Shenzhen Airport will become the world’s largest airport in the utilization of solar energy (photo)

Polaris solar PV net news: on November 15, the second phase of Shenzhen Airport solar power 10MW (MW) projects under construction. After the completion of the project, Shenzhen Airport total PV installed capacity of 20MW, can power about 20 million KWh per year, the Shenzhen Airport will become the world’s largest airport in the airport industry utilizing solar energy resources.

PV power installed capacity of 20MW

Airport phase photovoltaic power generation project in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Airport’s new terminal, planned installed capacity of 10MW, designed annual generating capacity of about 10 million KWh, this starts a new freight terminal B1 and B3 roof-mounted PV modules, PV installed capacity of 5MW. Plus a 10MW solar power project has been put into use, future of Shenzhen Airport’s total capacity will be up to 20MW.

According to learn that in recent years with the popularity of low environmental philosophy, building a Green Airport and concern to civil aviation industry. Has some airports abroad using photovoltaic power the airport, such as the United States, Denver International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, as well as the Japan Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, Greece at Athens International Airport.

Photovoltaic power generation after the project is completed, the Shenzhen Airport will become the world’s largest airport in the utilization of solar energy, photovoltaic power generation in the future will account for the whole airport power load 10%.

First-stage power nearly 17 million KWh

It is reported that Shenzhen Airport is now using a photovoltaic power generation projects with a total installed capacity of 10MW, 16060 number plate installed the Sun, mainly at airports Air Logistics Park and bonded logistics park, a total area of about 70,000 square meters of the roof.

Golden Sun demonstration project and so far, as the country’s domestic airport has built the largest solar photovoltaic power generation project, the project not only has a good economic, and have achieved good social benefits.

The staff, the project began in March 2013 and gradually grid, running safe and stable, by the end of October 2014, a total generating capacity of nearly 17 million KWh, which on July 4 of this year hit a record high of daily capacity of 56,000 KWh.

According to professional estimates, Shenzhen Airport phase photovoltaic power generation project since it came into use, equivalent to a cumulative saving 6632 tons of standard coal, reducing CO2 emissions 16531 tons, reducing powder 4510 tons also reduced hundreds of tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions.

The project also was named “Shenzhen excellent project of pollution-cleaning engineering”, “Guangdong provincial enterprise management modernized innovation achievement” award.

To bring industry demonstration effect

Reporter learned that, photovoltaic power generation mainly uses solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity, does not take the specific land area, in line with the conditions for construction of building large and low construction cost, power grid-connected condition; PV modules installed relatively free, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, easy to maintain and clean.

Project assessment expert think, Shenzhen Airport PV power project not only has good of economic, more important of is “in investment construction mode, and power grid, security aspects carried out of system argument work and site management experience, especially in security grade requirements high of civil aviation airport regional construction solar PV power station, has very important of demonstration role, while in industry of green energy exploitation aspects also has demonstration effect. ”

Reporters learned that transitions in nearly a year, Shenzhen Airport under energy-saving environmental protection, foot work, by promoting the use of bridge equipment and other new technologies, new equipment, improved energy conservation and environmental protection management system, to create a low-carbon, environmentally-friendly Green Airport, and has achieved good results. Shenzhen Airport said the future will continue to actively fulfill its corporate social responsibility, increased energy conservation and emission reduction efforts, continuing to explore new models of energy use, sustainable green building airports.

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