Standardization is a photovoltaic power station financial property sustainable development premise

Arctic star solar PV network news: October 28, National Energy Council for currently PV station project construction process in the appeared of project investment development links resources configuration not just, and management not specification and different degree of speculation profit phenomenon, problem issued express file on specification PV station investment development order of notification (following said notification), this is this month National Energy Council third times introduced related file. Can be seen. Worth noting is that the notice not only the photovoltaic project development speculation path is blocked, provides a good environment for standard photovoltaic project development, while emphasizing in photovoltaic power plant development and construction process to establish standards under the circumstances, and the public. For the overall development of the photovoltaic industry in China will have a far-reaching impact.

Long-term investors holding a PV power plant more conducive to industry development

A fact that cannot be ignored is that there are currently some PV projects do have quality problems. And these projects have passed their acceptance, then the problem is probably in on the acceptance criterion is not perfect. A PV industry veteran tells the author, standard construction is in charge of the photovoltaic industry is more complex, and many of the existing standards are copying traditional energy standard, some are not applicable to the current situation of the photovoltaic industry.

I went to Hebei, Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang, and other centralized PV province interview, photovoltaic power plant found in the exchanges with the industry appear the quality problem is not uncommon. This phenomenon occurred most rapidly after some investment firms are getting the project completed, but did not intend to hold, but was resold to other companies models, requirements of enterprises in the process of building standards are not high. Photovoltaic an important significance lies in 25-30 years of sustained and stable provision of cost-free clean energy, so this low standard in circumstances that are clearly contrary to the original intention of promoting the development of photovoltaic industry.

Power Yue Zhixian, head of energy and chemical company in South Xinjiang, Xinjiang branch told me that a 30,000-kilowatt PV power station takes approximately about 15 employees operate. 25-30 years of continuous operation, labor cost is not low. Therefore, many investors did not intend or do not have the conditions for long-term holders of photovoltaic power stations. While only intending to hold investments in photovoltaic power plant, will have high standards in the procurement and construction of inner motivation. “If you are building power plants without raising the standard, after running up could be in trouble. “Yue Zhixian told this reporter,” intending to hold power plant investors more, more favorable to industry. ”

Zheng Jiaming, an analyst of the photovoltaic industry told me that not all investors have a long-term operational conditions, in the context of the current national drive to develop photovoltaic, inevitably built flip, quick return on capital cases. In the current context of the need to eliminate excess PV capacity, current development of PV industry also has some advantages. Therefore, whether because of long term and have a high standard of internal or, or short-term holdings dropped gloves mode or high standard construction requirements for photovoltaic industry is necessary, can be said to authorities the shot just in time.

Photovoltaic power plant to achieve standardization of financial properties required endorsement

Sustainable development without the financial support of the photovoltaic industry has become the consensus of the industry. Europe, America, Japan PV market has validated the PV financial attributes vital significance for industry development. In this regard, the Energy Department and companies in the industry are clearly understood. October 9 issued by the National Energy Board the National Energy Board on further strengthening the construction of PV plants in operation and management work of clearly encouraging banks, insurance companies, investment banks and other financial institutions, combined with characteristics of PV and financing needs for PV power plant to provide preferential loans to implement project selling electricity charging right pledge loan mechanism. Several months earlier, the National Energy Board has made a similar proposal on financial institutions. But so far, feedback was not positive for financial institutions, the reason is more complex, of course, but in China during the construction of photovoltaic power plant standards approved by the lack of capital is one of the causes.

Shanghai electric power Japan, President of Diao Xu said in an interview with the financial times, Japan PV market investment is very complex, in addition to traditional energy businesses, there are various financial subjects from around the world, many of which are not related to PV. But Japan PV and strictly open standards in the construction process, any power station should be strictly observed, and thus guarantee a PV within 25-30 years of steady gains. Therefore, States interested in financial capital of Japan PV securitization, and long term. This has significance for China PV industry development.

Although China’s photovoltaic power plant construction process is quite extensive, domestic financial institutions in financing photovoltaic projects, not much. Zheng Jiaming told the author, financial institutions were even involved in the PV project finance, value often is not PV power per se, but how the investment risk of the investment itself. In PV at present risks not under full control, too many financial institutions are reluctant to be involved.

Therefore, the notice requesting the establishment of relevant standards and the public, and through a tender and strict inspection and acceptance, and on October 9 issued by the National Energy Board on further strengthening the construction of PV plants in operation and management work of “project unit for equipment procurement bids should be explicitly requested using certified and meets the national stipulation target product. “” PV station engineering design and units should strictly Executive national standard (containing industry standard) and engineering specification, completed acceptance report is project included national can renewable energy development fund subsidies directory of premise conditions “, requirements or will for PV station continued stable power endorsement, this will for financial institutions support PV station financing produced good role, even gradually will attract global capital participation PV industry development, for China of atmospheric environment improved made contribution.

Original title: Standardization is a photovoltaic power station financial property sustainable development premise

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