Zhongtian science and technology Managing Director Xue Chi: PV industry in creating green business environment

Polaris solar PV net news: recently, President Xue Chi Zhong Tian technology group at the tenth session of the China solar grade silicon and photovoltaic power generation made upon lecture at the workshop on photovoltaic industry is a new industry, we have to do the hard work for a long time to prepare, and actively create a PV industry green business environment, “China economic upgrades” make new contributions.

Xue Chi said zhongtian science and technology into the new energy industry since the nearly billion has been put into research and development funding, the company set up new energy Institute, is committed to a new direction of research in the field of energy, conducting joint research with relevant university institutes and personnel training has been to achieve substantive results. On industrial development, he raised three considerations:

Industrial policy: after mounting, the key operation is standardized and orderly, and manpower development. Recently, the photovoltaic industry continued introduction of the policy of national and local governments, no doubt the PV industry is a major plus, especially private enterprises, but also warm. But there are also some problems: some local governments didn’t read more on national policies, lack of planning, lack of positive guidance for enterprises, market regulation and weak lacked strategic vision for sustainable development of enterprises, profit-driven move, abandon their long-term development, ignoring the order and vicious competition. Industry healthy and orderly, it is the guarantee of enterprise’s sustainable development. Suggested that the Government should strengthen the company’s positive guidance, standardizing market order, implementing the policy of enterprises to be diligent, down-to-Earth and orderly development and rational competition.

Second, the PV industry’s sustainable development requires real innovation. China PV industry development for more than 10 years, the emergence of a number of leading-industry pioneer. PV industry overcapacity in the field, the vast majority of enterprises have a low technological content of products, enterprises ‘ technological innovation ability and so on, these are caused by insufficient investment in research and development enterprise. PV companies to occupy the high ground, must master the key technology is the key enterprise of independent innovation, zhongtian technology chosen to go “technical effects” differentiated road, building core competitiveness through technical innovation.

Transit advice: countries continue to strengthen planning and industrial policy guidance; the Government should develop policies to support management, and guide enterprises to innovate business should put real money into research and development to enhance the capability of independent innovation, promote transformation and upgrading of the product.

Third, the photovoltaic industry is healthy or not, need high quality management to safeguard. Through research, we found industry within exists many problem, such as: investment not specification, project missing full research, as long as has approval will rush horse; design not specification, personnel experience insufficient; no site exploration, design not considered site situation,; construction construction not specification, owners project development sold, EPC commercial large pad funding construction, big owners acquisition operations of mode makes project in implementation process in the General exists Rob duration, and pressure cost of phenomenon, construction quality cannot control; shipped dimension not specification, project built Hou ignored , Lack of maintenance and so forth; product quality and stability, critical lack of testing and certification of equipment and so on, these are power quality problems.

National quality project to implement “investigating system for life.” Xue Chi said we want strict enforcement of national provisions within the enterprise implementation of project quality of life investigation system, for each project to ensure quality in place, and follow, not immediate interests, staking, hasty rush to abandon the pursuit of quality. Hasty construction appears to be for the benefit of businesses, but ultimately backfired and will lose business in the long term. Zhongtian science and technology will adhere to the “brand King” principle, if an item is messed up good news never goes bad news travels fast, this will affect the brand image of the whole group. Shoddy, shoddy we are determined not to do silly things.

Original title: PV industry in creating green business environment

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