Wang Sicheng: China is a solar giant

Polaris solar PV net news: November 6th China (Wuxi) international renewable energy Congress and exhibition, Energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Wang Sicheng, a researcher said last year in the photovoltaic market in China has become the first in the world. Judging from the industry, China is a giant photovoltaic. But judging from the policy, photovoltaic power generation State policy is the most comprehensive. Wang Sicheng warned: in addition to national policies, developers are compelled to evaluate.

“From the last year China became the world’s largest market, 12.94GW this includes incorporation statutory, including off-grid electricity reached 13 GW. “Wang Sicheng pointed out that judging from the industry, China is a giant photovoltaic, yield starting from 2007 is the first from the PV module production in China last year, China has accounted for nearly 64%, together with Taiwan may be higher. From a cost perspective, international photovoltaic cells are able to quickly drop seven years declined by more than 85%, which is China’s contribution to the enterprise.

From a policy point of view, photovoltaic power generation State policy is the most comprehensive, grids, electricity prices, including planning, management, and so on a series of tax policy almost without a floor drain covers. Now the most important thing is electricity price policies and subsidies distributed generation.

Wang Sicheng also revealed that earlier national energy Board planned developments 8 GW this year distributed generation and 6 GW of PV power plants. But under the existing policy, introduced at the beginning of this goal was difficult, until now could total PV installed capacity less than 2 GW. But as photovoltaic power plant lines extended, estimates total installed capacity at the end of almost 10 GW, GW distributed PV up to 4 of them is still possible.

Now distributed has now released, such as PV photovoltaic, PV the vegetable garden and the greenhouses with ponds. Many developers at photovoltaic greenhouses PV, fish ponds, so that one can do dozens of MW, you can also enjoy the benchmark price. “But it is important to note, don’t make a mess. Don’t disguise the use of farmland, affected agricultural income. “Wang Si warns that developers not only requires the State to give the policy, we also have to evaluate, the total installed capacity of spontaneous own demand, matching and autoregulation capacity is also very important, such as electricity consumption reached 80% over the year can be a better efficiency.

Original title: Wang Sicheng: China is a solar giant

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