SunPower and the 2015 target for new capacity expansion are still conservative

Polaris solar PV net news: analysis of its financial results before the day, mainstream suppliers of photovoltaic energy SunPower has been released ahead of the 2015 financial goals, also announced that its highly anticipated the next wave of manufacturing capacity expansion.

Several financial analysts in activities mentioned earlier, for all the key indicators of the target, except perhaps gross profit margins, are considered to be below analysts ‘ expectations, including announced expansion of capacity.

Capacity expansion

SunPower said it will continue to promote the Fab5 of construction, the plant was first considered back in early February 2014. Although the plant will be the location of the next-generation technology, and in the field, there is no efficient SunPower’s main rival, announced in the level of any new proposals, but originally aimed only at rated capacity of 800MW. Fab5 in the integrated factory manufacturing batteries and components. Fab5 position was initially announced in front of the analyst’s activities.

Fab5 silicon production for the first time until 2017.

Perhaps the key to the expansion is SunPower low concentrated photovoltaic (LCPV) solar cell technology and systems more than 1GW of capacity increases. In a unique concentrating photovoltaic system using their existing solar cell technology, which has been gaining traction for photovoltaic projects in China.

However, SunPower reiterated in its analyst activity, its LCPV technology can use its solar cell production capacity, noting that services about 1GW annual demand of 100MW production line.

All in all, is said to be 2015 capital expenditure of US $ 300 million to 350 million, 2014 plan of 150 million to $ 170 million increase.

The 2015 targets

SunPower is expected in 2015, non-GAAP revenue of us $ 2.4 billion to 2.6 billion, gross profit margin was between 21% and 23%. The company recently predicted that 2014 non-GAAP revenue of us $ 2.535 billion to 2.585 billion, gross profit margin was between 20% and 21%.

Expected shipments of 1.3GW to 1.4GW, and last year of 2014 target for 1.26GW to 1.3GW.

Power stations and the housing market is still the key to 2015, shipments and revenue was flat.

Original title: SunPower and the 2015 target for new capacity expansion are still conservative

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