The first three quarters of the State grid Corporation of new grid-connected PV 3.2 million-kilowatt

Polaris solar PV net news: on November 20, the National Energy Board release “third quarter of 2014 years ago photovoltaic power profile”. Data shows that within the first three quarters of the State power grid company new PV 3.2 million-kilowatt, PV 2.05 million-kilowatt, distributed PV 1.15 million-kilowatt.

It is reported that third quarter of 2014 years ago, national new PV on-grid capacity 3.79 million-kilowatt, among them, the new grid-connected PV capacity 2.45 million-kilowatt, distributed grid-connected PV capacity 1.34 million-kilowatt new national when PV power generation capacity of about 18 billion-kilowatt, equivalent to 2013 as a whole 200% of PV. From the perspective of today, Gansu, Qinghai, and Xinjiang cumulative grid-connected PV capacity up, respectively, and 4.66 million-kilowatt and 3.13 million-kilowatt; cumulative grid-connected distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong-capacity up to, respectively, and 700,000-kilowatt and 440,000-kilowatt.

From the first three quarters of this year, nationwide on-grid photovoltaic power generation situation, new grid-connected photovoltaic capacity of Jiangsu 680,000-kilowatt, ranks first in the country. To further standardize PV services, Jiangsu provincial power company unveiled a State grid, distributed PV photovoltaic power plant dispatching management provisions Access project management methods, distributed PV electricity billing management methods, improving the related workflow, improve the service around the detailed rules for the implementation of distributed PV. “The advantage with the new deal stimulated the development of small distributed PV. “National network of Jiangsu electric power officials said, under the influence of good policy, Jiangsu, distributed generation PV ushered in the development of individuals.

Original title: the first three quarters of the State grid Corporation of new grid-connected PV 3.2 million-kilowatt

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