Solar Panel market in 2030 will reach 123.6GW

Polaris solar PV net news: Fuji Keizai company (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) solar-related market research results are announced on October 27.

Solar cell module (solar panel) world markets, facilitated by the global PV support policy in 2013, the output power is 45.855GW, amounting to 3.13 trillion yen, both expanded.

Trend of the global market for solar panels. (Source: Fuji Keizai company)

Conceived by 2030, market size by 2.7 times times the output power will be calculated up to 2013, 123.6GW, calculated according to the amount to be extended to 2013 by 1.6 times, 5.127 trillion yen.

Main demand from Europe, moved to Japan and China and other Asian countries. 2013 year of production and the introduction of China ranks top in the world.

Calculated according to the output power of the market is expanding year by year. When calculated according to the amount, for lower prices are not synchronized with the output power scale expanded. “Spain shocks” led to weaker demand and the global economic downturn of 2009, 2012 affected by Europe’s financial crisis has sharply declined, calculated according to the amount of the size of the market have fallen sharply.

Falling prices have contributed to the popularity of photovoltaic power generation, some countries and regions exceeded the amount of photovoltaic power generation plan. Achieving grid parity power generation costs and electricity prices the same price (GridParity) there are plenty of examples of it.

Also, in recent years, due to the growing demand of Asia-centric, factory operating rates improved, investment in equipment is also restored. With the improvement of vendor proceeds, the introduction of new production technologies and components, development of new products is becoming more active.

Fuji economic analysts believe that the solar cell market, despite the special needs arising from policies supporting enlargement will end, but due to lower selling prices for photovoltaic power generation system that uses economic threshold of decline, but is expected to turn into policies of market.

Regionally, in addition to the original main market, Germany, and Italy, China, Japan and the United States other than photovoltaic power generation system as envisaged in other regions will receive opportunities to uses will increase.

Global inverter (PCS) market in 2013, calculated according to the output power of 40GW, calculated according to the amount of 1.1 trillion yen. By 2030, calculated according to the power output will reach 195GW, 4.9 times times the 2013, calculated according to the amount of up to 3.5 trillion yen, for the 2013 3.2 times.

Maximum demand for Europe, for example, while the European 40% in the global midsize inverter market market share, but demand is at a low ebb in recent years.

The other hand, in China and India and other emerging market countries, adjust the power mix of the United States, Japan and other countries of the rapid increase in demand. In these areas, higher levels of dependence on preferential policies, set up a large-scale project on the ground more, growing demand for large equipment.

Promoting photovoltaic power generation for a long time, need to improve the promotion of roof residential and commercial photovoltaic systems using environment. Therefore envisaged medium sized device can maintain a certain level of demand. In addition, replacement demand is expected to occur in the future.

Japan market, the calculation for output power of solar module market in 2013-8.65GW, calculated according to the amount of 810 billion yen. 2030-calculated according to the power output is expected to reach 11GW, 2013-127.2%, calculated according to the amount of up to 800 billion yen, compared with 2013 1.2%.

Japan market from July 2012 to implement renewable power fixed price system (FIT) rapidly expanded. 2014-the market is, apart from 2012-certified, acquisition costs 40 yen (tax not included) outside the project to close on GW in 2013-certified project has officially started to supply 36 yen.

For these reasons, 2014 is expected to supply 10GW, also is likely to increase further. Supply is expected in 2014 and 2015, but due to falling prices, calculated according to the amount of market size is expected to be reduced. Beyond 2016 is expected to be several years above 9GW.

Original title: solar panel market in 2030 will reach 123.6GW

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