The world’s four major polysilicon giant reports third quarter overview

Polaris solar PV net news: the four biggest polysilicon makers recently reported, due to the photovoltaic industry and stable average selling prices and robust demand in 2014, strong third-quarter earnings.

Largest producer of GCL-poly energy (GCL-PolyEnergy) reported that operating income for the first nine months of 5711843171.88 Yuan (934.1 million dollars) compared with 3963206229.10 million in the same period last year (US $ 648.1 million) increase. Net profit of RMB 322093256.64, 2013 in the first nine months was 366675160.70 Yuan. In its quarterly earnings statement, the company did not disclose revenue.

GCL-poly earlier reported its solar business income of 11.888 billion HK dollars, and 55.5% increase from a year earlier, profit from 1.135 billion HK dollars. 2014 polysilicon sales to 1.275 billion HK dollars in the second quarter.

WACKER chemicals (WackerChemie) and sector reports, although third quarter of 2014, planned maintenance work in polysilicon facility, but sales of EUR 252.4 million for the quarter, 235.7 million euros in the last quarter.

It is important, WACKER reported earnings before interest and tax (EBITDA) to EUR 180.3 million, more than twice times in the last quarter (87.9 million euros), almost four times the figure for the same period last year (EUR 46.6 million). Third-quarter earnings before interest and tax margins increased to 71.4% from 32.2% in second quarter of 2014.

Key factors behind margin improvement is more reservations paid in advance of the supply agreement, as well as more customers to renegotiate supply contracts during the quarter, a total of 92.3 million euros in damages. Nine-month contract special revenue before 2014 more than 206 million euros, compared with 69.3 million euros in the same period last year.

The company also said it also benefited from polysilicon prices up sharply for the quarter.

WACKER CEO Rudolf ˙ shitaodige (RudolfStaudigl), said: “after the first nine months of the year, we meet the 2014 target is progressing well. In many sectors and regions, demand remains robust, and WACKER products for major, continued positive price signals, particularly for our silicon business. In addition, the introduction of measures to improve our cost structure has a significant effect, helps us to improve our competitiveness and profitability. ”

Nowak reiterated, it remained focused on timely completion of its United States Tennessee a new polysilicon plant construction. The company expects construction to be completed by mid-2015, starting in the second half of that year.

Hemlock Semiconductor has maintained sales momentum in the third quarter. Parent company Dow Corning (DowCorning) released the group earned 1.52 billion dollars in 2013, representing a 7% increase. Net income was $ 109 million, compared with $ 28 million for the same period last year.

Dow Corning Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of J.DonaldSheets, said: “through the Hemlock SemiconductorGroup, in 2014 our polysilicon sector continued its strong performance, long term contract customers continue to take shipments of semiconductor and solar grade silicon material. ”

In conclusion, Korea OCI reports third quarter of 2014 on sales of 520 billion won (US $ 492.3 million). Unchanged from the last quarter, but reported EBITDA increased up to 119 billion won (US $ 112.5 million), while last quarter’s 59 billion won. The company noted that the average selling price remained relatively stable, polysilicon production increase.

However, the OCI continued to prevent the poly capacity expansion, and actively carry out its polysilicon plant cost-cutting strategy. Is expected in 2015, eliminate bottlenecks projects completed in the third quarter only to 10,000MT (P3.9). OCI notes that over the past four years has achieved 23% cost-cutting, and plan to use the next four years to achieve further reductions in 39%.

Behind the mainstream producers of polysilicon, the third quarter financial results, the China Nonferrous metals industry association (CNMIA) data released by stressed that polysilicon September China imports record.

CNMIA report, polysilicon September imports 9942MT and 18.7% increase over last year. The month Korea imported 4046MT poly silicon.

However, the United States 6415MT polysilicon processing trade imports. Germany imported 2839MT.

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