winter receding of the photovoltaic industry. Whereas the depth of experience within the industry reshuffle, blind competition a few years ago the State ceased to exist, replaced by large domestic firms fierce rivalry between product quality and production efficiency. Jinglong Yanjiao caught hold and strengthen enterprise management of the industrial park of “ox”, strict tubes, relying on management quality and efficiency, achieved sales booming, walk in the forefront of photovoltaic companies throughout the country.

Yan lured–fine, then “pull” cost 2 cents

On October 16, held in Beijing, from the “2014 Conference of the global top 500 enterprises in new energy,” came the good news: jinglong 2014 world awaits new Fortune 500 energy 21st place, moved up four places from last year. At this point, jinglong has won the Global 500 list new energy for four consecutive years. 18, from a small factories into of ningjin world’s leading energy companies, jinglong step steady and powerful.

“Crystal Dragon people, honor for the proud capital, but instead the momentum to move forward. The “jinglong Yanjiao Fan Yuhong, head of the industrial park, said:” jinglong toward world-class companies continue forward, leading technical level and product quality is the Foundation of establishing scientific and effective modern enterprise management is the key. With the expansion of business scale, management of important values will become more prominent. ”

In recent years, with jinglong Yanjiao industrial park, gradually the level of advancement, automation equipment constantly updated, further improvements in production technology, silicon chip rate and unit cost is almost perfection. We want to maintain technological advantages of premise to further reduce costs and improve efficiency to be even tougher.

“To management costs. “Fan Yuhong, proposed, should enforce strict management, compressing hidden costs. Previously wasted on consumables, accidents cost is the sum of terms such as “entities”, strict management is to dig carefully, “entities”, “pull out all benefits”.

This year, the Park continue to quantify the various management measures, energy efficiency effect is remarkable.

Testing workshops

In production of quantitative technical goals, break down responsibilities to departments and individual positions. Park the company based on the target, increasing the pace of technical innovation, by improving the configuration process of line-cutting, mortar, yield improvement 1.2%, thin slices cut Crystal an extra 1.4 per kg or so. In terms of material use, according to the recovery process, clear silicon, mortar, recycling quotas. Debris recovery rate increased to 62.2% from 61.2% at the beginning of waste recovery improves 10% of mortar. Increase gauze pads in the cleaning link link, the small edge collapse, small shortfall, secondary products, such as Polish, years of revenue-generating 318,000 RMB. Material requisition to strictly implement the scrappage system reusable implementation of reuse. In the area of personnel management, backward regime. According to the goal of enhancing staff productivity to determine workload, according to actual workload and productivity restructuring of employee payroll, from “wages” to “performance”, ensure that the hard work and fair park and formed a “stress, increased measures, super target,” a good atmosphere. Mortar fragments, respectively into the washer, degumming and recycled sand group distribution amounts and related positions such as Director of evaluation, improve recovery rates. As their scientific and proper cleaning is 4700/class/quota increased to 5688/class/person, at the same time further enhance the recovery rate, and indirectly for businesses to save money of 420,000 yuan.

The lowest accident rates. Accidents are the biggest waste and management levels are closely related. In order to reduce the accident rate, not only using mentoring, daixun, “Saturday school” strengthening professional training of staff in the form of and implement employee chutu, test, quizzes, test methods, General Manager urged the employees to continuously learn. In addition, through a quantitative treatment of the accident cost accounting, and this developed a programme for accident control and clear operating procedures, cost and breaking the rules and joint standards, improves from the grass-roots workers to managers at all levels of responsibility, reduce accident rates.

“Relying on those strict rules and detailed measures, the company in making near-extreme cases, each ‘ pull ‘ out of the cost of 2 cents, which means that each year will increase revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars, for the entire Park. “Fan Yuhong said.

Not refusing trickle, as rivers. Is complete and all links by virtue of the enterprise pull tubes, only the Crystal Dragon step by step pragmatic development, cast now has more than 30,000 employees and annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan, branch offices all over the world industry leader.

Name – improving quality and increasing benefit draws 5 million order

Enter jinglong Yanjiao Industrial Park facility, dozens of highly automated machines were producing at full capacity. Patches of veil-like wafer-thin after automatic washing and drying line and intelligent test sorting equipment, were neatly stacked. Shuttling between the machine staff are dressed in uniforms, wearing a badge, focused work. Although outside the factory was the early winter, but here just like a spring of life scene. It is understood that full capacity status of the entire Park has been going on for 10 months.

Cleaning shop

“In China, reached full capacity of PV enterprises scarcer. PV winter is over, markets recovered, but post-winter market inertia effects, the industry still can not be completely out of their Funk, and 2008, 2009 is quite different. “Fan Yuhong said,” in addition, after the market’s survival of the fittest, mergers, few companies survived, order promiscuous before competition was now replaced by a strong confrontation between the leading enterprises. Technical and technological gap between the major companies is not obvious, so the competition is particularly fierce. ”

Jinglong full capacity thanks to the Group’s internal order and processing business in a two-pronged approach, “now Yanjiao throughout the Park’s capacity is about 15 million pieces per month, and order within the group accounted for approximately two-thirds, the remaining one-third from order processing business with other enterprises. Was 5 million pieces per month of processing businesses absorbed the Park remaining capacity. “According to reports, and Crystal dragons signed a long-term firm-processing business of wafer production plant in itself, but rather they don’t use their own equipment and give orders to the Crystal Dragon.


“Always provide high quality, low cost, service products are grain long in the intense market competition, the first to break out of the core competitiveness. ”

How to do that?

“Management. Resolutely implement the management system, to results management to ensure product quality and efficiency improvements. ”

2014 is jinglong “system implemented years”, use this as an opportunity, Yan Jiao industrial park, promoting the park system “landing”, ensures that each system is not emptied, put an end to a policy in the past, have countermeasures against the phenomenon, so that each measure real implementation, real service to improve quality and efficiency of the entire Park.

Implement a dynamic benchmarking system. See the gap power. Park insisted on internal benchmarking between companies, workshops, team, through daily, weekly, teams, individual production data to quantify contrast, actively looking for gap, forming a “leapfrogging” of good competition atmosphere, production capacity and product quality has been significantly improved. In addition, Park actively engaged with domestic enterprises, international trade technology benchmarking, staff go out to study each month, went out with a problem, come back with experience. Through the label, Park, the production process of continuous improvement ensures jinglong manufacture always walk in the forefront of the photovoltaic industry.

Implementation of Gates compliance management system. On to the park under the leadership and to employees must wear a badge and dressed in work clothes and denied privileges. Staff need their department head stated in writing and signed, and carefully check the registration of vehicles in and out of production areas, so as to effectively ensure the employee attendance and production safety. “Badge tool may seem insignificant, but in reality both the Park’s image, will always remind the staff responsible for their own jobs, responsible for the products they produce. ”

Implementing employee incentive. Park, strictly enforce the position competition system and pay-for-performance system, with a market-oriented way, form “a post through competition, revenue contribution” mechanism, activated employees ‘ potential vigor, to contribute actively to improve quality and efficiency. Recently, the Park cut grain company are first-line staff developed the scrap cutting machine in use, its productivity by a factor of three times, but the costs only for the original 10%, annual cost savings of more than 100,000 yuan, not only for the Park, but also because of its superior design received the brothers of the order. According to technical valuations, was awarded to team incentives.

“In fact, not only our corporate system, State policy is more and more real. “According to Fan Yuhong introduced,” this year on September 2, National Energy Council released on further implementation distributed PV power related policy of notification, proposed has perfect distributed PV power of electricity settlement and the subsidies, encourages Bank, financial institutions combines distributed PV power of features and financing needs, on distributed PV power project provides offers loan, coordination roof resources using, perfect received network and the grid run service, 15 article involving core problem of substantive initiatives, show has national promoted PV power of huge determination. ”

“These initiatives closely linked to difficulties in implementation, the roof access to loan financing, incorporations has long restricted the development of photovoltaic industry, such as bottlenecks, for the PV industry has injected a booster dose. The rapid rise of emerging markets in the world but also to confidence in the industry has been revitalized. “Fan Yuhong, hopeful” photovoltaic spring is coming to us, I believe, our full capacity will last for a longer period of time. ”

Innovation – driven independently developed software can add 6 million dollars benefits

Crystal Dragon in the aspect of production, material costs reimbursed, but in the field of technical research and development investment will always strive to.

“Every day in the workshop production of 300,000 pieces of silicon, each wafer carries over more than 50, including the thickness, resistivity and other parameters, using digital and information technology such as the Internet, through any computer on the network, will be able to access real-time data centers, access and analyze any piece of wafer production process all the data. “Yan Jiao industrial park, peak Sun Silicon Electronics Co, Ltd Vice General Manager Liu Wei light click of a mouse, showing the operation of the digital information system for independent research and development company silicon process.

Line cutting workshop

“Wafer production digital information system application since the company Silicon Silicon peak overall rate has dramatically increased, production costs are gradually diminishing, and estimated annual benefits can bring company Silicon peak of more than 6 million Yuan. “Fan Yuhong confidently said:” this system is part of the jinglong building intelligent factory, jinglong is using large data, Internet and other information technology to transform the traditional mode of exploration. Good results show that the application of the system is digital, networked, intelligent direction of traditional manufacturing and quality, jinglong will seize the opportunity, take the forefront in the photovoltaic industry, toward the ‘ Crystal Long Zhizao ‘ full speed ahead. ”

Relies on the intelligent checking and selecting new equipment this year, SI Feng Li Ning, Director of technology came up with these data establish a database and the development of a data analysis system for ideas. Play up the report, strongly supported by Park leader very quickly, and implemented research and development expenses in the early, Li Ning spearheaded the establishment of the research and development group, to take several months, and finally developed and successfully applied to the digital information system for wafer.

Through this system, wafer quality first of all is restored to more than more than 50 database parameters and input system, material information, operator information, wafer inspection results one by one, by scanning the QR code or enter the appropriate numbers, its history is clearly documented, realized the quality of digital, full traceability.

The system collected vast data resources provide precise guidance to production adjustment, effectively avoids the earlier “forehead”-style approach to decision making. PV800 wire-cutting machine on the last quarter, the company’s new device, cutting machine cutting length longer than the original PV600 line 200mm increased cutting lengths of cutting difficulty is doubled, particularly thick slices of a serious problem, seriously affected the production of wafers and yield. Despite improvements, is still unable to completely resolve the problem. Subsequent statistical analysis of parameters of silicon wafers, found wafer cutting thickness variance from the Center to the ends were decreasing, is near the ends of the wafer chip away from bigger, rather than because they feared after cutting line distance from ordinary wear and go to increase gradually.

Through further analysis, found cut during cutting the power fluctuations can lead to discrete wafer thickness, they then adjust the mortar holes of the nozzle to non-uniform distribution, from the Center to both ends of the spray gradually expanded, so that it flows uniformly distributed throughout the entire cutting line, finally solved the problem of thick slices.

Wafer production figure information systems not only excels in wafer inspection and statistics, but also to ensure normal operation of the plant as a whole central nervous system. All the production equipment of the company’s workshop was equipped with sensors such as temperature, humidity and vibration, uninterrupted from moment to moment on equipment operation data collection update and stored in the system’s server via the Internet, once an exception occurs, the system will send out alerts and pinpoint risks and weak points in the production process.

Application of this system greatly liberated the devices of human bonds, even traveling through the portable tablet computer, cell phone, just enter the URL and login password can realize remote real-time monitoring.

Only innovation there will be future. Innovation is the life of enterprise, innovation and the benefits are not only higher, lead enterprise development direction in the future. So no matter when, jinglong has always held “innovation” ACE in the hole, not ignored. Because of this, we believe that the Crystal dragons depicted “smart factory” will soon be achieved.

Human-oriented–cadres and masses and compose “Harmony Garden” making employees happy life

Jinglong Yanjiao industrial park, it is full of vitality. Leaves, Ginkgo, green plants, patchwork, turnips and other vegetables in the vegetable garden a harvest scene.

This spring, the Park launched a large-scale tree-planting activities, a total of planted Pinus bungeana 5400, planting green plants nearly 20,000 trees such as baojingtian, fake faucet. Meanwhile, full use of the space, planting corn, sunflower and other crops, not only beautify the environment, and provide their employees with a safe and secure food raw materials.

“Everything starting from the staff, try to create a comfortable living environment. “Fan Yuhong said every employee is the owner of Park, Park attached to each employee’s feelings,” where the number of staff redeployed from Headquarters in ningjin, they leave their homes to come here to work, we should create a warm home for them. ”

Crystalline long bilingual kindergarten in formally opened on June 6 this year, has been carefully renovated and reasonable layout, kindergarten is both comfortable and safe and childish. Now has more than 40 kids study happily here to address children’s Park was difficult. Kindergarten hours docking with Park, convenient for employees to work picking up the children. “Kindergartens are benefiting a solid work of each employee, the next step we will render consultations with related departments in Yanjiao, grappling with children can go to school or even junior high, high school problems, attempting to remove the worries of the staff, and let the children grow up healthily. “Fan Yuhong said.

Yan Jiao industrial park, three parks are separated by a road, opposite the peak Sun Silicon Corporation employees to eat a meal all through traffic to the canteen. In order to ensure the safety of employees, this year, the Park launched the “sending rice to the workshop” a staff lunch, dinner from canteen is sent directly to the workshop and to conduct employee satisfaction surveys, food variety, nutrition improvement, to ensure staff dining.

Park staff, home mostly to address employee returning challenges, the Park offers shuttle twice a week to the ningjin to alleviate the homesickness of the staff. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the park considering booking difficulties, also had prepared buses and employees directly back to the home front in the destination set.

Yanjiao Park, Park leader attached great importance to the opinions and suggestions of the staff regularly held democratic forum and listen to public opinion. As long as the job at hand are not busy, Fan Yuhong must be on the shop floor, employees around to listen to the truth, Geithner mantra. In his view, water for people’s wisdom is inexhaustible, as long as the enterprise development, require the involvement of employees, there are fresh proposals and from the front-line “coup”.

Yanjiao’s work and life are not only pleasant and full of joy. Basketball League, fun games and tug-of-war competitions, art performances and sports activities every month without interruption. “The employees lively performance on the playing field, staff versatile show in a theatrical performance, is a vivid manifestation of vitality jinglong enterprise, represents unity, positive and uplifting and colorful enterprise culture. “Fan Yuhong said.

In the photovoltaic industry after the cold winter times, cold not away, prospects, Crystal Long Tizhen spirit, strengthen management, in the fierce market competition, the first to break, created a miracle at full capacity for a long time. Referring to the future, Fan Yuhong eyes resolute: “ecological construction has become imperative in today’s environment, it must be in the PV industry to play a more active role in the field of energy use in the future. Jinglong will unswervingly, has always been committed to large-scale low-cost photovoltaic products, with inexhaustible solar energy resources for the benefit of mankind. ”

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