United States Department of energy loan program recovery from recession

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of energy’s loan guarantee program, its failed enterprises, as Solyndra’s losses, earning more from interest payments.

The Department figures released this week showed, to its close to 810 million dollars received so far, more than 780 million dollars in losses due to the company when it is receiving more than $ 5 billion in profits.

Losses accounted for more than $ 35 billion in loans to low-carbon 2.3%.

Solyndra recently become the Foundation criticized the Government for investing in clean technology companies, but figures released by the Department of energy to make these arguments more and more unstable.

Subsidized FirstSolar 290MWAguaCaliente for the construction of the project, which also supports the 250MWNextEraEnergy project GenesisSolar. Genesis will use parabolic trough concentrating solar thermal technology and the Ivanpah concentrating solar thermal Tower plant.

The plan’s most famous investment was Elon ˙ musk (ElonMusk) TeslaMotors electric car manufacturer.

Tesla in 2013 ahead nine years to repay their loans.

Original title: Energy Department loan program recover from recession

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