Some opinions on enabling distributed PV, dongtou County (draft for soliciting opinions)

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Cave-law levy (2014), 4th

Affairs Office of the people’s Governments dongtou County

Dongtou County, to seek the support of distributed PV advises changes announcement

To in administrative normative file developed management work in the develop democratic, understanding public opinion, concentrated wisdom, enhanced government decision of transparency, improve decision quality, according to dongtou County Administrative normative file developed management approach (hole political sent (2007) 67th,) of requirements, now will by County sent modified Council drafted of dongtou County on support distributed PV power of several views (sought views draft) full text announced, public sought social from all walks of life views. Welcome to public and State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions to actively put forward their views and suggestions, and by June 3, 2014 by e-mail, fax, mail, and other forms of feedback to Affairs Office of the people’s Governments dongtou County. Each subdistrict offices, Township people’s Governments and units directly under the County Government by OA feedback to the County Office.

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Affairs Office of the people’s Governments dongtou County

On May 19, 2014

Some opinions on enabling distributed PV, dongtou County (draft for soliciting opinions)

For further optimization I County energy structure, improve distributed PV power scale, accelerated construction low carbon city, according to Zhejiang Province Government on further accelerated PV Application promoting industry health development of implementation views (zhe political sent (2013) 49th,), and Wenzhou Government on support distributed PV power of several views (Wen Zheng sent (2013) 75th,), file spirit, now on advance I County distributed PV power application proposed following views:

First, development goals

Scientific layout, enhanced guidance, model, encourage the dongtou County Register of enterprises to invest in PV projects within the domain. Combines project features and conditions, according to first easy Hou difficult, and ordered implementation of principles, focus advance County domain within roofing area relative larger, and equipment easily installation, and power local Digest capacity strong of organ, and enterprises, and large mall (market), and Industrial Park (small micro Park), and port logistics district, and focus with can units, and residents, roof, and remote island shortage Po, and Heath, and mountain, and bank line Ford, not using land construction PV power project. By 2016, the County distributed PV strives to reach more than 5 megawatts of capacity.

Second, construction models

(A) enterprises (people) model. Enterprises (people) to apply for construction of County development and reform Bureau, apply for adoption by enterprises (resident) or a trusted third party-building, on-grid electricity subsidies after the project is completed.

(B) energy management contract mode. Built by contract energy management company and will of the enterprise (residents) negotiated agreements, contract energy management mode of construction and operation. Enterprises (people) enjoy electricity prices and other provisions the parties agree, contract energy management company enjoys Government electricity subsidy. Energy management contract agreed upon by the company in the gratuitous transfer of property rights after the payback period of the enterprise (residents).

(C) leased the roof construction mode. In coordination with the local Government to take the lead, photovoltaic power generation construction and operation of enterprises and the roof roof owners signed a tenancy agreement, focus on continuous construction of photovoltaic power generation facility.

(D) explore the development mode. Ecological protection in the premise, the depth of excavation Island, coastline, beaches and other resources based on the value of, and operated by the construction of photovoltaic power generation corporations sole or joint tourism company to develop remote island slopes, wastelands, shoreline beaches, mountains, and other unused land, explore the construction of Islands “integration of opto-electronic Brigade” demonstration projects.

Third, policies and measures

(A) encouraging existing industrial buildings, shopping malls and other rooftop owners and implement photovoltaic projects encourage existing public rental housing, low-rent housing, affordable housing, Villa (townhouse), multi-storey residential area set piece where extension install rooftop photovoltaic installations.

Government (State companies), office buildings, schools, hospitals, stations, sports facilities and other houses, its roof installed photovoltaic power generation system conditions are met, in principle, required to build the roof PV systems.

(Ii) new buildings (industrial enterprise plant, and city integrated body, and Mall, and residential community, and housing, and public rental, and Museum, and Technology Museum, and Stadium, and Exhibition Center, and station,), its monomer roof area up 1000 square meters above of, except special requirements outside, should according to meet construction distributed roof PV power system of requirements, synchronization design, and synchronization implementation, and according to needs reserved PV distribution room space; PV power system investment into engineering total estimates.

New buildings under construction or completed work to reply, in line with the conditions of installation of photovoltaic power generation system, encourage supplementation or addition of photovoltaic power generation system, and allow it to adjust the project budget.

(C) implementation of distributed PV electricity subsidies. Within the County except for residential units in the implementation of capacity up to 50-kilowatt of PV power generation projects, according to the project after the completion of the actual power generation effect, in addition to the policy State, province and the subsidy, all power (including spontaneous use, and electricity), 0.4-Yuan subsidy for each kilowatt, one supplement for five years. Including the outlying islands of “integration of opto-electronic Brigade” demonstration project and give the Government rewarded 0.1 Yuan per kilowatt hour.

Roof-mounted photovoltaic systems for household, by giving a one-time award of 2 Yuan per watt of installed capacity, after the completion of the first five years to give every 0.2 Yuan per kilowatt subsidy.

(D) encouraging roofing resource rent. The roof of a building lease for installation of distributed PV for the DAB, press power 0.05 Yuan subsidy per unit, one supplement for five years from the date of generation enterprises (people) self-built mode does not fill, in the Government, State-owned enterprises building roof installation of distributed PV systems should, in principle, free rooftop lease, and the lease period shall be 20 years or more.

(V) distributed PV project is based on the buildings, grounds and facilities should have legitimacy. Project units and project by relies on of buildings, and site and the facilities all (following referred to all) non-same subject Shi, project units should and all people signed buildings, and site and the facilities of using or leased agreement; and according to operating way and national related provides, and all people (power user) signed contract energy service agreement, allows project units to all (power user) directly sale electric, sales electric price and the knot pay way by tenant both itself agreed; over electric part by national grid enterprise to project units acquisition grid, Pricing implementation of relevant State policies.

(Vi) distributed PV power projects generating capacity may be totally spontaneous use of all Internet access, for personal use or power users lack of electricity provided by the power grid enterprises. Upper and lower net electricity separately billing, tariff implementation of relevant national policy.

(G) the power grid enterprises should strictly implement the spirit of the document, positive for distributed solar power projects connected to the grid to provide facilities, open green channel for access systems engineering construction. Connected to the public power grid of distributed solar power projects, access to systems engineering, as well as access to the public network by in part by the construction of power grid enterprises to invest in. Access user-side of distributed solar power projects, the Access project by project owners invest in, access the public network by in part by the construction of power grid enterprises to invest.

(H) encouraging the County’s new photovoltaic project contracting, investment, design, installation, operation and maintenance of Professional Enterprise. On County development and reform, Tsunenobu, power supply Bureau jointly identified by the above-mentioned enterprises, production within five years compared with the previous year the annual new value-added tax, business tax, income tax on county-level local government finance section, “three second half-free” policy.

(IX) on the construction of photovoltaic applications enterprise, the electricity generated by photovoltaic systems can be deducted in its annual energy target. According to annual carbon emissions and integrating social and ecological benefits, promote orderly power consumption levels of the enterprise, transformation and upgrading of priority because of the required capacity increase of electricity demand.

(J) the simplification of photovoltaic power generation project approval procedures. In addition to applying for national, provincial and municipal-level photovoltaic power generation projects supported outside the prescribed procedures, other territorial records project.

Specific approval process: project owners according to record provides to County sent modified Council submitted project record applications–County sent modified Council accepted record applications Hou, combines scenic, and Metro II period, related planning requirements, on meet conditions of project issued record file, and CC city NDRC–project owners by record file to local power sector proposed access applications, power sector accepted Hou issued access system programme confirmed single, and access grid views letter–city NDRC according to record file, and power access confirmed single, To the location of the project issue PV scale indicator.

Only included indicators distributed in photovoltaic power generation project in order to enjoy the national, provincial and local policies.

(11) the electricity subsidy Fund settlement and payment methods. After the project is run, the electricity sector in accordance with regulations of the State unit of electricity price and the owners settled in full each month; after audit, the financial sector, earmarked subsidies to the power sector on a quarterly basis, the power sector monthly transfer to landlords pay subsidies at national, provincial and local funding. Is a resident of grid-connected PV may not be registered in industrial and commercial company, reproduced in the electricity sector’s output on a quarterly settlement and subsidies directly to the tax authorities issued the invoice.

(12) the other matters on the management of distributed solar power projects, according to the municipal development and Reform Commission, Bureau of energy, electricity authorities jointly issued a document of Wen Fa modified (2013) No. 440, execution.

Four, work requirements

(A) the importance of leadership. Dongtou County Government set up PV power generation leading group and by the magistrate as head, Deputy head, Deputy County, County development and reform Bureau, County Council, County, beichuan County, County Finance Bureau Housing Bureau, County Board of health, County Government offices administration, heads of County power supply Bureau and other units as members, the leading Group Office is located in the County development and reform Bureau, in particular those responsible for day-to-day operations.

(B) clearly define responsibilities. Project located of street (Township) to real negative up first responsibility people of responsibility, do where regional within industrial plant, and residential community, and public building owners of thought work, full using existing roof development PV power system; County related functions sector by respective duties Division do support, and tie work (sector duties Division see annex); project of declared and the finds work by County sent modified Council in conjunction with related sector joint organization implementation.

(Iii) the implementation of funds. Established the County distributed PV applications support special funds annually by the County Finance and manpower arrangement.

(D) strengthening supervision. PV installed capacity task from application leading group, does not regularly carry out inspection to ensure the achievement of objectives and tasks. In strict accordance with the requirements of this policy the various counties jointly promote construction of distributed solar power projects, the refusal to implement the provisions of this policy, or do not, will be held responsible and be criticized. In improper ways of acquiring financial incentives for enterprises, be dealt with according to law, and cancels the views of various awards and grants policy.

Five, other

This opinion applies only to enterprises registered in the County (the owners) in this project within the County. This comment and the other relevant preferential policies of the county when there is duplication or overlapping, from highest favorably the principle one. Spontaneous date of promulgation of the present opinion, valid until December 31, 2016; this comments policy covering over the period December 31, 2016, after which remain valid within the specified period. The County development and reform Bureau is responsible for the interpretation of the present opinion.

Annex: County-level divisions and responsibilities


Division of responsibilities of departments at the county level

And County development and reform Bureau

1, formulate relevant policies;

2, lead approval PV power generation projects;

3, led the coordination problems during construction;

4, PV tasks assigned;

5, responsible for construction projects make up build, in batches, adding photovoltaic systems to ensure the review;

6, responsible for the funds performance evaluation of photovoltaic power generation, PV funds in conjunction with financial sector management.

Second, County Letter

1, responsible for supervising enterprises of energy “dual control” indicators of implementation;

2, responsible for electricity generated by photovoltaic systems in enterprises in total energy consumption to offset;

3, responsible for corporate orderly power consumption rating, the examination and approval power capacity expansion.

Third, the County Education Bureau

Responsible for schools (including colleges) roof utilization of photovoltaic power generation system.

Four, County Finance Bureau (County and State Office)

1, is responsible for “PV funds” mobilization, consolidation, and management;

2, responsible for the photovoltaic subsidy approval and disbursement of funds;

Five County Housing Bureau

Control of the bearing capacity of the roof has been built, by intermediaries for identification, design, or construction, Housing Bureau is responsible for the technical checks.

Six, the County’s Health Bureau

Responsible for roof utilization of photovoltaic power generation systems for medical institutions.

Seven, the County Government offices administration

Responsible for and directing the county office operations room rooftop photovoltaic utilization.

Eight County power supply Bureau

1, responsible for photovoltaic power generation project in design of grid access, review, and approval;

2, responsible for the settlement of photovoltaic power.

Original title: dongtou County, to seek the support of distributed PV advises changes announcement

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