Yueqing city people’s Government on some opinions supporting distributed PV

Polaris solar PV net news: the town, neighborhood offices and units directly under the municipal government:

For improve distributed PV power scale, upgrade non-fossil energy accounted for once energy of share, construction low carbon city, according to Zhejiang Province Government Office on accelerated PV, new energy application and industry development of views (zhe political office sent (2009) 55th,), and Wenzhou City Government on support distributed PV power of several views (Wen Zheng sent (2013) 75th,) spirit, now on advance I city distributed PV power application proposed following views:

, Development goals and advancing principles

Adhere to the scientific development view as guidance, vigorously promote the use of distributed solar power projects and improve distributed PV generation application scale, until the end of 2016, the city’s total installed capacity of distributed PV projects strive to reach 40 MW. In process should adhere to the following principles:

(A) scientific layout. Determine the Yueqing economic development zone for the first unit, wangangqu and the city of Yueqing active participation of various industrial park, industrial area, distributed PV as an important measure for low carbon transformation to plan projects, focus on continuous development of distributed PV applications.

(B) the model first. In industrial parks, residential areas, shopping malls and public buildings in line with the condition of option 1 to 2 a distributed photovoltaic pilot unit, after the successful experience and comprehensive promotion.

(C) in an orderly fashion. With enterprises as the main body, by means of market, government guidance, promote the existing buildings and those under construction, in the building of distributed solar power projects. In accordance with the easy issues before the tough ones principles, science in an orderly fashion.

Second, construction models

(A) enterprises (people) model. Enterprises (people) to the municipal development and reform Bureau an application for distributed solar power projects, applying for adoption by enterprises (resident) or a trusted third party-building, on-grid electricity subsidies after the project is completed.

(B) energy management contract mode. By energy performance contracting company with willing build the enterprise (residents) negotiated an agreement, enterprises (people) enjoy agreement prices and other promotional offers, contract energy management company responsible for the construction of distributed solar power projects running, and enjoys Government electricity subsidy. Contract energy management company appointed after the payback period will be gratuitous transfer of property rights of the project company (residents).

(C) Government Organization for the harmonization of construction mode. Municipal departments in the new rural construction and transformation of rural houses gathered, village, old village redevelopment, affordable housing construction, standard factory construction, “sloping” and so on, to organize construction of distributed solar power projects, according to their completed and grid-connected electricity subsidies.

(D) rental roof construction mode. In coordination with the Park Administrative Committee or the Department in charge of the lead, the construction and operation of enterprises and the roof roof owners signed a tenancy agreement, focus on continuous construction of distributed PV facilities, construction and operation of electricity enterprises enjoying Government subsidies.

Third, policy support

(A) set up special funds to support distributed PV applications (hereinafter referred to as PV funds), support the city distributed in photovoltaic power generation project construction, mainly for the assessment of incentives and electricity subsidies.

(B) encourage Provincial Park Park above low carbon retrofit planning lists distributed PV power generation projects, focus on continuous development and construction. Park, low carbon technology planning requirements for subvention from the PV funds appropriately. New or expanded parks, distributed PV power generation projects must be integrated into development planning, scientific layout, construction.

(C) implementation of distributed solar power projects of enterprises, according to the enterprise’s annual carbon emissions, combined with social and ecological benefits, promote orderly power consumption level, transformation and upgrading of priority in processing applications for the necessary capacity increase of electricity demand. Strict application of the energy control systems, distributed photovoltaic electricity generated by the project can be deducted in its total annual energy consumption. Through the roof installation of distributed PV facilities rentals, according to their capacity to give the roof owner 0.05 Yuan per unit (tax) in subsidies since the date of power subsidies for five years in a row, Enterprise (inhabitants) since the model does not enjoy the support of the project.

(D) new buildings, roof over an area of 1000 square metres of industrial plants, residential areas, shopping malls and public buildings projects, except for special requirements, shall meet the construction requirements of distributed rooftop photovoltaic synchronous design, synchronous implementation, provision for PV power distribution room space as needed, and to integrate distributed PV facilities investment project budget. New buildings are under construction or completed work to reply, in line with the conditions of installation of distributed PV facilities to encourage repair and construction or creation of distributed PV facilities, the municipal development and reform Bureau revised project budget.

(E) existing government agencies (State enterprises), office buildings, schools, hospitals, sports facilities and other government-owned house, its roof installation of distributed PV facilities comply with conditions, in principle, to take the lead in building distributed rooftop PV projects. Encourages the exploration of existing public rental housing, low-rent housing, affordable housing, Villa (townhouse), a high-rise residential area construction of continuous promotion of distributed PV facilities.

(Vi) implementation of distributed PV electricity subsidies. PV enterprises registered in Yueqing, new in Yueqing city, domain of distributed solar power projects, according to the project after the completion of the actual power generation effect, in addition to the policy State, province and the subsidy, according to the annual energy output per kilowatt-hour to project construction and operation enterprises 0.3 Yuan (including tax) subsidies, from the date of power subsidies for five years in a row. Enterprises (people) since the construction project, is completed by the project owners to enjoy the subsidy. Enjoy “Golden Sun”, “building integrated photovoltaics” project investment grants projects, no more subsidies.

(G) the municipal power supply Bureau shall provide facilities for distributed solar power projects connected to the grid. Distributed power connected to the system by the project owners invest, caused by its public construction of power grids in part by investment in municipal power supply Bureau.

(H) the distributed solar power projects generating capacity may be totally spontaneous use of Internet, all for personal use or over Internet, selected by users, and users not enough power provided by the municipal power supply Bureau. Upper and lower net electricity separately billing, tariff implementation of relevant national policy. Distributed solar power projects deferred charges reserve capacity and Government funds and surcharges, charges, after price-sector clear charging policy according to the most current policy.

(IX) financial institutions should strengthen support for distributed solar power projects, distributed PV project formed by fixed assets can be taken against the financing, loan interest rate shall not be higher than the national rate, shall not be extra financing conditions.

(J) the simplification of distributed PV project approval procedures. Apart from the declared national and provincial-level distributed PV Application projects supported according to prescribed procedures for approval, a record distributed photovoltaic power generation project by the municipal development and reform Bureau, exempt from municipal level introduction of administrative fees.

Four, work requirements

(A) the importance of leadership. Given personnel changes and work needs, municipal government adjustment Yueqing PV power application work led group members, adjustment Hou by Lin Yijun generation Mayor any leader, Lee Eun-skillfully Executive Deputy Mayor, and Wu Yunfeng Deputy Mayor any deputy leader, city sent modified Council, and city by letter Council, and City Bureau, and City Bureau, and city live built Council, and City Health Council, and city country funding Office, and city organ Affairs Authority, and Yueqing economic zone CMC, and Yueqing wangangqu CMC, and Yueqing industrial park CMC and city power main head for members. Office of the leading group set up in the municipal development and reform Bureau, responsible for PV power generation policy development and coordination of various problems in the process of building.

(B) clearly define responsibilities. Local park, town of (Street) what we should do in the area of industrial plants, public buildings, and residential owners and ideological work, making full use of existing roof development of distributed PV generation system; municipal related functions in accordance with their respective functions to support and coordinate the work (Division of responsibilities are detailed in annex). Apply and get approval of the project by the municipal development and reform Bureau jointly organized and implemented in conjunction with related departments. PV funds arranged by the municipal finance and manpower to ensure that subsidies in place.

(C) strengthening supervision. Municipal leading group for photovoltaic applications based on distributed PV installed capacity task from promotion of the city does not regularly carry out inspection to ensure the achievement of objectives and tasks.

Yueqing city people’s Government

On May 26, 2014

Original title: Yueqing city people’s Government on some opinions supporting distributed PV

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