REC Silicon to expand polysilicon production and plans to build a 20000MT joint venture factory

Polaris solar PV net news: RECSilicon will expand its polysilicon production MosesLake factory and its silane production factory Butte, reboot at the SilaneI production. The company is also conducting a feasibility study, and IDEAPolysilicon in Saudi Arabia to set up a joint venture 20000MT polysilicon plant.

Fluidized bed reactor with the silane capacity expansion

Said RECSilicon, which will enable its new generation of fluidized bed reactor (FBR-B) technical preparation of semiconductor-grade granular polysilicon, MosesLake plant to expand production capacity of 3000MT. The company said the expansion would be completed and put into operation in 2016, the third quarter.

The company also said that it would restart 3000MT of silane gas production in SilaneI, while its silane production factory in Butte 1200MT. Is expected to be the first quarter of 2016 to restart idle SilaneI last year.

Is said to be due to strong demand in PV and flat panel display market, robust silane demand. Silane Siemens polysilicon is used as a raw material for production of gas.

RECSilicon said the expansion would cost about $ 115 million.

Saudi Arabia joint venture

To continue to cooperate with its new strategy, aimed at the FBR polysilicon capacity expansions to limit capital expenditures, RECSilicon also said that it has signed an agreement, survey FBR-B technology enabled, in Saudi Arabia with local emerging polysilicon producers IDEAPolysilicon to develop the possibility of a 20000MTFBR plant.

RECSilicon pointed out that the development phase of the project is expected to take 18 months, sometime in 2016 to reach investment decisions. The company had proposed, which holds 25% shares in the planned polysilicon plant.

It is said that the plant’s funding may come from ownership and Saudi Industrial Development Fund and commercial banks ‘ Credit Union.

However, according to professional market research firm BernreuterResearch JohannesBernreuter,IDEAPolysilicon poly silicon problems surrounding factory construction bidders, has repeatedly postponed its initial production plan.

Bernreuter told Xinhua in an interview: “as early as in April 2010, IDEA announced in Saudi Arabia to build a polysilicon plant. Initially, consider using methyl silane SchSiliconTechnology chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and then transforming it into Sitec (CentrothermGroup) concept of CVD trichlorosilane (Siemens method).

“It is clear that IDEA already realize that now is not the right time to enter polysilicon market, GLUT is coming. Secondly, based on methyl silane or trichlorosilane silicon, a new entrant cannot be enabled back mature Siemens method of low cost polysilicon manufacturer in China. Therefore, the IDEA is by contacting the RECSilicon, to the fluidized bed reactor for the next round of technology transfer. ”

Bernreuter told Xinhua in an interview, said he thought Saudi Arabia several uncertain factors still exist in the proposed project.

“So far Saudi Arabia has not polysilicon plant a thriving Base: PolysiliconTechnologyCo and QatarSolarTechnologies plants have been significantly delayed, UMG active SilicorMaterials a few days ago on this location stays back, SunEdison also appears to be the case. ”

Bernreuter said that if the project goes ahead, only until two thousand nineteen-two thousand twentieths is expected to be put into use.

China venture news

RECSilicon says has acknowledged $ 101 million in special projects, on its FBR-B silane technology sales to China and Shaanxi nonferrous metal holding its previously announced in tianhong energy LLC joint venture.

RECSilicon ToreTorvund, Chief Executive said: “I am glad that our FBR technology is recognized as a leading supplier of polysilicon manufacturing technology, it has expanded our MosesLake factory bulletins, Yulin, China joint venture in Saudi Arabia to potential expansion. ”

However, Bernreuter added: “RECSilicon must still be proved by its joint ventures in China, FBRB technology to mass production, and manufactured using Western technology and ideas with local and cultural ventures can succeed. ”

Therefore, located in the United States in a small 3000MWFBRB plant announcement could be viewed as testing-ground for joint ventures and joint ventures in the future.

Financial performance

RECSilicon report in 2014, third-quarter revenue of $ 126.5 million, excluding special projects continuing operations earnings before interest and tax (EBITDA) of $ 44.9 million, total EBITDA of $ 145.9 million.

Record of silane gas sales offset by slightly lower sales of polysilicon, causing income broadly unchanged from the previous quarter.

The company notes that, mainly due to 196 million Norway Krone bond payments, has reduced its debt of $ 55 million, to $ 228 million.

The company reported, mainly due to higher EBITDA, special projects and a positive net financial items, third-quarter operating income of $ 119.5 million, $ 24.6 million last quarter.

Original title: REC Silicon to expand polysilicon production and plans to build a 20000MT joint venture factory

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