Xinjiang, Jiangsu kuangda be established 600 solar subsidiaries

Arctic star solar PV network news: November 21, Jiangsu kuangda car fabric Group Corporation released bulletin said, company full funding subsidiary Jiangsu kuangda power investment limited holding of joint venture company Changzhou kuangda Sun energy limited for promoting enterprise development, played team advantage, integration area personnel and the market, resources, using owned funds 6 million yuan in Xinjiang area investment established has subsidiary, for company of station project construction, and management and the follow-up station of development, provides service.

Xinjiang kuangda Sun country letter energy development limited main PV technology of design, and development and maintenance, solar technology of design, and development and the maintenance, and enterprise, PV station of development, desert governance, wind electric and the PV power project investment development, and construction, PV component cleaning service; PV station project engineering Advisory and service; sales: solar material, solar, PV equipment, solar component, business.

Jiangsu kuangda said this investment is for the PV team played advantage, integrate local staff and marketing resources, and for the company’s power project construction, management and follow-up development of power station and to provide quality services, will help companies in the field of new energy development, to further enhance ability to companies in the development and operation of photovoltaic power stations.

Original title: Xinjiang, Jiangsu kuangda be established 600 solar subsidiaries

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