The first three quarters of grid-connected PV grid-connected low four-quarter Sprint

Polaris solar PV net news: on November 20, the National Energy Board (hereinafter the “Department of energy”), a set of recent figures surprised the market.

“Third quarter of 2014 years ago, the national new PV on-grid capacity 3.79G w. “The Department of energy is released.

If we are to achieve the annual 13G GW installed capacity of expectations, the last 1.5 months of the year, power station installed capacity will rapidly increase, companies will try for grid-connected.

Grid is much lower than in the third quarter before the expected

Department of energy data showed, 2014 in the first three quarters of 3.79G w, new domestic PV (ground) on line capacity 2.45G w, new distributed grid-connected PV capacity 1.34G w; when national photovoltaic power generation is about 18 billion-kilowatt, equivalent to 200% 2013 annual generating capacity.

These data allow the trade to some surprises. One securities analyst, told reporters he had predicted the first three quarters is around 5.5G Watts, didn’t expect to be so was lower than expected. When assessed in accordance with a previous target of 13G Watts, last quarter’s data is surprisingly large.

In fact, for PV installations of goals this year, there are three versions: 10G, 13G tiles, and to 14G w.

On January 25 this year, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, in its official website on release was hanging out on 2014 annual notification of new construction of photovoltaic (hereinafter the “33rd”) related content. 33rd article specifically says new PV record total for 2014 is 14G Watts, which distributed 8G (60%) and PV (ground) power 6G Watts.

Since then, another State Energy Office for 2014 energy issued guidance in notice also mentioned that “steadily carry out hydropower, wind power and solar power and other renewable energy development, which in 2014 to new PV 10 million-kilowatt (distributed 60%)”. 10 million-kilowatt (“10G”) of the target, and in a separate document to be released before “14G” goal difference.

However, by August 4, the national energy administration Wu xinxiong said again, striving for photovoltaic grid-connected capacity throughout the year 13G Watt. He also said that in some areas such as Hebei, Qinghai, and photovoltaic index can be increased, and some indicators are distributed PV target of limiting the areas appropriate.

NPDSolarbuzz Lian Rui, senior analyst, told reporters that “since then, the country basically by Secretary Nicholas Ng said to judge this year’s total installed capacity. “Usually in PV installed capacity is complete, Enterprise testing up to 240 hours, basic grid-connected PV power station. The grid late this year, with some provinces and “flagging” the issue promptly, “3.79G WA data seem to be some of the first three quarters of the low is a normal phenomenon, but the data should be close to the actual situation. “Lian Rui said.

Four-quarter Sprint network

The first finance journal also found that the first half of this year, the Department of energy reported on-grid PV capacity is 3.3G WA, comparing the first three quarters of 3.79G tiles, in July-September, only 0.49G GW of installed capacity, which made people think the unthinkable. According to lore, third quarter should be around the basic floor, installation of grid-connected PV policy gradually climbing stages, was abnormally low for the second quarter.

One industry source told reporters that this may be due to the first half of the (3.3G w) data, it’s not particularly accurate, have been at the end of the third quarter this year was downgraded by Department of energy. “An indirect evidence that in some provinces in the first half of the data was higher than in the first three quarters also. “This reporter observed, including Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang and other places, the data has exceptions. In figures released by the Department of energy has in the first half, Shanxi grid actually had reached 180 MW, but in the first three quarters was reduced to 120 megawatts; in Inner Mongolia, three previous installations also differs markedly in the first half, 220 MW and 60 MW, respectively; in both time periods, in Xinjiang, 48 MW installed capacity of 90 MW.

Although the first three quarters of the data 3.79G w, compared to the more conservative 10G w full year target, there is a big gap, but Lian Rui and many analysts agree, home 10G w 12G w the possibility is very strong and even impact. “Although distributed power plants may not be able to achieve it, but in the end, major ground station will emerge both grid-connected phenomena. ”

Grid-connected PV power station passion, from component supply situation is evident. Management of a domestic PV module manufacturers also told the newspaper that as the end of September or early October this year, first-line companies such as Trina solar, solar, JA Solar are almost at full capacity, such as pins, but works very hard to get two or three lines of small orders.

Is to in last stage, all enterprise to struggled to Sprint grid PV station, Qian said management layer analysis, has three big causes: first is station investment enterprise to do annual profit and loss table, so it in fourth quarter Shi to completed more of installed, is to when of earnings in; second, local government planning has station, and to has enterprise “flagging”, hopes Enterprise set fashion finished; third, Qian several quarter, line component factory willing to to overseas shipments, rather to do abroad of high single, unwilling to do China of low price single, Some projects even in the first half of this year, thus needs to supply the first three quarters, may not get your order.

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