Three photovoltaic power stations the unqualified high decay rates in the industry: a mess

Polaris solar PV net news: for some time, on the topic of quality in solar circles were repeatedly mentioned.

“Early communication stresses the quality was almost the only one, was very impressed. “GD solar PV, Chief Engineer Wu Xiexiang is talking about quality says,” now, more than half of the people talking about quality, this is what I see great progress. ”

After the news, said the PV performance measurement and quality assessment specifications (draft for soliciting opinions), launched in late September, to focus on PV performance ratios, provide the basis for future power plant deals and bank loans. However, the draft has yet to come.

Meng Xiangan China renewable energy society, realize PV quality assurance requires conscious builders as well as constraints of the market mechanism.

One-third existing power plants keep quality problems

According to the national energy Bureau’s latest statistics, by the end of September, national renewable energy power cumulative capacity exceeded 400 million-kilowatt, 404.37 million kW, accounting for over 30% electricity capacity. Among them, the PV capacity 4 million-kilowatt, cumulative installed capacity exceeds 20 million-kilowatt.

Towards the end, the figure or climbed. A PV stakeholders of listed companies admitted that “shipments of the first three quarters of 1.5GW, monthly shipments in the fourth quarter more than 1GW. “Thus, seen in the final quarter of this year the PV starts.

According to Kam Heng Certification Center, 425-solar power station, 30% complete 3 years of the plants to varying degrees had a problem; because of quality issues, some completed 3 years of power plant equipment attenuation rate as high as 68%. If components Attenuation over a year 5%, at this rate, this power station will be scrapped after 5 years.

National climate strategies research and Li junfeng, Director of the Center for international cooperation at the Forum, said, “there are batteries that are part of the original 25 attenuation, is now 3 years have attenuation attenuation of 25 years should, even when attenuation over 30%. ”

Li junfeng, believes that if this is the PV, amorphous silicon solar cell, quality, standard production strictly in accordance with the provisions of, definitely not a situation of effective attenuation of 30% a year. This “is not a quality issue, but economic crimes, even criminal.”

Another recently visited the ground station for the PV industry insiders told reporters, “sees a double glass component power project, glass cracking and grating corrosion. “And with” a complete mess “to describe the quality of their station.

It is understood that the component composition of solar power is the most important equipment, plant quality, capacity, profitability, value and satisfaction. It main by Sun battery, and package material, and back Board, and glass, and border, and wiring box, composition, these material are on component performance, and quality produced effects, battery tablets is core, outside of package material are is to protection it, which a key of protection material is in most outer of back Board, once back board failure, inside of package material, and battery tablets on like lost corresponding asylum.

Jinkosolar global brand spokesman Qian Jing said in an interview with reporters, “photovoltaic power stations should have the overall power of the good quality, all influencing factors into consideration so that the power plant to achieve the best quality, good equipment, construction and maintenance of professional and practical experience are indispensable. ”

Corporate calls to raise barriers to entry

In February this year and CNCA jointly issued the Declaration on the strengthening of national energy PV product testing and certification tasks views, requirements for PV product quality, mandatory testing and certification in the country. “But that’s only at the product level, power quality, especially for long-term reliability and capacity to ensure that no clear criteria and barriers to entry. “Qian Jing said.

As disclosed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of electrical engineering of PV quality inspection center of Zou Xinjing, grid-connected PV power station performance test and evaluation of the specification (draft for comment) has been completed and has now declared the CNCA’s technical specifications, Qinghai local standards and the national standards will apply in the future.

“Now photovoltaic power plant size and the number is increasing, and power plant backed by scientific research and demonstration, as well as the Government national power gradually transforming to commercial power plants. “Zou Xinjing said such conversion requires a complete and reliable utility as a basis for assessment of the quality and support. Like the PV’s assessment was based on equity finance, financial analysis, property transactions, insurance and so on, very complete power quality assessment is therefore required, including efficiency analysis, capacity forecasts, analysis of energy consumption and so on.

Now, the “PV story time has passed, generating capacity is most important. For a power plant, an investment business, more interested in generating capacity. “In the view of Li junfeng,” Judging from the existing manufacturing standards, a power efficiency of the panels should not be mixed, as is silicon conversion rate can reach 18%, while others are 16%. Also supply a plant cell conversion rate should be the same, not a power station has seven or eight things, Board still is not the same. “

“Although the industry has developed many standards, but at the end of power plant is built, how to evaluate the plant quality, now there is no one perfect standards. “Zou Xinjing admits.

Meng Xiangan said the “photovoltaic power plant must have the quality certification system, in the light of international management system at the same time, determined in accordance with the actual situation in China. PV standards, product certification, supervision, operation and maintenance as a systems engineering, appropriate institutions and personnel are required to implement the policies, therefore, States need to strengthen the work in this regard. ”

In the eyes of Qian Jing, bad money drives good money each will let the fledgling industry to hit large-scale capital also lost in the PV market. So for the power station, “we have also called for industry-standards and entry, building a quality power, protect the interests of utility investors, protect the enthusiasm of grid power to guarantee an orderly development of the industry. ”

Original title: 30% PV unqualified high decay rates in the industry: a mess

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