Solar-Internet era is coming

Polaris solar PV net news: China Internet development has been more than 20 years. According to the China Internet Information Center CNNIC survey showed that by June 2014, has 632 million to informants in China, Internet penetration is 46.9%. Meanwhile, with a 83.4% mobile phone Internet access, beyond the traditional PC 80.9%, driving the development of Internet II.

In such a wind and fire in the age of the Internet, emerging industries by integrating Internet resources to sell low-cost low-price goods and services, under a single line break the traditional industries (off-line) marketing model. Traditional marketing model has been unable to meet the needs of the emerging industry, online and offline marketing with sprung up. The solar industry is no exception. Solar Chairman Qu Xiaohua said in the solar industry will play an invaluable role in the Internet, for another 5 years, 10 years, will make the solar industry a makeover.

Of solar energy online procurement platform

On July 17, 2012, online shopping platform “Rakuten” solar panels started selling e-commerce shopping, superior to the market value of more than 30% of super low prices to attract customers. Buyers only need to submit an application on a Web site, is responsible for the construction of Japan ecological systems will come to install. According to statistics, online shopping platform for order more than 1 time more than had been expected, of solar energy online shopping popularity is evident. Lotte can provide such a preferential price on the site, mainly because dealers and reducing costs can be reduced; it also gives consumers a great option, change the client can accept solar companies offer passive situations before.

In China, Internet trends of solar energy is also rising. Renesola started in 2012 recruit e-commerce operations director; electric at the end of 2012 to set up online shop, build online sales platform for industry group – line pipe, big clients and big projects focus on the development of the major industry, services most of the line fragmented and individualized needs of end users, integrating online and offline marketing strategies. In addition, the Hunan solar first to move 3G platform, driving the development of new marketing.

The other hand, the entrepreneurs do not fall behind. In December 2013, Yingli group first announced the new strategy will establish “global network platform” to integrate upstream and downstream resources, providing services for small solar companies around the world. In June 2014, the platform is formally launched, will cover more than 30 industries and raw materials with the goal of cumulative turnover was US $ 25.02 billion by 2016. Yingli procurement platform is expected to provide in the future supply of raw materials and packaging, plant sales, technical and management, OEM processing and outsourcing of production line design and construction of one-stop services. Although so far, Yingli’s e-commerce platform has only five solar companies, but the plan itself is perfect, excellent potential.

While, solar Chairman Qu Xiaohua this year October in “2014 Sina financial Energy Forum” Shang talked about, European and Japan of solar and Internet of combines mode has quite mature, consumers just through Google to select fancy of solar Board, and entered related of roof area, and tilt angle, information, and plus family of electricity specific situation, Google will can immediately recommends most for installation of system, and estimates out economic, also can proposed quotes, and related of Bank loan, information, Internet services for best performance.

Investment and financing platform for solar

Solar market growing demand, but because of the large upfront capital investment and financing programme remain issues of concern to the industry. Procurement platform in addition to the solar, solar energy investment and financing platform also came into being. Focus on investment and financing for clean energy projects and power stations the P2B transaction services and B2B platform “Networking” has been on the line. Networking the first phase will launch “Yanggu” series, including “voted the Sun”, “Sun overseas investment”, “sunshine immigrant vote” transactional “sunshine balance” to help investors to put money into solar power plant projects at home and abroad, and received praise in the industry.

Prior to that, combined with PV in the beginning of this year launched China’s first Internet solar chip case, distributed for 1MW solar project. Internet banking and solar energy has emerged as a major magic weapon to solve financing problems of solar industry. In this light, solar-powered e-commerce platform can significantly reduce the human and material resources, and break through the boundaries of space and time, anytime, for solar energy products and related financing activities that not only reduces costs, reducing agent, promote openness and transparency of industry resources, but also gives consumers the freedom to choose right, create a win-win situation.

Industry insiders commented on solar energy businesses into the e-commerce phenomenon: “clarity, find the leading talent requires at least 2 years. Currently only superficial moves. “The future energy industry such as Taobao, Jingdong, an online marketing giants, as long as the policy is correct, perhaps only a matter of time.

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