Volvo folding solar charger umbrellas bloom in Guangzhou was named time magazine’s best inventions (map)

Polaris solar PV net news: first year of 2014 the industry was known as new energy vehicles in China. Whether Government at the policy level, promoting, or the automobile industry in the areas of new energy vehicles with, let people see the dream of sustainable transportation are step by step approaching reality. However, studies have shown that, the charging infrastructure is the bottleneck restricting the development of new energy vehicles. Consumers choose to purchase new energy vehicles at the decision-making process is most concerned with ease of charging problem. At the Guangzhou auto show this year, Volvo cars will show its charging new ideas for the future, around S60L Volvo plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, is a highly visual impact, with an aura of magic umbrella is to charge the vehicle. This is the very first Volvo cars as the Chinese consumer foldable solar charger (SolarPavilion), and it appeared the perfect outline of Volvo in its “20,200 deaths, zero-emission” green sustainable mobility blueprints of the vision.

Volvo folding solar charger S60L umbrella and Volvo plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

The invention of the future-oriented

This solar umbrella-umbrella-shaped appearance of the overall technology fully, breaking the conventional panels single square design and styling with great visual impact, and adhering to the concept of sustainable development to achieve industrial molding. It uses a flexible photovoltaic film and a collapsible design, and equipped with a lightweight carbon fiber tube, collected through the fibrous embedded photovoltaic panels can be a lot of outdoor lighting for vehicle charging.

This solar umbrella is 2013 Volvo “switch to clean energy” of Hood design contest winners, United States the times named the 2013 one of the 25 best inventions. In the past year, foldable solar charger wherever, that evoke strong reactions. In support of the Volvo cars from United States Los Angeles Chinese designer SynthesisDesign+Architecture AlvinHuang and his team, working together to realize this incredible creativity.

Market Vice President, sold Volvo cars China SvenDesmet said: “foldable solar charger umbrella stand out from over more than 150 entries from around the world. Its modern design is full of surprises, and the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection and clean design, high tech applications, pay attention to the perfect combination of functionality, safety, and quality, and Volvo car concepts complement each other. ”

Folding arts

Foldable solar charger unveiled in China for the first time break through the tradition of the original car-charging, forward-looking technology, aesthetics, functionality, top materials and practical set of innovative ideas all rolled into one. Solar charge umbrellas inspired by orchids styling, styling the entire body is transparent, simple and elegant, and fully modern, solar umbrella dance unfolds like a butterfly in the Sun. By digital mesh fabric designed to support Rod bent into a continuous stretch of curved surface form, collapsible and easy to carry.

Ingenious ideas move lies in its flexibility. Rechargeable umbrella tents that can be folded into a small bag, can be placed in the trunk of the vehicle. Only 45 minutes to assemble it into a 36-square solar gazebo, 3 m high, not only for charging electric vehicles, but also to cool down the vehicle to avoid exposure, has many purposes.

Designer AlvinHuang said: “solar charging break the traditional thinking, namely: charging facilities for electric vehicles do not need to search for, and charging system can be equipped vehicle. We believe that design and manufacture of portable, easy to use product is the key to achieving sustainable transport in future Green, which we coincide with Volvo’s new energy vehicles. ”

Even more incredible is that the umbrellas look continuous, smooth the surface, do not see any hint of assembling. Alvin also referred to it as a work of art, for both technological and practical beauty brings the most intuitive experience of green living.

From United States AlvinHuang Chinese designers to introduce Volvo foldable solar charger

Green innovation leader

Volvo is the first presented to the United Nations environmental protection concept car maker, is also a global leader in luxury new-energy cars. Volvo says plug-in hybrid electric technology is most suitable for market and consumer demand for new energy solutions, plug-in hybrid electric technology and market ahead of other rivals. In Europe in 2013, V60 diesel version to market plug-in electric hybrid vehicles, gained extremely high use of evaluation, nearly 10,000 units sold. Earlier this year, energy-saving and new energy vehicles in 2014 on the exhibition industry development plan results, Volvo trumpeted S60L petrol version of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles by 2015 in factory production and put on the market in the first half. In addition, Volvo, a brand new SPA (extensible platform architecture) platform ready for the compatible electrification from the very beginning, the future will have more Volvo models with plug-in hybrid electric technology. Today, Volvo exhibited the most clean solar rechargeable umbrella as representative of the new charging method, reflecting its “20,200 deaths, zero-emission” vision of persistence and tireless pursuit of the beauty of green transportation.

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