State Department counselor, former Vice Minister of Ministry of science and technology LIU Yanhua: grid companies hinder the development of distributed energy resources

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014 energy saving industry Summit Forum of China industrial energy efficiency and cleaner production association’s annual Conference held in Beijing on November 27-29th. State Department counselor, former Vice Minister of Ministry of science and technology LIU Yanhua said, the biggest obstacle to realization of ecological civilization is the energy structure is not resolved, the basic way to solve the energy problem is the development of renewable energy, distributed architecture is the fundamental approach to development of renewable energy services and connections. Its recommendations, first, to develop green energy technology. Second is to encourage renewable energy production and energy policy. Third, reform and restructuring of the electric power sector and the energy-trimming function and location. The fourth national road map for long-term development of distributed energy, reshaping China’s energy.

For distributed energy structure of the resistance problem, Liu said, the first obstacles to renewable energy Internet, because China’s power system is controlled by power companies, distributed energy sources, especially wind power, is unstable and prone to power fluctuations, so power companies don’t like that. The second policy barriers, the monopoly-related, traditional power systems is a top down system, distributed energy comes from the bottom up management models, change its management, so some management departments are not satisfied.

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LIU Yanhua: leaders, ladies and gentlemen, today I’m going to report, entitled green development and innovation. We all know 18 clear Chinese ecological civilization construction, ecological civilization has three important symbol, one is green, the second cycle, the third is low carbon. Green is the direction, cycling is the process that is low-carbon is the basic index. Therefore, on such issues, I have some observations.

Going to talk about four, one is challenged, is a major trend, and the third is on the way out, and concludes with some recommendations for your consideration.

18 since the many directions for green development, such an orientation, for example an ecological civilization, optimize the preparation of land and resources in particular resource conservation, ecological systems, and so on. Special mention of market preparation resources, and natural environment the amount of space and energy consumption control, which are the basic directions. For China to solve the ecological damage, environmental pollution, resource shortages has been put on the agenda, the city can no longer continue, climate change is our responsibility, so that address these issues related to national security, but also our economic capacity, as well as environmental sustainability, to solve these problems, heart and energy terms.

We must push for a green, circular, low-carbon development. This is a picture, it is the night view, incomplete actually came out. This is a picture in 2007, another is 2030 forecast charts, comparison of these two pictures can be seen on the world’s energy increased substantially, but to consider where energy comes from and we continue to use traditional energy will cause more pollution and destruction of resources, so it is considered to have a new way of the world.

For China, this is the first issue, green power led green development. This image, and the following comment illustrates a problem, China relies on more energy in the process of economic development, energy underpins economic development. But this support cannot be maintained, because the amount of energy China uses too much.

According to statistics, China from coal powers into has coal imports country, 2012 imports 270 million tons, 2013 imports has 350 million tons, future also is more, addition I to everyone said a digital, China 2013 oil of imports external rely on degrees reached has 59%, gas of external rely on degrees is 30%, is expected to to 2020 of when, China oil of external rely on degrees will reached 70%, gas reached has 50%, that is we energy needs relies on foreign imports, It can keep the country safe, again one of these energy sources is not fully able to meet our energy needs? This is a question, which is energy security.

Then when it comes to the weather, we hope sky exists, but we want economic development to solve people’s lives to their livelihood problems, this is the next thing to do, how to do it, to energy conservation and environmental protection to address a range of issues.

Air pollution, people may be concerned about health problems, according to the results of such research of medicine, PM2.5 has caused has on human of serious hurt, it can sank in bronchial Shang, sank in alveolar Shang, makes people of development by effects, especially infant of effects is big, according to research a baby just was born of when has more than 3,000 multiple alveolar, growth process in the alveolar is constantly breeding, last adult is 300 million a alveolar, a children in this environment Xia grew up has, many of alveolar stop breeding, this kid grew up has on has may is lung function not full, this is on infant of effects. Another is caused in addition to lung cancer, this chronic blocking pulmonary diseases caused by air pollution is very high, a lot of people get sick because of pollution caused by, in addition to PM2.5 have 1.1, 1.4, can penetrate the human’s blood-air barrier, changing many of the physiological functions, resulting in mutations, so air pollution must harness, this is taken into account.

Why problems in such a large area of China’s air pollution, according to the project’s research, China’s coal use per square kilometer, this refers to Eastern China, he is 12 times the world average level of Chinese car density per square kilometer than United States, we are mainly concentrated in the East of China. These figures point to a problem, we have economic development depends on the density of energy use to support, a phenomenon caused by the haze is not difficult to understand, this phenomenon cannot continue, we cannot get money in life, after the old, and then use the money to buy life, which is not a good deal.

Minister of the Honourable Eric LI has devoted a, is the cost of resource and environment, Tsinghua University has a study that is using a social cost is 160 tons of coal. Say, health factors and, after it, the cost is much higher. So the use of traditional energy comes at a price, the future in our GDP accounting, in the entire process of production and use must be added to the cost.

Like not achieved energy emission reduction, we of economic on cannot dimension meter, many enterprise also will appeared collapsed, party of 18 big report proposed ecological civilization, energy emission reduction don’t just as is science problem also don’t just considered economic problem, while is political problem, relates to generations of long-term problem, currently China is for structure adjustment, we appeared this disease and that disease, all of disease combines in together, again abstract about, core is what, China of energy disease. Energy resolved, many of China’s problems, they will all disappear. This is about the first issue.

Then turned to second a problem Shang for, this is third times industrial revolution to energy field all penetration, we knows third times industrial revolution is to we quietly go to, it is a silent of competition, also indicates with all national transformation, this Zhang figure is select of is first times industrial revolution is to steam engine and coal of using for standard, second times industrial revolution is electrified and using gas for logo, second times industrial revolution to people brings has many of wealth, but also caused has environment damage, air pollution, ecological degradation, This mode cannot be maintained, and worldwide are undergoing transformation, green development as the core of the transformation. For the third industrial revolution we have studied, the core is formed three industry groups around the world, there is the whole production structure and way of life will change, is the transformation of into distributed, green industries, cloud clusters and 3D manufacturing, these three represent a basic trend.

For model is distributed, to change the traditional monopoly, from the bottom of a mode of production and way of life, to turn bottom up way, which distributed the main transformation is based on the construction of new energy.

For new energy, third industrial revolution made it clear five pillars of green energy, the five pillars include the shift from fossil to renewable sources of energy. Since it is said that renewable energies, it is according to different areas of a distributed collection of. Then it must have a collection and collection system. Also, it has to have a new energy infrastructure, which led to the smart grid, the new network, including micro-grid and local area network, while new energy has led to new vehicles. This is our understanding.

For third times industrial revolution for, we should realized that it has to we go to has, it is not distant of things, according to many of scientists, or is social from all walks of life of discussion, General of awareness, third times industrial revolution to mature of time, from now is probably 20 years, this 20 years within if achieved transformation has may with Shang era of new pace, if also stays in now of status Xia, May 20 years zhihou far of was throwing in has behind, for China, we cannot lost opportunities has, Renaissance times, when China began to ban the sea. The industrial revolution when we decline of the Qing dynasty. 670 in the last century, when much of the developed world in the West, when the four little dragons in Asia engaged in scientific and technological innovation, we engage in cultural revolution. Opportunities missed, chances are we still going to miss the third industrial revolution, we have to wait, from 18 report clearly put forward the transformation of the party, we understand the transformation of China in the new period, we will not lag behind, so I have to seize the time, this time for about 20 years.

Second is characterized by transition is what is infrastructure. Comprehensive restructuring of infrastructure, since China’s reform and opening up 30 years, 30-40% depends on investments in infrastructure for economic growth. Infrastructure has to be changed.

Third production and consumption model transformation, turning flat and therefore must break the silo-type sealing effect, encouraging broad participation of the whole society.

Chairman Wang Xiaokang said a special energy-saving environmental protection enterprises and polluting enterprises, we are too weak and must be collaborative.

So the third industrial revolution, first energy revolution, the system to form a green, renewable energy content, as we all know, I will not say more. In addition to strengthening renewable energy technologies, in particular, to strengthen another question, that is, energy management, we are to a large extent what has no energy, we have to a large extent the energy waste is too large.

For example China in 2013, a 11.8% of GDP in the world, but the energy we use, the use of coal in the world of 50%, our emissions of carbon dioxide by more than 25%, which means that China’s energy efficiency compared with the world average, was less than half. So how low efficiency of energy use at this time, Ah, this is a problem.

Energy services is a major problem, with energy efficient management, management can benefit. But there is no effective management, there is no amount of energy is wasted. Like a wind turbine, wind, machinery and equipment of our energy use old-fashioned, energy consumption is very high, this is the elimination series. So the State has started a layout for energy management and strategic planning services, the industrial chain, to break through the key technologies, but also to some markets, financial support, this is a basic direction.

For China’s energy, the way out only two. One is an open source, another is the throttle. Only these two go hand in hand in order to really solve the problem.

For distributed energy resources, and distributed renewable energy development, developed countries have come to what degree is it? We will probably have a basic review. Here we summarize a number of countries, such as Denmark, Denmark since 1990 to encourage distributed energy, Denmark currently distributed energy accounted for Denmark’s total energy demand of 61%, go ahead. Like the Netherlands in this country is small, the use of distributed energy resources totaled 50%, and Netherlands authorities the burden of 40% of carbon dioxide emissions is achieved by the distributed energy. Like Japan in Fukushima after pushing the efficiency of distributed energy quickly, he is promoting the legal protection of distributed energy development in recent years has developed rapidly, we should pay close attention to the development of his speed.

Another talk about the United States, United States with shale gas, renewables are a little more ignored, this is the impression of us, we and the United States exchange and analysis, United States did not relax. United States proposed a new energy plan, the proportion of renewable energy put forward an ambitious plan, the plan does not lower than China.

In addition, we also see, United States in a number of key areas, promotion of distributed energy resources on at least one point, United States 600 military bases, distributed energy for power supply, meaning that the urgent cases, United States military bases do not rely on outside power supply is able to meet operational needs. Through the construction of distributed energy resources through the conversion, will also have a quick development in the future.

For China, distributed energy resources, China is in its infancy, with the pilot, but it is still not mature enough. XI Jinping, especially the General Secretary and President Barack Obama signed the agreement on our future energy-saving emission reduction targets, determine the direction of a basic, I think distributed energy to quickly grow in China.

For distributed energy resources, and can be used in many areas. Such as transportation, construction, agriculture, urbanization or a modern building can be used for construction, and he should be pushing a good carrier of distributed energy. According to EU calculations, 40% of the world’s installed solar panels on the roof, you can meet all of the world’s energy needs, which means that distributed energy carriers, the question is how to develop. Technology such as photovoltaic cells, and develop fast, previously from poly to a monomer, and then to thin film solar cell, energy conversion rate is now increasing, in addition to using solar energy can also use wind, ground source heat pumps a lot of energy, and together building as a carrier of energy is that energy collector. Future tenants in addition to House energy producers and consumers. A household to seek out electricity, buildings forming a micro-grid, several buildings form a local area network in the community. Changed the structure of energy supply as a whole. Current energy supply system is power generation, long-distance transmission, high voltage, extra high voltage long distance transmission, transmission results are transmitted, the deployment of good management, but prone to accidents. United States appear larger blackouts, Union major blackouts, which is unstable. In 2008, icy snow calamity occurred in southern China, a snowstorm caused a dozen airports in the affected areas were closed, and a full range of power outages, so unstable, insecure.

Distributed energy sources, one of which is an energy source, and another more secure. This is for buildings.

Same is true for traffic, mainly by electricity and light fuel for transport vehicles will become more and more popular in the future.

The State Council recently made a strategic energy planning, it was November 20, a few days later, he proposed four strategies presented conservation priority, based on domestic, green and low carbon innovation-driven. This is four directions put forward five major strategies, we see these five strategies there was in large part through energy conservation and emissions reduction, energy saving and environmental protection measures to achieve.

For renewable energy, there is a latest statistics, statistical results is the world’s renewable energy capacity was 1.56 billion kilowatts, and fast development in recent years. For China, by the end of September this year, China’s total installed capacity of renewable energy 400 million-kilowatt, the whole world is 15, 4 in China, so China’s renewable energy production capacity is not weak.

And we have also developed quickly, we have the potential, the key is the next step on how to do, to do a first look at what are the resistance in the development of distributed energy.

First resistance renewable energy Internet access is difficult, because China’s Power Corporation is entitled to the entire electric power system control. Distributed energy sources, especially wind power, is unstable and prone to power fluctuations, so that power companies do not like. So we in China last year, and there is plenty of wind in the wind up from the year before, this is renewable energy access is difficult.

Second is the policy barriers and policy barriers and monopolies are associated, our traditional electric power system is the system from top to bottom, bottom up management model for decentralized energy, change its management, so there are some management departments are not too happy about it.

Third, absent energy services, since it is aimed at the needs of families for decentralized energy, aimed at giving it the appropriate service. But there is no system of energy services, although some energy contract management, there are many foreign companies in operation, but it is not comprehensive. The range of energy services, far exceeds, or mean far more than energy contract management of the content. Lots of services, we are now basically in place. That is there is a demand in the community, but no supply. Mostly failing to provide services, which is the major flaws.

And then you go on to the fourth question, based on our energy-saving environmental protection, green development, distributed energy resources we have several points to consider, these several points to consider the necessity to change China’s energy structure, it is necessary to change China’s energy mode of operation, we have to change the status and role of China in international competition.

Therefore, we propose, first, to develop green energy technology. This is a technical level in order to promote new energy services, as well as green energy business models to change, with new teams. One is a weak, weak is another staff, fewer people. We are professional talents were relatively small, another is to change some of the traditional mechanisms. For advice, I understand that the first thing to do is to modify the electric power law. To develop distributed energy, into electricity law go. Through legal means to change our conventional patterns of energy management from the bottom up.

Second to encourage the production of renewable energy and energy policy. Now, although there are some policies, these policies are put in place is very difficult. And policies are just a few of the, so to form a system policy can promote.

Third, reform and restructuring of the electric power sector and the energy-trimming function and position, because they are big, they are to play a leading role, function and location should change.

There is also a national road map for long-term development of distributed energy, proposed reshaping China’s energy. Dai Yan, Director of the German and the United States has a collaborative, United States expert proposed a remodeling energy. United States is now Germany accepted, are implemented through energy construction, so he passed through energy conservation and environmental protection must also be considered, through the Green transformation of the development of green, Green Remodeling new century.

I understand to achieve the biggest obstacle to ecological civilization, is the energy structure is not resolved. Has for the future development of the third industrial revolution, the ultimate way to solve the energy problem is the development of renewable energy, distributed architecture is the fundamental approach to development of renewable energy services and connections, and finally a consumer revolution and China’s energy revolution, the revolution and the revolution of institutional mechanisms it was acquiring General Secretary recently proposed a basic direction is imperative. The basic measure of the landing of China’s energy revolution is our subject of today’s meeting, energy saving and environmental protection, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction.

This concludes my report, thanks.

Original title: LIU Yanhua: grid companies hinder the development of distributed energy resources

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