Jiaxing xiuzhou “five swords” to create “PV science and technology city in China”

Polaris solar PV net news: in December 2012, the PV industry in jiaxing, Zhejiang Provincial Government selected as the province’s five-in-one innovation pilot jiaxing xiuzhou approved construction of the PV-Tech Industrial Park. Since then, xiuzhou has forged a deep bond with PV industry. After two years of pushing, distributed in photovoltaic applications xiuzhou beginning, blazed a trail to application-driven industry, innovation and promote the development of new roads. Distributed PV in August this year, the National Energy Board on the spot, “mode of xiuzhou” attention and highly rated by the industry. Since then, 2014 is coming to an end in the past year, xiuzhou advancing distributed photovoltaic application the measures taken? What results have been achieved?

Calling out “report cards”

As of December 20, 2014, PV high-tech zone in the first batch of 61 MW project run smoothly, which more than 18 grid project, total 31.18 megawatts under construction 7, a total of 6.4803 megawatts, is about to start Project 2 total 1.88 MW, in pursuit of the incorporation 37.6 megawatts more than in late December.

Highlights of capture:

Highlights: flat solar glass group PV project

As a covers an area of 1000 MU, annual output of 70 million square meters of solar PV glass company flat be large can of xiuzhou district. This year, however, pressure is significantly lower compared with last year. “This year, even in the peak of summer, we are worried that the summer peak load problems, enterprises will make electricity even in the face of the situation, will not have much impact on production. “Flat solar glass company limited the relevant person in charge.

In June this year, flat built roof of grid-connected PV power station officially running. Flat solar power projects use company 3 workshop 123100 square meters of roofs, covered with 32800 precious PV modules, can produce 5000 per hour to 6,000-kilowatt, when the annual average generating capacity of about 8.3 million-kilowatt. As a representative of high energy-consuming industries, since June 27, grid-connected electricity generation from this year, flat solar glass company limited has been realised from distributed photovoltaic projects brings positive.

Phase II drill flat distributed PV projects ushered in the “expanding” opportunities, xiuzhou District Office PV demonstration application, according to the charge, Follett distributed PV II project and installed capacity of 1.8643 MW, grid-connected will be completed by the end of this month, the second phase project connected to, Follett distributed PV power generation projects total installed capacity up to 10.228 MW.

Grid-connected to spontaneous use, users connected to the grid, “projects, reduces the part purchase of electricity from the grid, capital expenditures, while able to enjoy government subsidies, reduced capital investment cycles, obvious economic benefits. Meanwhile, when project average annual generation of 10 million-kilowatt, annual fold 3200 tons of standard coal, can reduce emissions approximately 28.64 tonnes 301.44 tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide of about 8708 tons, for energy saving contribution to the force. ”

Point two: shajiabang community residential photovoltaic projects

Switch light switch, change TV channels, air conditioning mode … … The complex instructions via the mobile phone app, you can easily get to realize intelligent control. Shajiabang community in Xin Cheng town, villager Chen Yafang home has taken the lead in implementation of “intelligent” open wireless networks, all household appliances in my home “listens” on Smartphones, and these smart household appliances energy from roofing photovoltaic power plant.

Smart home systems to bring Chen Yafang, a new intelligent life experience, and are able to enjoy these convenient, also from the Sha Jia bang communities was identified as the province’s first rural agglomeration of residential rooftop PV solar project pilot areas to start. Shajiabang community photovoltaic power generation project using energy performance contracting model, photovoltaic power generation equipment investment of about 20,000 yuan each, 85% paid for by the Government, 15% paid for by the tenant. After the device is put into operation, the first two years will give each household a year 2000 Yuan of direct economic benefits to farmers, 22 years after, there will be 600 Yuan of direct economic benefits each year.

Sectors read:

Recently, the provincial, municipal and district-level photovoltaic news of the use of special allowance funds have been put in place, became the focus of jiaxing PV high-tech zone, many investors. PV-Tech Industrial Park, jiaxing application Office PV demonstration Pan Gaorong told reporters that the first distributed solar PV subsidies have been put in place at all levels of policy and policy commitments to be honoured. “Provincial subsidy of 0.3 Yuan per unit has been powered by jiaxing, State grid Corporation pays, and 0.1 Yuan per unit of subsidy has reached the Bank, jiaxing, lump sum 1 dollar per watt of installed capacity of subsidies had been by the district financial Bureau. “Policy be honoured or to make it subject to eat” assurance “, jiaxing photovoltaic integration advantages in high-tech zone policy attracted a number of investment companies” beach landing “.

This year August 4, National Energy Council in jiaxing held distributed PV power site Exchange, site Exchange Shang, xiuzhou district to participating personnel show has distributed PV power application in here knot out of fruit: concentrated even tablets roof PV power, led adapted distributed energy of regional smart grid and PV cloud engineering and cloud service platform construction; into photoelectric building integration concept of PV section create Park, for new PV battery, frontier technology of implementation provides application space…… Model-driven technological innovation, technical innovation promoting industrial development, solar high-tech industrial park, jiaxing “five in one” push forward, is the formation of “the five swords” first-mover advantage.

Park, Director of the PV Pan Gaorong told reporters that beginning in December 2012, xiuzhou district in the province under the provincial government officials deployed photovoltaic industry, “five in one” innovation pilot planned to build 15 square kilometers of solar high-tech zone, jiaxing, efforts to break the bottleneck of marketing, elements and technical bottlenecks, institutional bottleneck, gradually out of the one “Government guidance and market operation and unified management of” path to the development of xiuzhou district. Xiuzhou to PV Application promoting industry health development of system experience is inductive concern, was outside as distributed PV power of “xiuzhou mode”, that in manufacturing integration industry development mode Shang, is committed to playing good technology innovation brand, go in the high-end development of road; in PV power engineering development mode Shang, is committed to playing good unified planning, and integration construction shipped dimension of development brand; in sent storage with sale electric mode Shang, is committed to playing good local elimination na and distributed using of management brand.

Original title: “five swords” to create “PV science and technology city in China”

Wu xinxiong, the outgoing Secretary of State Energy has reached the retirement age

Polaris solar PV net news: last day 2014, Wu xinxiong said goodbye to the location of the national energy Bureau. At this point, he is over 65 years old, reached the ministerial level official retirement age.

Wu xinxiong, the outgoing Secretary of State energy.

Since March 2013 into the national energy administration, Wu xinxiong stayed in on the location of the national energy Bureau, a total of 22 months. Throughout his 48 career discovery Wu xinxiong and energy work is not a long time, the fate of the two beginning in June 2011, at that time, Wu xinxiong, Governor of Jiangxi province dropped to SERC Chairman over the post.

Wu xinxiong, the period served as State Energy Secretary, coincides with the concerns came as China’s energy structure, China’s energy sector is also unprecedented shock.

Air pollution as the spur new energy push, UHV debatable controversy, corruption in the energy sector are still in fermentation … … These three should be the two-year energy sector “memorabilia”.

These “memorabilia”, Wu xinxiong, the National Energy Board gave no subversive “reform”, only Wu xinxiong, on various occasions, are left to the outside world “voice”.

Need to reduce fossil energy consumption, development in China under the background of clean energy, Wu xinxiong, in research or in speech, many have “care” means new energy.

On August 4, 2014, Wu xinxiong, in jiaxing, Zhejiang on distributed PV Conference praises “jiaxing model”, saying that “development of solar energy is a viable option in our country.” For PV development progress than expected of problems, on December 24, the National Energy Board and smoke salmon, support the photovoltaic industry.

On another play in the new energy–nuclear power, Wu xinxiong on December 1 in the Yangtze River Delta region, held the second meeting of the air pollution prevention and control in collaboration it supports also to support new energy resources and renewable energy development in Yangtze River Delta, said nuclear power demonstration project based on the success of actively supporting nuclear power development in Yangtze River Delta. Wu xinxiong was visually evaluated “with ‘ Hualong first ‘, China’s nuclear power going from ‘ by boat ‘ to ‘ the ship out to sea.”

Similar to the “voices”, has not been able to change in a short time in China’s energy structure, nor consideration in which the Department of energy boost.

Instead, ultra high voltage events such as where there is dispute, left a deep impression to the outside world.

For UHV and national energy Board did not demonstrate its right to speak. Wu xinxiong, personally, with ultra high voltage contacts at an earlier time. In 2007, Jiangxi province power transmission and transformation company has taken part in China’s first UHV-1 million volts in Southeast Shanxi-Nanyang-jingmen uhvac pilot demonstration projects of construction, when Wu xinxiong, Governor of Jiangxi province. Zhihou, according to media reports, national grid company General Manager Liu Zhenya and Jiangxi provincial party Committee Secretary Meng jianzhu held talks, Wu xinxiong, Governor of Jiangxi power grid development, and strive to “Eleven-Five” ultra high voltage power grid at the end of landing in Jiangxi province.

Worth noting is that with Wu xinxiong, Governor of Jiangxi province, leaving the post he the UHV opposite shifts in attitude. When he was Chairman of the SERC, Wu xinxiong, believes that “SERC in UHV should have a position on this matter.” Under the National Energy Board, Wu xinxiong, clear the grid to catch the first planning planning, as a source of energy, to choose the right technology of West to East route is to use direct current UHV is ultra high voltage, emphasizing the “argument.” According to sources close to the energy Bureau insiders told reporters, Wu xinxiong was “opposed to cross-regional exchange of UHV.”

Shot in addition to the above work, in about two years, China’s energy sector “steal the limelight”, is coming out one after another corruption case, as a Department of the National Energy Board, and officials on the corruption list.

August 2013, the original national energy stumping at Lok Ma Chau checkpoint just like the first Domino to fall after intensified anti-corruption in the energy sector, oil, coal, electricity, no system can stay out of it. April 2014, the anticorruption banner finally plugged into within the National Energy Board. In less than 3 months of time, the National Energy Board there have been 5 officers at Lok Ma Chau checkpoint. Since then, the National Energy Board and ushered in a wave of personnel reshuffle.

The energy field “fire of corruption” generation after generation, National Energy Board to hold sway not only.

Wu xinxiong, resume

Born in October 1949, people of Jiangyin in Jiangsu Province, joined the CPC in July 1979, to work in March 1967, Bachelor degree, Senior Economist.

March 1967-January 1971, Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin Yangtze River clothing factory workers;

January 1971-February 1973, Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin South elite high school teachers;

February 1973 – September 1973 as Deputy Party Secretary of Jiangsu Province, Jiangyin Yangtze River clothing factory branch;

September 1973-January 1977 in Nanjing Institute of chemical organic synthesis of academics;

January 1977 to December 1983 as fertiliser production technician, nitrogenous fertilizer plant in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, Deputy Director, chemical fertilizer plant manager;

December 1983-August 1984, Jiangyin County, Jiangsu Province, the Deputy County magistrate;

August 1984-March 1986, Jiangyin, Jiangyin County, Jiangsu Province, Deputy Secretary and Commander-in-Chief power plant construction;

March 1986-April 1989, Jiangyin County, Jiangsu (City) Party Committee Standing Committee, Deputy County (City) long;

April 1989-April 1992 in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee, Mayor;

April 1992-September 1992, Vice Mayor of Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province;

September 1992-December 1992, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, the Deputy Mayor and City Commission Chairman and Party Secretary;

December 1992 to April 1993, Jiangsu Province Wuxi municipal Committee, Vice Mayor and City Commission Chairman and Party Secretary of Wuxi Taihu national tourism vacation zone, Director;

April 1993 – June 1993 municipal Committee, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Taihu national tourism vacation zone, Director;

June 1993-July 1997 municipal Committee, Vice Mayor of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province;

July 1997-January 1998 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Deputy Secretary of the municipal Committee and Acting Mayor;

January 1998-June 2001 appointed Deputy Secretary of the municipal Committee of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Mayor;

June 2001-December 2001 in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, Party Secretary;

December 2001-September 2002, Secretary of the Jiangxi provincial party Committee, the Nanchang municipal Committee;

September 2002-January 2003, appointed Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee of Jiangxi, Nanchang municipal Committee Secretary;

January 2003-April 2003, Deputy Secretary of the provincial party Committee, Deputy Governor of Jiangxi Nanchang municipal Committee Secretary;

April 2003 – October 2006 appointed Deputy Secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee, Vice Governor;

October 2006-January 2007 as Deputy Secretary of the Jiangxi provincial party Committee, Acting Governor;

January 2007 – June 2011 as Deputy Secretary of the Jiangxi provincial party Committee and Governor;

June 2011-President of the State electricity regulatory Commission in March 2013, the party, the National Energy Board (August 2011);

March 2013 in December 2014, Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission, and party member (ministerial level), who is also the Party Secretary of the national energy Bureau,;

Alternate member of the CPC 16 Central, 17, 18 Central Committee, nine, ten sessions, the plenary session of the national people’s Congress.

Original title: Wu xinxiong, the outgoing Secretary of State Energy has reached the retirement age

Why Nur bekri is the Secretary, National Energy Board?

Polaris solar PV net news: on December 30, the CPC Central Committee decision, snow kelaiti ˙ David f. Zucker was appointed Deputy Secretary of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee member and member of the, Nur ˙ bekri no longer served as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and member of the Committee, and another appointment.

This a news is December 30 of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party held member of the (expanded) Conference Shang announced of, presided over Conference of Politburo members, and autonomous regions Secretary of the Zhang chunxian in speaks in the said, this Central on autonomous regions led comrade of adjustment, is central from overall starting, according to work needs and cadres Exchange spirit and Xinjiang leadership construction actual, overall considered, and carefully research decided of, reflected has Central on Xinjiang leadership construction of height attention, reflected has Central on Noor ˙ bekri , Snow kelaiti ˙ Bazar the trust of two comrades, reflects the Central kind solicitude for cadres in Xinjiang.

The news was announced, netizens have speculated that this is Noor ˙ bekri “promoted” the prelude.

On December 31, the Phoenix finance was informed that former Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Government Chairman Nur ˙ bekri and replace Wu xinxiong, head of the national energy Bureau, the post.

Prior to that, established in 2008, the national energy administration, has had three Chief, Zhang Guobao, Liu tienan, Wu xinxiong respectively.

Noor ˙ bekri as Governor the State Energy Secretary, will become more than a few Ministerial cadres of ethnic minorities in China. Ministerial-level cadres of ethnic minorities are currently known: State Councilor and State Council Secretary-General Yang Jing (Mongolian), Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC and Director of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission Wang Zhengwei (Hui), Chairman of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Liu Hui (Hui), Chairman of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Bartels (Mongolia), Chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Chen Wu (Zhuang), Deputy Secretary of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee member and member of the snow kelaiti ˙ David f. Zucker (Uygur), and so on.

But Noor ˙ bekri faced by the National Energy Board, baptism has through number theory sieve-like fighting corruption, job vacancies there are a number of Secretaries, including new and renewable sources of Energy Secretary position vacancies since your original director Wang Chun was taken away so far.

Uighurs Noor ˙ bekri

Noor ˙ bekri, male, Uygur, born in August 1961 in Bole, Xinjiang, and joined the CPC in December 1982, and to work in August 1983, the Central Party school graduate degree.

Phoenix financial reporters comb through its record found, Nur ˙ bekri from September 1978 to August 1983 at Xinjiang University Department of political science political theory majors.

Insiders told reporters, Noor ˙ bekri grew up in Beijing, and very understanding of Chinese culture, and speaks fluent Chinese. Some netizens said Noor ˙ bekri saying don’t speak Uygur, this person said, “are not true, Uighur speaks very well”. Another local Bureau Chief in Xinjiang for many years of Phoenix financial journalists also confirmed that this was “in the autonomous region in January 16, 2014 12 persons on the second session, Nur ˙ bekri represents the municipality’s Government work report to the General Assembly, using the Uighur. ”

Starting from August 1983 until September 1993, Nur ˙ bekri, Xinjiang University, served as political counselor, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Branch Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Youth League Secretary and Minister of propaganda Department of party Committee and member of the. In September 1993, Noor ˙ bekri Kashi Administrative Office Assistant Commissioner, official took to the post of district administration sequence, during the period May 1994 to November 1994 and transposition of Vice Mayor of feicheng, Shandong province. From April 1995 to April 1996, any Deputy Commissioner of Kashi Administrative Office. From April 1996 to February 1998, Nur ˙ bekri left Kashgar, Deputy Secretary-General of the Presidency of the regional government. From February 1998 to January 2008, Nur ˙ Urumqi, bekri served as Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee, Vice Mayor and Acting Mayor and Mayor, Standing Committee of the municipal party Committee, and Deputy Secretary of party Committee Deputy Secretary and autonomous region Vice President and Acting President.

Is worthy of note that in 2000, Noor ˙ bekri entering Xinjiang Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee team, at the age of 39 in January 2008, served as Deputy Secretary of the municipal party Committee, Chairman of the autonomous region, when is the youngest in the mainland provinces that the Government officers. Until the Beijing Office, Noor ˙ bekri Office of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government Chief for 7 years.

During the meeting, Zhang said, Noor ˙ comrade bekri is our party’s outstanding cadres of minority nationalities, political stance, in the sober, take a clear-cut stand on the major issues. Experienced leadership, vision, clear thinking, work enthusiasm and courage and dare to catch and tube, does not avoid contradictions, have strong organizational leadership and pioneering and innovative spirit. As President of the autonomous region since in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the municipal party Committee, and unite and lead the Government team, proactive, do a solid job, in the interests of national security, national unity and social stability, accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization of agriculture, the new town, ensuring and improving people’s livelihood and deepening administrative system reform has done a lot of fruitful work. Professionalism, responsibility, and often goes into counter-terrorism stabilisation and investigation on disaster relief, construction site, dealing with complex problems, and people of all ethnic groups to establish a solid relationship, paying for social stability and long-term peace and stability in Xinjiang with hard work, has made an important contribution.

On the day of the announcement, users have said Nour ˙ bekri “was a good man.” Insiders told reporters, Noor ˙ bekri has more than 1.9-meter height is an excellent cadres of minority nationalities, 31 years in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has a good reputation.

Power energy and chemical industry in Xinjiang Xinjiang branch (hereafter “China power investment company in southern Xinjiang”) Yue Zhixian, General Manager, told reporters, Noor ˙ bekri kalpin County, Aksu Prefecture, on November 27, 2013 to photovoltaic industrial park field research, he represents power companies in southern Xinjiang and report to them the construction of photovoltaic industrial park. Yue Zhixian impression of him was: “speak Mandarin very well and easy, without any airs, and we shook hands. “In this survey, Yue Zhixian found that the cadres of minority nationalities, photovoltaic industry very well.

“He said at the scene, kalpin County of Aksu prefecture as a poor County, one of the large area of water shortage, desert wasteland, Arcas put photovoltaic project in keping, is a very good practice, develop solar photovoltaic projects in southern Xinjiang, to kalpin County can also increase revenue, but also as green industries, Xinjiang to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction contributed a lot to us. “Yue Zhixian recalled.

Accelerating energy development in Xinjiang

In addition to Xinjiang, Xinjiang in recent years has become hot spot for energy investments as a whole. From 2006 to the present, along with State policies tilt toward the West, has been included in five power generation groups, investment, saving more than more than 10 Central SOEs in Xinjiang, such as the layout, investment projects, covering thermal power, wind power, solar energy, such as coal, oil and gas fields.

The insiders, by Noor ˙ bekri was elected a new National Energy Council Secretary, or for reasons of “Silk Road economic belt” building and “Thirteen-Five” energy planning considerations.

In 2014, the central building of “Silk Road economic belt” strategy in Xinjiang as a hub connecting Central Asia, plays an important strategic role in the economic belt of the Silk Road, Xinjiang has become the “along the way” economic belt transmission corridor strategic bridgehead.

According to the latest energy development strategy plan of action (2014-2020), Xinjiang has been listed as China’s 1.4 billion-ton large coal mining bases; Hami and Eastern is listed as 9 qianwanqianwa large-scale coal-electricity base; in the Tarim basin, junggar basin and Qaidam Basin to increase focus on Xinjiang’s oil reserves and production. In addition, the Tarim basin has also become the focal point of conventional natural gas exploration and development.

As early as 2012, the national development and Reform Commission rules on supporting industry development of Xinjiang advises, definitely including oil in Xinjiang coal-chemical industry, polycrystalline silicon, coal, chemical, thermal and renewable energy of 12 industries presents differences, such as industrial policy, targeted against key industry development in Xinjiang policy support and guidance, and half in 12 industries in the field of energy.

In 2013, the Xinjiang article-UHV DC transmission lines-East East of uhvdc transmission projects are allowed to carry out preliminary work, “Jiang deliver” ability to reach 19 million-kilowatt.

2014, according to Central on put Xinjiang built “national energy resources land big channel” of General requirements, National Energy Council preliminary developed has on support Xinjiang energy development of several views, proposed “promoted Xinjiang energy resources local processing conversion using, promoting energy resources advantage to industry advantage conversion”, and “accelerated energy based facilities construction, will Xinjiang playing caused national energy strategy conveying big channel”, and “implementation difference of energy policy and industry policy”, five a aspects on Xinjiang energy development for support.

“Construction” focused on “gas transported to the East of Xinjiang”, “Xinjiang coal shipped East”, “Xinjiang electricity delivery”, especially the “Xinjiang electricity delivery” as the national grid company “along the way” important economic belt transmission corridor strategy deployment.

On January 27, 2014, Xinjiang’s first UHV ± 800,000 volts – Hami to Zhengzhou uhvdc project officially put into operation in the South, more than baiyiqianwa have been transporting to East China’s power.

Also, December 12, 2014, national grid company chairman Liu Zhenya in and autonomous regions Secretary of the Zhang chunxian and autonomous regions President Noor ˙ bekri talks Shi said, “Thirteen-Five” during, country network company also will accelerated Xinjiang special high-pressure grid construction, starts associate East–Chengdu, and associate East–Huainan two back ± 1.1 million v and Hami North–Chongqing ± 800,000 volts high-pressure DC and the supporting grid engineering construction, reportedly this three article special high-pressure built Hou, 32 million-kilowatt can increase delivery capacity in Xinjiang. Ride the wind of special policies, 750,000-volt power transmission and transformation project in Xinjiang also received State approval in advance.

Benefit from special policies tilted, in 2014, the National Energy Board in Xinjiang PV 650,000-kilowatt indicator on the basis of, also gave an additional southern quota-PV 1.4 million-kilowatt sidizhou 700,000-kilowatt total in two years.

Original title: why Nur bekri is the Secretary, National Energy Board?

Li Hejun: film generation blueprint

Polaris solar PV net news: in the field of thin-film photovoltaic solar energy, he and Li Hejun hanergy holding Group (hereinafter the “Han”) has become almost synonymous with the emerging industry.

In 1994, when creating a Han Li Hejun, it is just a clean energy-focused private equity investment company. Later, Li Hejun dig up huge amounts of money on the investment in hydropower station, which also lays the groundwork for 2009, jumping into the field of film.

After having entered the field of thin-film photovoltaic, he and Li Hejun who in just two years to build the 9 major PV base. By the beginning of 2013, announced Li Hejun, Han’s thin-film solar power generating capacity reached 3 GW.

Water started

In 1991, Li Hejun, from one of his teachers at the University borrowed 50,000 yuan began to jump into startup. And like many businessmen in China at that time, Li Hejun “does nothing”, from selling toys, selling mineral water in railway transportation to the mine, stir real estate. By the end of 1994, he has accumulated 70 million or 80 million yuan in capital.

After the completion of the primitive accumulation, Li Hejun began to consider the next phase of development. At the suggestion of an old schoolmate, he eventually decided to buy hydroelectric power station.

Since then, Li Hejun began looking for hydropower resources in the country. His first power station built in his hometown of Heyuan – last initial installed capacity of 1500-kilowatt of small hydropower station of Dongjiang River, spent more than 10 million Yuan.

Last century 90 ‘s era coincided with development of small hydropower stations in China. Less than 10 years, tens of thousands of small hydropower stations built on the rivers across the country, most of which are privately-owned hydroelectric power. There is no doubt that Li Hejun jumped at the opportunity.

Zhihou, Li Hejun also bought several hydropower stations, from jiwanqian Watts to hundreds of thousands of megawatts of installed capacity. But it truly was touched by Li Hejun is a study in 2002 in Yunnan. After the visit, Li Hejun decided to bet on the jinsha River hydropower station, Yunnan province signed 6 of 8 hydroelectric, total installed capacity of 2300duowanqianwa, more than the three gorges hydropower station.

But the huge hydroelectric project does not work out well. Because the Commission does not agree that Li Hejun unable to carry out the massive project. To this end, Li Hejun was take the Commission to court, Hina finally got on the jinsha River, “a grade” one of the best resources in hydropower, that is 3 million-kilowatt of the total installed capacity of jinanqiao hydropower station.

8 years since then, Li Hejun, almost all the energy spent on jinanqiao hydropower station, a total investment of over 20 billion yuan. In March 2011, the 2.4 million-kilowatt unit one of jinanqiao hydropower station power generation. This also means that the Chinese would have a steady flow of funds in the future. At present, the group total over 6 GW of installed capacity of hydro-electric projects and interests.

Introduction of the Han dynasty, Jin an Qiao hydroelectric power station net cash flow of more than 10 million Yuan a day, “if we go at a lot of 20,000 yuan per kW of installed capacity of hydropower stations to count, 60 billion yuan worth of jinanqiao hydropower station. ”

Tree of jinanqiao “milch cows” that made Li Hejun emboldened in the film road to development.

Deep films

After completing jinanqiao this million-kilowatt hydropower station, Li Hejun started thinking about who the next direction.

In fact, in the beginning, Li Hejun expectaions of PV. In 2006, solar photovoltaic power generation cost about 3 dollars per unit. In his view, photovoltaic power generation costs are so high and not competitive. In addition, according to some forecasts, photovoltaic electricity cost from 3 down to 1 Yuan, about 30 years; from 1 Yuan to 0.5 Yuan, needs for 50 years.

But after Li Hejun altered perceptions of reality. From 2006 to 2009, only 3 years, photovoltaic electricity costs were reduced from 3 to 1.

In formal before entering the PV field, Li Hejun also tried to enter the field of wind energy. Up to now, Chinese experts also have a total installed capacity of 131 MW of wind power. But industry not only has to compete for the good wind resources of wind power base, of desert wind power also face challenges at risk at any time.

Eventually, Li Hejun decided to focus on the PV. But what’s surprising is, Li Hejun, and no access to technology, markets are more mature silicon technology, but higher technical difficulty and need larger thin-film technology.

In 2009, considered to be Hina’s year of transformation and upgrading. At that time, Li Hejun throws a huge development projects, namely a two-year period started 2 gigawatts of film production, first in the world. At that time, is unique in the field of photovoltaic film gains global United States first solar (FirstSolar), which has just reached 1 GW production capacity and has developed more than 10 years.

Since then, Li Hejun every publicly will vigorously promote the thin-film technology. Li Hejun’s rhetoric, as he ushered in a lot of controversy. However, Li Hejun didn’t care about these questions. Hina in the ensuing two years, successfully layout of 9 major PV manufacturing base, each base of the initial design capacity of 250 megawatts or more.

In addition to building base, Li Hejun has also worked to improve upstream from PV cells and modules production line equipment, to the middle cell, module production and downstream PV products industrial chain.

In 2011, the Li Hejun, working through the capital market became thin film silicon solar manufacturers listed in Hong Kong who actually controlled the Platinum solar energy, and straight into the upstream equipment manufacturing. In October this year, the company officially changed its name to “Chinese film generation” Hina explanation for this, “said Hina film generation” to better reflect the company’s focus on thin-film technology, fully reflect the company’s current and future business development. By December 2014, the Chinese film the generation value above HK $ billions as the world’s top PV companies by market capitalisation.

In the past year, who has met with IKEA, Tesla, electric FIA Formula One World Championship, Aston Martin, beautiful home in different enterprises in the field of cross-border cooperation, flexible thin-film technology applied in cars, tents, backpacks, cell phones and even clothes, thin film products really come into the millions.

At the same time improve the industrial chain, Li Hejun, through continuous acquisitions strengthen who’s technical accumulation. In recently of two years in, Han can has merger has four home abroad company, respectively is Germany of suoliboer company (Solibro), and United States of Mir by Le company (MiaSol é) and global Sun energy company (GlobalSolarEnergy), they of common features is has film field most hot of Copper Indium Gallium se technology (CIGS), also also has focused Yu efficient arsenic of gallium (GaAs) flexible film power technology of United States o, tower equipment company ( AltaDevices)。

The next step, Li Hejun’s goal is to build a gigawatt level localization of production of Copper-Indium-Gallium-selenium product line, while the long-term goal is that by 2020 to build two of the world’s top 500 enterprises. For this goal, Li Hejun who has been with him in the field of thin-film photovoltaic deep ploughing.

Original title: Li Hejun: film generation blueprint

He set off a roof “green revolution”

Polaris solar PV net news: Zhang Xin, Professor, doctoral supervisor, Vice President of Hefei University of technology College of electrical engineering and automation. In 1984 graduated from Hefei University of Technology Department of electrical and stayed on to teach. For more than 20 years, has been engaged in power electronics and electric drives, new energy generation technologies of teaching and research work, and with Sun Power Corporation to carry out a long-term and fruitful cooperation, realization of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, the industrialization of MW variable speed constant frequency wind power converter, and achieved good social and economic results.

Along with the high-tech became one of the first 18 distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area and dedicates “PV power application” the first city of Hefei, are buzzing with “on the roof of the green revolution.” But few know that this “green revolution” of the leader is the Vice President of Hefei University of technology College of electrical engineering and automation Zhang Xin, as one of the earliest studies of solar photovoltaic and wind power “pioneer”, he performed at the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo has a close relationship to shine sunlight power supply.

Hefei to create “first town of Chinese photovoltaic applications”

Hefei rongshida Sanyo II factory roof, patches of pale-blue solar panels shining in the Sun. Looking ahead, the company’s more than 50,000 square meters of the factory roof, have also been built distributed PV facilities. As the Sun rose, the roofs of thousands of multi crystalline silicon will automatically start working will receive sunlight into electricity, and then along the circuit into the management center via inverters convert alternating currents concentrate output, for plant use.

“Sanyo roof 18 distributed power plant project is the country’s first grid-connected photovoltaic demonstration area project, from start to completion of only 4 months. “Sun Jiao Wenguang, Director of project development of power plant Division makes a Bill through photovoltaic power plant, this plant will be able to save more than 200,000 yuan per month tariff, that is, less than one year, you can save 2 million yuan in tariffs. “In the future, Sanyo plans to all new factory installed solar photovoltaic power plant. “Rongshida Sanyo engineering Minister Chen Bo’s commitment represents is benefiting from more PV enterprises in Hefei.

Is committed to creating “PV power application” the first city of Hefei, are buzzing on the roof of the “green revolution”. 2013, the Hefei pioneered photovoltaic countryside projects for poverty alleviation in the country, and became the first introduced PV “kilowatt subsidy” policy of the city, built China’s first grid-connected distributed solar demonstration zone project. But few know that this “green revolution” is led by Zhang Xin Vice President of Hefei University of technology College of electrical engineering and automation.

He caused a stir developed a PV system prototype

In 1998 the national PV Conference, a 500W PV grid connected prototype has provoked concern outside the industry, it was this show, are hovering before the PV industry to stop people see hope. Make this “hope” who has been delving into the grid-connected photovoltaic inverter Zhang Xin for many years.

The 80 ‘s of the last century, Zhang Xin into the Hefei University of technology school, he’s at the school, walked from the Bachelor’s to the doctoral educational path. “At that time, the domestic photovoltaic technologies and industries, is still concentrated in the relatively backward technology in PV off-grid systems, few attention to photovoltaic technology new and difficult technique. “17 years ago, in 1997, the original Wang guohua new energy Institute of Xinjiang University lecture, mature thinking about solar photovoltaic technologies, give Zhang Xin was still studying the road feel fresh.

At that time, the deepest influence on Zhang Xin is, Europe, Japan and other developed countries to emerging photovoltaic technology has brought about great benefits relatively few domestic concerns. In this way, refuses to bow to Zhang Xin catch photovoltaic grid-connected inverters in a system, a core technology, make test.

After a year of hard work, he successfully developed a prototype 500W grid-connected PV. “Just in time for the 1998 national PV Conference, we showed this prototype became a ‘ Star ‘ is not an exaggeration to say, shocked many people. “The second year, the Xinjiang new energy Institute of technology one phase, the two sides share the responsibility of scientific and technological projects since autonomous regions. “Cao renxian (Note: currently the domestic photovoltaic industry most cattle company–sunshine energy’s ‘ helm ‘) were also university teachers, we sometimes talk about the PV industry, can research an entire afternoon to sit in my Office. “After that, Cao renxian quit his engineering job, founded the company, Zhang Xin market judgment, Cao renxian decisively in the grid-connected inverters. Cooperation, in 2000, successfully developed a 3KW-engineered prototype, in Shanshan, Xinjiang has successfully conducted a test, achieved the desired performance.

“Affinity” Sun power project had been packed into the Beijing Olympics bird’s nest

The success of this project, opened the curtain of Zhang Xin and Sun power cooperative. Leading the research team of Zhang Xin and Sun power took over the “series for grid-connected photovoltaic inverter of industrialization”, “the new energy action plan projects of Ministry of science and technology,” and many other scientific and technological projects, and in a short period of time to enable it to industrial practice, built at the same time a number of grid-connected photovoltaic power plant model. While Sun power also ushered in the leap-forward development.

In 2008, were installed in the main stadium of the Beijing Olympics bird’s nest a grid-connected photovoltaic inverter; Shanghai World Expo, the Sun won power at the China Pavilion, theme pavilion, United States Pavilion, Germany Pavilion 13 Expo venues, including solar photovoltaic project; particularly Shanghai Hong Qiao’s high-speed rail hub of grid-connected PV systems, Sun power has built the largest building-integrated PV project … … With the industrialization of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, Zhang Xin and teams involved in the development of grid-connected inverter series has been used successfully to Beijing’s Olympic bird’s nest, the three gorges project, the Shanghai World Expo venues and Jiuquan, Germany, and Spain, and Italy both at home and abroad, such as in large photovoltaic power plant, while also creating Asia’s largest, ranked top three in the world famous power new energy power generation enterprises.

Create joint lab persuaded people directly into the enterprise

At the same time actively engaged in scientific research, Zhang Xin in a lot of effort into building features Labs. “Even now, our research team for Sun power feed. “Campus” joint lab tech-Sun “, many professors teamed up with student research on photovoltaic power generation project, Zhang Xin are introduced, the joint laboratory will report directly to the Sun each year power transmission professional talent, but also directly with research projects into groups. “Enterprises can now recognize that the shortage of talent. ”

From the initiation into the photovoltaic technology to today’s successful development of MW-level wind power converter, years of study, so that he and his team have been tempered and grow, gradually developed a has 2 professors, 4 associate professors, more than more than 60 master’s and doctoral graduates of the best team.

In 2013, Zhang Xin led the team jointly with Sun power aimed at the offshore wind power converter technology super power, they have established a joint working group, cooperation took on the “Twelve-Five” national science and technology support program–“7MW industrialization of key technologies of wind power converter and its control system development”, current research and development work has achieved initial results, expected in 2015 to achieve industrialization.

Original title: Zhang Xin: he started a roofing “green revolution”

Research on flexible properties of amorphous silicon solar cells

Polaris solar PV net news: Abstract: with the development of photovoltaic technology, wider application of photovoltaic power generation, species is also increasing, from traditional PV power station (off-grid or grid-connected) to the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), PV-LED, and so on. In these applications, the vast majority of used rigid solar cells, such as crystalline silicon cells. Rigid battery is not capable of and in some occasions, flexible solar cell with its unique, flexible features and won a place at various outdoor portable applications, in particular the scientific, military, and plays an irreplaceable role. This paper now more mature, more widely flexible amorphous silicon solar cells, and introduces the features of flexible solar cells, different from traditional batteries, preparation method and portable power supply system, and also describes a portable solar power system configuration, how to best in cost control and produce the best results, provide a reference for more detailed design in the future. With the development of technology, and will also have more flexible solar cells have been developed to form products, we also will provide the next generation of flexible solar cells of the future trend is introduced and discussed.

Key words: flexible solar power, portable power supply battery

1, flexible solar cells

In the above types of solar cells, most of the rigid structures, which are material for glass, supplemented by tightening of the border. We can imagine, saddled with a huge glass panels in the open air, and how unpleasant it is. Although some varieties can be prepared into a flexible shape, flexibility and destructive resistance, weather resistance and life are a lot of shortcomings. Of flexible silicon products such as SUNPOWER Corporation, have been able to achieve a minor fault can still continue to work, but flexible level reached only 30%, that is to say, when you bend to 31%, the battery will completely breaks off and scrapped.

Paper outdoor flexible portable solar power systems, solar cells are the core content. For outdoor use, it is difficult to restrict a user to a variety of uses, especially in the military field, a weak battery, is incapable of “portability” of these three words.

Although CdTe, CIGS cells become damaged solar modules can be prepared, but they still did not solve the problems of oxygen water, life is quite limited. In recent years, China’s sweep of the Hina group American CIGS companies, acquired a number of heavyweight CIGS makers, ready to rumble. While they were on the roof power (BIPV) create a lot, but still flexible solar cell was slow to launch products, mainly caused by packaging process plagued by water.

Organic solar cells are flexible solar cells is an important direction in the future, he used the printing production, high efficiency and low cost, not only in the future can be prepared into a flexible, can even be used as coatings applied directly. However, as frontier laboratories or companies around the world stand now can only remain in the glove box + glass device stage, the road is very long.

Truly successful commercial application, only a flexible amorphous silicon solar cells.

2, flexible amorphous silicon solar cells

Since 1945, United States the Bell telephone laboratories produced the world’s first practical silicon solar cell start will usher in a new era of modern humans using solar energy. Along with vigorously research all over the world for decades, and the exploitation of solar energy in the ascendant in recent years, the solar developed an endless stream of new products, including flexible amorphous silicon solar cells is one of most brilliant star.

2.1 flexible form of amorphous silicon solar cells

Flexible soft, transparent, thin amorphous silicon solar cell (approximately 1 μm thickness), original of solar PV modules (see figure II) lamellar, and its mass production manufacturing technology has fully matured, Silicon required for each KW only 0.067 kg, and its high-frequency spectra of sunshine (blue) are most sensitive.

Flexible thin-film solar cells in addition to traditional solar photovoltaic conversion function, as its name suggests, its soft light, packaged (solar cells to be encapsulated is inaccessible to normal use) thickness of only 1.5mm, the output power of 50W solar panels weigh only 2.5KG, is the traditional one-sixth of solar energy. Surface abandoned due to its brittle, fragile glass or resin material with high molecular weight polymer adhesive film package, making the product more flexible and durable, and can be arbitrary curved folding (conventional solar cells are encapsulated glass and fragile), and can be made into any shape according to the different equipment requirements when folded only book size, easy to carry. When field work, just any spreading or hanging solar panels, it can power the load, and carried on walking.

No influence of temperature: solar products in General when used outdoors, inside solar cells (SolarCell) temperature is not affected

Light quality: 7.0kg/m?, not because the laying of panels for roof overburden load, roof structure of the selection will not be big changes occurred because the laying of panels.

Flexible, easy to bend: thin-film panels are lightweight software materials on roofs, an average slope of <60 ° and >13m arbitrary shapes can be roof when the bending radius bends.

Durable: the use of UV-resistant polymer encapsulated solar cells, so the products are particularly durable, clean, smooth surface, do not vacuum any dirt can be washed when it rains. Roof without the need for external cleaning.

Cover image: products by three storey Volt electro-optical technique, when it comes to shielding or shading occurs, will still be able to convert the output more power than solar energy products.

No glass: abandon the whole fragile glass instead of the DuPont product (DuPont) polymer to protect the solar cells.

2.2 bypass Diode technology

Used to be obscured when the Sun’s rays are still offers higher conversion rates-bypass Diode technology. When the solar panels when partially obscured by surrounding buildings or roof above the object, due to the bypass diodes connected merely shadows covered part of solar panels do not participate in the work, and the rest is still working correctly, which is shaded in this group generates a current. And polysilicon panels as soon as a shaded, full set of solar panels will quit working.

2.3 the spectral absorption range

Flexible have three layers of amorphous silicon solar cells embedded in a Silicon Crystal, attached to the stainless steel film, covered with polymer of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) protective layer. Three-layer membrane adhesion may be thinning each electron shell thickness, so each child cells of the inner electric field increases, increased collection efficiency of the battery, extended spectral range. Each layer Silicon Crystal are can conversion visible spectrum in the of specific part, thus even in rainy, and cloudy weather in the also can provides high of photoelectric conversion rate, cover has non-crystal silicon relative Yu polysilicon, Silicon Board in fine weather conversion rate low of insufficient (crystal silicon battery conversion efficiency in 17% around, non-crystal silicon battery about for 8-10%, conversion efficiency high main reflected in products can save must by light area, and general power not variable).

Figure d the spectral absorption range

2.4 design of three-layer structure

In conventional amorphous silicon cells, divided into single, tandem, triple, and even has no less than 5 knots. But the costs taken into account, more commonly used are 3 junctions. So-called 3 knot structure is divided into three layers-layers, the absorption of solar spectral region. He P.I.N integrated multilayer manufacturing to reduce light reflection effect, and P.I.N is mainly conducting layer, composed of amorphous germanium materials and structures, make band-gap characteristics to reconcile energy conversion rate of up to 8.6% per cent. Electric field ranging from x-ray radiation solar spectrum and class codes radiation its wavelength:

Ultraviolet radiation (0.04-400nm) 9%

Visible light waves (400-700nm) 47%

Infrared waves (700-300,000) 44%

Such as microwaves and radio waves.

Crystalline silicon solar cell to red Visual spectral bands (such as the winter sunlight spectrum) absorption maximum, in the clear air under bright sunshine duration density up to 1100-1250W/m2. A-Si amorphous solar cell materials, blue sunlight spectrum (such as summer and the cloudy circumstances) the absorption effect in Sunshine only 50-400W/m2 climates are able to get the highest conversion efficiency of light energy.

Crystalline silicon solar cell to red Visual spectral bands (such as the winter sunlight spectrum) absorption maximum, in the clear air under bright sunshine duration density up to 1100-1250W/m2. A-Si amorphous solar cell materials, blue sunlight spectrum (such as summer and the cloudy circumstances) the absorption effect in Sunshine only 50-400W/m2 climates are able to get the highest conversion efficiency of light energy.

⑸ three composite layers

Structure design of three composite solar sandwich, Pu layer absorbs all the wavelengths of the sun light, so it can be converted and output more power than solar energy products.

Using amorphous silicon top layer materials, optical energy gap 1.8eV, conducive to the absorption of blue light.

Underlying the use of amorphous silicon-germanium alloy material with pass, the optical energy gap of 1.4eV that can absorb red light and far red light.

Middle kick and amorphous silicon germanium alloys, optical energy gap 1.6eV, conducive to absorbing green light.

Is not absorbed when light enters the light may be the basal layer of silver and zinc oxide (Ag/Zno) reflect back, reflection on the way out and absorbed. )

2.5 environmental and climate impact

Due to seasonal and year round sunshine density as temperature changes, timing of solar density of sunshine, cloud cover and temperature (heating) effect, solar cell efficiency because the product is linked to climate (see chart services, ⑺ curve data data comparison description).

Output energy loss curve comparison chart of temperature rise, polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules in the standard full sun (1000W/m2) with 60 ℃ operating temperature situations, its energy (voltage) conversion loss is over 15%, Crystal State solar photovoltaic modules of approximately 17%.

Flexible amorphous silicon solar cells is not affected, and not only on the density of sunshine (600W/m2) energy loss apparently unjustified, so under the seasonal climate in East Asia, its energy output had risen in. Therefore solar PV module energy conversion rate, direct materials and structures technology and regional seasonal climate temperature are closely related.

⑹ 25 c and 60 c amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon efficiency comparison

⑺ 25 c and 60 c amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon to produce electricity comparison

2.6 package features

Flexible amorphous silicon solar cell surface mount a scientific design of the polymer adhesive film, its surface texture can absorb the light from every angle, effectively preventing the sunlight loss. Rainy days even in the absence of sunlight, it can also generate about 30% power, overall efficiency than conventional solar cells 20%.

Not only that, flexible thin-film solar cell by encapsulation with a maintenance-free, waterproof, corrosion resistance, stain resistance, impact resistance, resistance to stress, temperature insulation and other conventional solar don’t have advantages. Its surface using high strength inert fluorine plastic film packaging, smooth surface does not adsorb, even if contaminated, can also be washed by the rain or easy cleaner to remove dirt. TP-SOLAR flexible thin-film solar cells to 80 ℃-40 ℃ environment can work, even if some areas penetrated by a bullet, with the rest still are not subject to the effects of electricity.

(8) with camouflage cloth package-flexible amorphous silicon solar module

(9) a flexible amorphous silicon solar module after you expand and collapse shape

2.7 service life

Single on flexible non-crystal silicon solar for, its using life is long, package PV Board power system 20 years within has 80% of power output guarantee, (because PV Board in 15 years Hou will stop degradation, thereafter PV Board still can produced not less than 20% of power), 20 years Hou whole PV Board system also can using long main rely on Yu buildings by at of climate environment. Controllers, inverters, electronic equipment, are often only 5-year life span, after 5 years need to replace some parts to make it work properly, such as cars or electrical appliances need to replace certain parts without a lot of cost. According to the United States outdoor systems of renewable energy laboratory test report: attenuation rate of -0.74% (TP-SOLAR).

3, flexible amorphous silicon solar cells in contrast to conventional solar cells

Evaluate the pros and cons of a solar power generation system in addition to see whether it had even higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, reference should be made to the efficiency of the system during the day. Currently, the supply of monocrystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency of 17%, polycrystalline silicon 16%, amorphous silicon solar cell conversion efficiency is only 9%, but this does not mean that crystalline silicon solar cell than amorphous silicon solar cell during the day will be more light energy into electrical energy. Because of the different characteristics of the material itself, amorphous silicon solar panels has the advantage of crystalline silicon solar cells can not match. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells generally only at noon on a sunny day, have a photoelectric conversion capabilities, than monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar cell a solar cell module has a longer generation times, whether it is sunny or irradiated by high intensity in dust, rainy days of weak scattering light, amorphous silicon solar panels is greater than the power generating capacity of monocrystalline silicon solar cells with power generating capacity. Throughout the year under a changed climate, amorphous silicon solar panel power generation efficiency than monocrystalline silicon solar panels.

Text/aronakira Xiamen University’s School of physics and electrical and Mechanical Services (Xiamen Han Qing information technology company)

Wang Yajun, an associate professor of Xiamen University, school of physics and electrical engineering

Jia Yingchun Chen Yanling zhouzhenfuguojie

Original title: research on flexible properties of amorphous silicon solar cells

When the PV “meets” the total solar eclipse

Polaris solar PV net news: March 20, 2015, a large range of a total solar eclipse will occur in the northern hemisphere, including Iceland, Europe, North Africa, Northern Asia. Germany marks the area of occurrence of a total solar eclipse occurs at around 10 o’clock in the morning. Although the total eclipse only lasts 2 minutes and 46 seconds, but the consequences can be very serious.

Total solar eclipse of Germany effects of electric power system

When at the time of the total solar eclipse occurred, within a few minutes the light will reach the Earth’s surface from strongest to disappear, corresponding also by the biggest PV output rapidly to zero; rapid recovery and total solar eclipse when the Sun will shine, PV power will instantly rise from zero to maximum.

When a solar power system for a small time, total solar eclipse is not a big problem, because the system can handle small-scale photovoltaic output decreased rapidly and increase can dispatch personnel through technological means to deal with this kind of volatility. However, the next year Germany PV installed capacity will reach nearly 40 million-kilowatt, equivalent to 22% of the country’s total power generation capacity. PV output will reach more than 25 million-kilowatt, Germany the maximum load was only 600.08 billion.

Imagine if on March 20 next year, the Sun is shining, PV output reached 25 million-kilowatt or higher, the sudden appearance of total solar eclipse, PV output drops to zero within a few minutes. And because the light dimmed, many families will open the lighting, electrical load to increase. But the story is not over, when a total solar eclipse after the PV output will rise from zero to 2000duowanqianwa in just a few minutes, it means that you must reduce the size of power supply load in order to maintain the balance of power system real-time. Clearly, Germany power dispatching Center will be faced with this very difficult problem.

This is equivalent to a short period over more than 20 large-scale nuclear power unit tripping and reclosing, could make Germany and even Europe’s power grids fail.

Germany power dispatching Center do?

In order to solve such a large-scale power source output fluctuations, optional measures “do not let it wave” and “cooperate with its volatility” in two ways:

If it is not let solar fluctuations, dispatch Center can be made a day ahead demand Germany all PV series in advance, leaving only the conventional power supply. So that we can avoid the next total solar eclipse happen PV output to move violently. But this is difficult to do, not to mention a violation of the law on renewable energy, is to realize the series is also very difficult. Germany 80% PV above is user-side roof project, although a new law requires the distributed solar will also be equipped with a remote control device, but actually rarely configured, so the dispatcher cannot be uniform removal of these distributed PV, least qianwanqianwa. Of course, you can also call people that stop PV, such as PV panels covered with quilts.

If it is in line with the solar fluctuations, can work on power supply side and demand side two.

In terms of conventional power, finding a power supply, you can instant roof PV power loss, while in total solar eclipse over the moment to quit running. Although Germany has some pumped-storage capacity, also has a very strong interconnection with neighboring countries, but within minutes you want the system 2000duowanqianwa with power supply overload, it is almost impossible. Mainly responsible for base load coal and electricity, and to sharply regulate coal and electricity output, at least several hours.

On the load side, can promote family equipped with distributed PV configuration user-side energy storage unit, ahead lay up extra electricity, power supply load during a total solar eclipse to quickly fill the gap. But the problem is that qianwanqianwa energy storage device installed within a year, it’s an astronomical expense, and then only in response to two minutes. When a can of course during a total solar eclipse, instantly cut off 2000duowanqianwa loads. Companies do not produce, residents without lights, we all watch the solar eclipse. But which cut the 20 million-kilowatt load is not only a technical issue, it is also a matter of economic and legal issues.

Several approaches from the point of view, it is very difficult. Small series best March 20 Germany, heavy snow, covered with photovoltaic panels, solar eclipse will not cause sharp fluctuations of output of photovoltaic power generation.

Of course, in reality the Germans would ultimately be in what kind of State of mind, what kind of preparation to deal with the upcoming total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015, we’ll see.

Original title: when the PV “meets” the total solar eclipse

PV market down “strike-hard” venture development is expected to be more

Polaris solar PV net news: three bursts: PV market down “strike-hard” wind

On October 29, to rectify the PV configuration link in the resources for investment and development of injustice, lack of management and speculative profits in varying degrees, strengthening the PV power plant project management, put an end to speculation in investment and development, keep the PV power station construction norms in order, National Energy Board released the specification for PV investment notice of order (hereinafter referred to as the notice).

This is so far this month, following investment in new power projects on development of the special supervision order and the notice on further strengthening of the PV power plant construction and operation management of notifications issued a reorganization of photovoltaic twice after speculation, the National Energy Board to crack down on photovoltaic plant power rent-seeking, the speculation hit the third punch. On further strengthening the construction of PV plants and management of working notice, specifically called for a ban on the sale of item filings and related interests. Investment in new power projects on development of the special supervision order: notice of proposed, speculation in investment in new power projects development must be resolutely stopped.

Media called “flagging” scalping is serious

“Flagging” means the consent from the relevant administrative departments project approval of previous work, “path” or “road” or, by contrast made “the road” and the time required is more difficult. Only get a “main road”, the companies can proceed with PV. In this process, there is a “flagging” trading market.

Hong Kong-listed company combined PV, Chief Information Officer and spokesperson Yao Jie was revealed in an interview that “flagging” selling mostly local individuals, has a great advantage in terms of land disposal and grid-connected. While a “flagging” is normally valid for two years, 100 megawatt power station construction period of only 5 months, it breeds the reselling of space. According to media reports, a 60-megawatt project being handed over profits of up to 10 million ~2000 million. On September 2, Trina solar announces new takeover at a cost of 240 million Yuan, Yunnan metallurgy 90% stake in energy company limited, which is primarily made in Honghe Prefecture of Yunnan province Jianshui County nanzhuang 300 megawatt photovoltaic power plant project “flagging”. This conversion exceeds 0.9 Yuan per watt “flagging” is known in the trade as “through the flagging”.

People familiar with the matter said, similar incident not only caused the dissatisfaction with the PV power plant investment and development companies, and also cause the “flagging” the scalp behind the existence of power rent-seeking attention. Reselling flagging phenomenon not only eroded the profits of real power station operators, but also makes people who really want to do power plants out of reach items, both ends of the demand and supply cannot be docked.

A share of PV-listed company officials had told reporters, many parts of the West this year tight ground power station issued late and the quota indicator, number of hydropower development companies doing projects were approved last year. These projects may have changed hands several times, and improves the final development of the enterprise’s investment costs.

Regulation is already in place to start

Drugs currently on the market, not just serious scalp of flagging, many have been given flagging failed to commence the construction of the project is also a major problem, year 13 gigawatts of energy building goals difficult to achieve.

On October 22, a Department of energy official at the meeting said that in January-September this year the national installed capacity is only 5.5 GW, if you want to achieve the annual goal of 13 gigawatts of, meaning four quarters to new 8 gigawatts of installed capacity. Because unlike this year down PV feed-in tariff by the end of last year as the introduction of new pricing policies, installing tide worse than expected, the early projects have been completed with difficulty.

It was reported that the intensive policy offensive, are beginning to strengthen supervision. On October 28, Jiangsu’s energy regulatory Office issued a document saying, will organize investment in new power projects to develop special monitoring. Special regulation focused on July 2013 to September 2014, in Jiangsu Province, photovoltaic, wind power, biomass power and thermal power investment project registration, approval, and its progress. Main purpose is to further standardize the order of development investment in new power projects to curb speculation in new power projects before put into production; implementation of the power plant construction plan goals, promoting the construction of timely investment in new power projects, strictly according to the law dealing with investment in new power projects in the development of illegal acts.

Media and expert commentary: more detailed measures more strictly stronger

With the first two on a new power project investment development special notification on supervision and on further strengthening of the PV power plant construction and operation management of notifications is different, the contents of this circular to dig deeper, more powerful measures, responsibility more clear. Reorganization including planning, resource allocation, management, flagging reselling, local protection, the National Energy Board and its local offices, as well as local administrative Department of Energy Division of responsibilities, there are very specific requirements.

“Closed-loop regulation” was a highlight of this circular and guarantee effective implementation of the contents of the notification line. November 3-the China electric power news

Photovoltaic power plant investment development is expected to be improved

National Energy Board 3 marker within 1 month notice referred to put an end to speculation in hydropower development in behavior, show that the Energy Department for governance “flagging” scalping unwavering, photovoltaic power plant investment in the short term the development order is expected to be significantly improved, and truly engaged in photovoltaic power plant development company, is expected to benefit since the market turned more. –New energy industry analyst at Minsheng securities Huang Tong said in an interview on October 30

A conservative estimate “Thirteen-Five” period PV power plant in China will reach 100 GW of installed capacity, including the latest, issued the notice, along with the perfect PV industry support policies and adjustment, downstream PV development will usher in a larger space for development. –Solarbuzz Lian Rui, senior analyst said in an interview on October 30

These three files is passed, PV market will shift from disordered and ordered an extensive and intensive, for future power plants can promote the development of East … –Hang Yu Ding Wenlei solar Executive Director said in an interview on October 30

PV power station development costs are expected to reduce

Although there are applications for new photovoltaic project standards, and rent-seeking practices exist, so “flagging” tend to not configured for the most preferred companies. “Flagging” transfer price at 0.3~0.5/w, up-front costs pushed up construction of photovoltaic power generation station. –China Energy Economics Research Institute solar Research Center master Ren Hongwei said in an interview on October 30

Distributed project may become a hot investment

Due to the distributed project does not have to be “flagging”, simply to adopt the registration system, so in the future, more and more power stations may shift to distributed development project areas. At present, agriculture greenhouses, ponds, hills and beaches of PV power projects, all in accordance with standard construction of the distributed project, this also means virtually has expanded the quantity of large power stations. This power plant investment in several areas, becoming a hot investment.

Original title: photovoltaic power plant investment development is expected to be more standardized

Gree, blue dreams: solar air conditioning, true grit

Polaris solar PV net news: this is the embodiment of innovation ability of a city landmark. Come to visit Zhuhai, Guangdong perennial unchanging scenery.

This is the flagship leading the industry forward. Air conditioning manufacturers almost all over the world riveting enough strength to compete, struggling to catch up.

This is an example of the changing times. Under the public encouragement of blundering, 80,000 gree always calm as one, work hard devotion. Just 23 years, they will be a SME annual sales of 20,000 units air conditioning, has annual sales of more than 60 million units of air conditioning industry in the world production and marketing “Big Mac”.

On December 21, the reporter approached the gree people sweltered in the winter, zero distance listen gree one of those little-known “blue dream story”.

Central gree electric appliances research and development complex. Gree company to provide

“Made in China” is the world famous “

Blue, color of dreams.

Send a diplomatic delegation, gree electric appliances household Dong mingzhu, sitting in front of reporters. Seated, impetuous woman’s Dong mingzhu, recalled to reporters recently at a “fire”.

Gree air conditioner to the region of the Middle East home appliances market has more than 8 years, in the eyes of dealers and their annual sales performance did not appear to be an ideal space. Constraints are there? Through a local air conditioning in some user feedback, view product labels in the “MADEINCHINA” alphabet a bit harsh.

Dealers believe that both of those fake Chinese businessmen in the name of the prejudice caused to foreign users, or across the Middle East on the spending habits of foreign brands, household appliances “sales is the hard truth”, if the tab of the gree air conditioning “made in China” into “Thailand made” or in other countries and regions, the sales will perform better. Finally looking forward to gree electric appliances Chairman, Dong mingzhu, President of the meeting, dealers made recommendations carefully.

“At that time I was a suppressed fire! It is not suggested that this is an insult to China, is for and contempt of all gree gree products! “Dong said,” I told them, distributing 30,000 gree stores all over the world must bear in mind that Chinese-made ‘ Hercules ‘ is not the Jerry-building or shoddy goods stall, all of our green products are in the minds of consumers with the highest quality and most comfortable high-end. Sales of gree electric appliances in the world, no matter where from, must be the real thing made in China! Are air conditioning products in the world’s number one brand! If there’s anyone to bargain over change labels, those sly little thing, then I’d rather an air conditioner does not sell! ”

Dong mingzhu, where does energy come from? Chief Engineer of gree electric appliances, Huang told reporters that from the start at the beginning of “good air conditioner, gree” commitment to establishing “core technology” of industrial spirit, to mankind’s sustainable survival consciousness again bore the responsibility of energy revolution, gree’s mission and serves as outside the scope of an enterprise.

Huang to reporter memories said, in the 1990 of the 20th century, domestic air conditioning sales market are in most hot of days, national air conditioning manufacturers have spread produced increased effect, only gree electrical a at reduced capacity, gave up handy of market space and rich profit, stopped footsteps to main products quality and key technology, built has at full industry unique of spare parts filter branch and products quality monitoring process, this only in one fell swoop break has abroad air conditioning industry giant on air conditioning compressor, core technology of monopoly situation, Finally won the domestic air conditioner market world has one, the foreign market has one third the world’s scale.

“Innovation culture permeates every employee’s in the blood”

Blue, the new color.

Gree engineers created 12,000 cumulative patents, patents for inventions of which more than 4,000 items, 2013 only patents with more than 2,700 items, daily average of 8 patents available in gree. Technology patent is behind all the gree people on the company’s sense of identity and sense of belonging.

There is an air conditioning industry widely disseminated story, said domestic air conditioner manufacturer Manager has personally led his “head-hunting” team based in Zhuhai gree headquarters, negotiating for more than a month, simply failed to poach a gree’s technical experts and senior managers.

“A company with tens of thousands of technical research and development personnel in large State-owned enterprises, can have such a strong cohesion and creativity, this is unthinkable outside. “Gree’s marketing department Minister Chen Zili told reporters that new gree hires each year, in addition to their enjoyment of their satisfaction with pay and benefits and equity incentives, but also will have a mentor. Gree’s first enterprise grade mentoring of new employees recruited not only to adapt to jobs at the fastest pace, but also spirit and unique industrial culture permeate every new and old employees in their blood. Under the guidance of the mentor, through continuous learning, study and job-oriented innovations, nearly every employee can efficiently expand their platform for career development and career growth.

This newspaper had reported that knowledge workers Zhang Shuyuan, when beginning to a gree with only junior secondary education culture, nothing about the air conditioning technical knowledge. With mentoring and learning platforms, step by step, Zhang Shuyuan growth for high-skilled workers.

Porters through mentor Cao Xiang Yun secured a full-time training opportunity to learn to drive a forklift, get their license, then, under the teacher’s words and deeds, acquired a forklift stunt, on CCTV’s challenge title, became known to the nation for “forklift King.” Cao Xiangyun said: “is the gree gave me realize the dream stage of life, we have no reason not to here alone. ”

“Gree electric appliances are invested heavily in setting up vocational and technical college, and strive to achieve green line workers from the transformation and upgrading of skills to the full post. “Gree training Minister Wang Fawen proudly said that company now has over more than 2000 line workers learn in college classes, undergraduate management and technical personnel, more than 400 people in the enterprise masters degree in engineering and MBA classes, gree started” six modules “training system, also supports a strong, invincible’s innovative high-tech enterprises. Reporters saw specifically designed to charge their employees learn college classes, graduate classes will be opened in the Hercules factory corner or administrative building. Skilled employees into the shop are produced every day, get in the class are students.

Assistant President Tan Jianming, Deputy Chief Engineer in an interview, said that the General staff here occasionally to see the President, and not talking about an individual’s salary, but what technology how to improve, and what has been a very good idea, once the President’s affirmation, all getting active in contention, the General staff has dared to junlingzhuang. Because of the generosity of companies for resources, platforms and try again, fail “innovation culture” that makes jobs talent, creativity and invention become a conscious action of each gree people. Tan Jianming said gree 8,000 engineers almost everyone keeps “two day after completing a three-day live” vitality, voluntary overtime five or six head per person per day is common, and won’t go away.

Energy and persistence from unite as one firm targets. This goal is: “for the world to use gree air conditioner”, Dong told reporters.

“Let the sky bluer, greener Earth”

Blue, pure dreams.

It was an unusual day on the land of southern Guangdong. A red Sun the gentle sea, beautiful glow of dyed the vast mountains of the West coast of the Pearl River mouth, flushed the gree electric appliances research and development building to 23 young faces and they cheered the lithe figure. July 6, 2013, along with the rising of the Sun, a solar-powered air conditioning in a group of Chinese engineers with an average age of 30 hands was born.

From midnight to dawn, gree solar central air-conditioning test centers quiet and busy, engineers looked tense and solemn. Everything was ready, they were waiting for the sun shone at the moment. 386 times they use a year experience troubleshooting, more than 500 times burnt motor, losses of tens of millions of dollars in Exchange for this “electrical equipment” to embrace the universe in an endless round of “power plant”, the source of “renewable energy”.

Shortly after midnight, her first rays of light from the rising sun shines on the solar panels on the roof, and doled out generous warmth and light, creating a water sparkling, sparkling blue lakes. At the moment, gree compressor manufacturing information solemn controlled command center, time seems to stop, people held their breath, Live Messenger sound password, giant electronic screen, air conditioning units, photovoltaic systems, utility grid data matrix expressing the ups and downs of three sets of complex and orderly and unpredictable, and thus began an unusual experiment.

“635 volts! Current 101! ”

“640 volts! Current 190! ”

“630 volts! Current 230! ”

Decisive for Commander ordered: “mode a startup, the host boot! ”

Host PV boot with central air conditioning refrigeration, the command center Hall Thunder bursts of Thunder once again.

Commanders ordered again: “mode II starts, the host loads, photovoltaic feed! ”

“PV power 80-kilowatt! ”

“PV power 130-kilowatt! ”

“PV power 180-kilowatt! ”

Like an extraterrestrial, a unit under the influence of solar DC voltage, net weight of 28 tons of solar air conditioning started slowly, DC FREQUENCY centrifugal machine suddenly made impressive singing. Meanwhile, a more powerful photovoltaic current and slowly inject the Zhuhai urban grid. Test centers electronic screen, air conditioning units, photovoltaic electricity, utility grid achieve the coveted energy flow freely for the first time, seamless, integrated monitoring and automated management.

“Did it! “” We did it! “Make it through the long night finally usher in a miracle of engineers to tears, rushed to gree employees are all spread!

“This is the day that changed the world. “Renewable energy in conjunction with refrigeration equipment dreams first. China refrigeration and air-conditioning industry Association Secretary-General Zhang ZhaoHui said that DC direct drive air conditioning using solar energy, electricity generation and electricity here freely switch will greatly save the planet’s fossil fuel consumption, which greatly ease the country’s shortage of electricity supply situation.

On December 21, 2013, the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a major inventions result appraisal for gree, experts agree that “without central air conditioning of the tariff” was born in China, gree, which is the leading international, the world’s first.

“This is a gree people blue skies dreams into reality one day! “Gree, Chairman Dong told Xinhua in an interview that, gree people 23 years of manufacturing in China, national pride dream a dream and the dream world brands are now condensed into a dream: all for mankind’s sustainable survival, in order to make the sky bluer, greener Earth.

Original title: “the green man” blue dream

Analysts predicted that in 2015, the energy field five “Black Swan” events

Polaris solar PV net news: 2014, crude oil prices tumbled stunned markets, 2015 energy fields may also be filled with all kinds of surprises. These accidents happen they really can not say, but if he does become a reality, and certainly makes a lot of people by surprise. Here’s what columnist KurtCobb forecast 2015 energy five “accidental”:

1. the United States of crude oil and natural gas production fell for the first time since 2008 and 2005 respectively.

Momentum of the sharp fall in world oil prices has slowed somewhat, but even so, the United States still significantly reduce the price of natural gas. Falling oil prices have prompted United States drilling announced to reduce drilling operations sharply next year. However, those who have completed the signing of contract drilling companies will operate as usual, wells to be built will be completed. Rescind a contract can be costly, moreover, doesn’t take the completion of the wells have been drilled successfully, nor does it make it into production is foolish, as resulting from drilling, including future debt-servicing costs are still there. In this environment, for enterprises profit is better than nothing.

2. global crude prices close below $ 30 a barrel level.

Analysts believe that prices will only last for a short period of time, unless the global struggle with another round of recession. However, because of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) has repeatedly said it would maintain its current oil output cut until non-OPEC member countries, the Eagles game of chicken is expected to lead global oil inventories increase in last several months. While crude stocks increased the root cause of many Asian countries, especially China’s economic slowdown, as well as Europe and Japan stagnant. Global economic growth if there is any rebound will boost demand and push oil prices lower than today’s level rose sharply.

3. solar thermal development shows that they can solve the storage problem of renewable energy generation.

Difficulty in renewable energy is electricity storage are very expensive. Storage is very important, because on windy or renewable energy, when the sun shines, but not necessarily at a time when they need it. Solar thermal breakthroughs or approaching, which will overcome previous solar thermal temperature limit problems caused by the capture and make cheap storage, possible to load high output solar power station around the clock.

4. the Paris climate talks about reaching a binding agreement on greenhouse gas emission limits.

World Climate Conference to be held in Paris next summer, but for which the meeting of expectations fairly low. 2015 climate conference in Paris is one of the goals of reaching a binding global carbon emissions limits.

5. crude oil prices hit $ 100 a barrel before December 31, 2015.

Compared with the 2nd piece, this is the other extreme. Almost all analysts predicted that oil prices will stay low, and many people believe has now entered a new era of cheap oil. If an earlier-than-expected decline in oil production and fell far more than expected, coupled with demand rising more than expected, which led to oil prices back above 100 dollars per barrel. KurtCobb think it is more likely to occur in late 2016. But the oil price rose to 100 $/barrel above the timetable may be accelerated by many factors yet.

Original title: analysts predict five in 2015 energy Black Swan events

Entrepreneurial myth-decrypt jinko 50 billion road

Polaris solar PV net news: in the PV industry, sitech is a mythical being. In 2006, Shangrao, Jiangxi province was founded, in 2010, that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, in 2014, the sales income exceeding 50 billion yuan. Every four years to a new level, with only eight short years, apt from scratch, from small to big, from weak to strong, as the world’s leading photovoltaic manufacturers.

Bing Xin’s poems: the success of flowers, only the admiration she has vivid colors, but when her bud, drenched in fighting tears, poured over a sacrifice of blood rain. Also, apt for and trials and hardships, founder of the apt also experiences honed and tested heavily, eventually making waves this great liner, invincible.

In 2006, the three $literal, Xian hua, Xian de brothers and brother-in-law, Chen Kangping departing the industry has been struggling for years with only modest success, 10 million of co-financing, jinkosolar established co. Today, sitech Empire, this was a smart move, but the third person, but it amounts to a huge gamble.

Established beginning of Crystal section, also encountered has such or as of venture barriers, but three people and no retreat, they with a share drive son and honours son, beat has a and a lion, then in do has large of market research Hou found, PV industry of prospects far Super they of imagine, so they quickly to modify has target, no longer meet Yu only to a or over solar Enterprise do supporting, they to will products extended to wafer, and battery, and component, PV industry of upper and lower tour.

Objectives, the rest is financing precisely this question is also the most difficult to resolve. Are bewildered when they found a lifeline: many PV companies have very limited raw materials. So they took their production planning and production capacity of the plant configuration, going from the industry, they won a lot of good faith have confidence and affirmation of the strength of the company, received a huge amount of orders and payment. They used the advance purchase of equipment and raw materials, complete production and delivery to customers again, apt completed the primitive accumulation of funds in such a way, opened up a road to success at an alarming rate, aggressively.

2007, Crystal section energy wafer capacity 80 MW, achieved sales income 780 million Yuan, tax 38.6 million Yuan; 2008, wafer capacity expanded to 220 MW, achieved sales income 3 billion yuan, tax 120 million Yuan; 2009, acquisition Zhejiang Henin first home entered PV industry of enterprise-Zhejiang Sun Valley energy application technology limited; 2010, Crystal section energy in New York Securities Exchange official listed; 2014, Crystal section of sales income breakthrough 50 billion mark.

Jingke, at flying speed world PV industry of the horse. Chairman Xian de, President Chen Kangping, Vice President Xian hua, these three names, also with sitech speed became legendary in the industry.

Long Avenue, as the iron, now moving from scratch. Sitech guys know glory belongs to the past, good to see tomorrow, they will continue to work with ATP aboard the luxury ship sailing, expeditions at sea, to a successful end.

Original title: jinko startup story: going back in time to sail forward

Development of policy to support distributed PV “roof economy” attention

Polaris solar PV net news: future energy look like? “Each of us to have a solar power station and connected these power stations over the wire to form a network. Your electricity generated by power plants could be used to meet their own needs, can also be sold to someone else over the network and vice versa, if you don’t have enough power, or you can buy spare parts from others, even the price can also be determined by your negotiation. This is the future of smart grid and distributed photovoltaic power plant. “Li Hejun, hanergy Holdings Group Chairman told Xinhua in an interview recently, energy options for the future that are described.

These may seem somewhat far away, not just ideas.

Development of policy to support distributed PV

Due to the photovoltaic power generation is remarkably clean, environmentally friendly, and is considered to be one of the highest quality green energy. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) results from the effect of carbon dioxide emissions, installing 100 square meters of photovoltaic power generation system is equivalent to 1 square meter afforestation. Average sunshine in China under the condition of installing 1-kilowatt photovoltaic power generation system, 1 may issue 1200 kilowatt-hours of electricity, reduce coal use around 1 ton.

Environmental pollution is emerging today, people’s increasing demand for clean energy, photovoltaic industry has witnessed rapid development.

From data, you can visually see that trend, the first three quarters of this year, when national photovoltaic power generation is about 18 billion-kilowatt, equivalent to 200% 2013 as a whole generating capacity. According to the recently released strategic plan of action on energy development, goal 2020 PV installed capacity in China will be more than “Twelve-Five” doubled, reached around 100 million-kilowatt.

“Distributed solar power as a State key project, developing more rapidly. “Li Hejun believes that distributed photovoltaic power generation in the future will be the main force in guiding the development of new energy.

This has got the confirmed policy.

To support the domestic development of distributed PV, development and Reform Commission, departments such as the Department of energy, national grid, the State administration of taxation has issued a number of distributed PV rules, improve the system of distributed policy. On December 24, 2014, the National Energy Board succession three files to support PV development requires grid companies to do the work of getting ready for a grid connected projects in a timely manner, and strive to have the conditions for incorporation project at the end of December this year realization of grid-connected operation.

Which, in advance distributed PV power application demonstration district construction of notification in, Energy Council proposed, to further advance distributed PV power demonstration district construction, in has announced of first batch 18 a distributed PV power application demonstration district outside, increased jiaxing PV high district, 12 a park, total 30 a national first based facilities, field encourages social investment distributed PV power application demonstration district. While asking, demonstration zone for local energy authorities to guide the Government in formulating related policies and measures to support PV applications.

In fact, the national energy policy since 2012, always tilt toward distributed PV.

On October 26, 2012, on the national grid service distributed PV on-grid press conference, then released on a distributed grid-connected PV opinions on service work. Contents include, distributed PV distributed access and low voltage distribution system, allowing extra power Internet, according to the national power grid enterprises policy full purchase of surplus power from distributed photovoltaic access the public network by and connected to the public grid networks of support measures such as construction by grid enterprises to invest.

Explicitly laid out plans announced the States to encourage construction and architecture in the eastern part of distributed PV systems by 2015, distributed PV to reach 10 million-kilowatt.

Distributed solar power becomes an important development direction of China’s future energy use.

Photovoltaic power generation to “target” the roofing market

On July 4, 2013, the State Department released the several opinions of the State Council on promoting the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, encourage developing distributed PV market, encouraging all kinds of power construction of distributed PV generation system, especially in communities promoting small distributed PV systems.

“Distributed solar power” is not mysterious, national grid engineer surnamed Zhang told reporters, this is a site where users run to “spontaneous use, residual power” as characteristics of photovoltaic power generation facilities. Currently the most widely distributed PV systems, photovoltaic power generation projects is built on the roofs of the city. Due to the photovoltaic generation of electricity cannot be stored, needs to occur at the same time, this type of project must be connected to the public grid, together with the public power supply power to nearby users. If there is no public grid support, and distributed systems cannot guarantee the reliability and quality of electricity for electricity.

Install a small photovoltaic plant at home, self-produced, and won’t be able to sell it to someone else, sounds like a good plan. What conditions are needed to achieve this?

Reporters interviewed a families PV installation experience of Mr. Chen. Chen said that only need to apply to the individual user, submit the corresponding proof of identity and property permission, the power company will be accepted, if qualified, will arrange for the door-to-door verification of staff, measure the roof area to meet project requirements and other specific issues, installation recommendations presented, and issue a letter of access systems.

Next, access Comment Letter to hire construction units of the system design and installation. Set power generating equipment generally consists of solar panels, inverters, accessories such as brackets, cables and installation, which requires purchase, or provided by the construction contractor. Mr CHAN has proposed to buy consult a knowledgeable person before, “according to your power generation, electricity needs to figure out what kind of plate (solar panels), power generation equipment, after all, is the largest investment of the entire project, solar power without using any fuel, running costs are low, but the higher initial investment of PV devices, the entire project is cost-effective, kanban and demand match.”

After the construction is completed and then apply for acceptance to the power company and incorporation, “the whole process wasn’t all that complicated. “Mr Chen said.

The power company staff, for domestic users of photovoltaic devices, the power company will install a two meter free, a power meter is measurement of photovoltaic power generation, another is the bi-directional measurement meter, is used to display the user’s own electricity and sell power to the grid, users can see their own daily electricity consumption, electricity generation and transmission to the power grid on the situation. Electricity generation can be “all for personal use” and “spontaneous use remaining capacity Internet access” or “full access”, choose their own mode of Internet access by the user.

At present, the main “spontaneous use, residual Internet” mode, 0.42 Yuan per kilowatt-hour given subsidy. Users from the consumption of electricity is measured, part Internet measurement alone, according to the power purchase price settlement. Power company staff’s recommendation due to retail price higher than the system buy price, so try to increase the proportion of private economical.

Insiders said that with the improvement of energy awareness, more and more industrial, commercial and public facilities as well as civilian housing used in roof-mounted distributed photovoltaic power stations for electricity generation, under the policies of encouraging, distributed PV market will show explosive growth in China.

“Dreams” and “reality” there is a gap between

If “policy” can “dream” to represent, then the “market” corresponds with the “reality”.

While generally optimistic about the PV market in the industry, but domestic PV from the Federation of electric power companies releases figures but is not optimistic, according to grid-connected PV cumulative 2014 1 May only 620MW, which distributed the scale below.

“State support for distributed PV at present very big”, Liu Yang, head of a PV enterprises in Jinan, told reporters, “but the market’s reaction to a distributed but rather plain. ”

Liuyang has fought for many years in the solar market. Turning recruits into their minds, he was still somewhat excited. “With the ‘ Golden Sun ‘ policy is complete, we decide in large amounts of electricity in the eastern region will give priority to the development of distributed PV generation, one year up to a dozen policies at national level, local and in additional subsidies and incorporation procedures are much simplified. All this has provided a basis for the development of distributed and space. ”

Liu Yang thinks his team captures the time of admission, but what develops, but not as smoothly as planned. “If the community’s understanding of distributed PV is not deep enough, although many of the frequent introduction of the policy of the Central Government and provincial governments, but landed hard. Especially what needs to be multi-sectoral coordination is progress difficult. Incorporation, registration, settlement, subsidies for paying the electricity bills and other matters are still uneven, irregular operation, and generous. ”

Meanwhile, he believed that lack of financing, high cost, credit system does not lead to investment funds under pressure, earnings stability problems such as limited by investors that invest in distributed PV initiative. “Quality projects resources and access cannot be completed seamlessly and can only watch as well sometimes unable to start project. ”

Analysis of the industry, China PV industry market to start a slow, uncoordinated markets and industries is causing domestic demand is the main reason for lack of, is also the biggest bottleneck of China PV industry development. At present, renewable energy quota system is not yet perfect, mandatory standards and other mandatory green building policy has not yet been born, owners of the project and the enthusiasm of the local governments, the local power grid enterprises are not fully mobilized, fall to parity in cost of generating electricity without prior to degree, simply consider the economic feasibility, is not enough to develop a vast potential market.

Nevertheless, the Liuyang remains hopeful about the prospect of distributed PV. “Distributed solar power projects with good compared to other long time stable cash flows, the market is so large. Popularization and application of photovoltaic products in China’s domestic market has been hovering in the low post, but the skill level of PV industry in China is close to world-class level. ”

“Development of distributed PV requires force. “He said.

If so, then the “reality” from the “dream” is not too far, perhaps only “one step away”.

Original title: development of policy to support distributed PV “roof economy” attention

Clear energy converter of photovoltaic power generation system certification service notification

Polaris solar PV net news: December 25, 2014, launched the China quality certification center certified energy converter of photovoltaic power generation system business. Full text of the notice below:

“Notice” on the clear energy converter of photovoltaic power generation system certification service notification

Related companies:

China quality certification Center (abbreviated CQC) developed and launched the energy converter of photovoltaic power generation system certification services.

Business information is as follows:

CQC product certification to the new Department of energy has begun to accept applications for certification of the product, enterprises can be certified by CQC website to submit applications, specifics please contact new energy product certification engineer, phone number 010-83886267

China quality certification center

December 25, 2014

Original title: “notice” on the clear energy converter of photovoltaic power generation system certification service notification

Details of distributed PV income tax measures

Polaris solar PV net news: some time ago, I published an article you know a photovoltaic project running to what tax do? The article, after outlining the PV operating profit need to pay their share of taxes and, this time, I will delve into the income tax payment way, ask for everybody’s opinion.

Photovoltaic power plant to pay taxes and tax rates the following table:

According to the internal revenue service [2009]80, the State administration of taxation on carrying out public infrastructure projects supported by the State enterprise income tax preferences for notification “:” … … Income from its investment operations, since the project first tax year in production income, to third-year exemption from enterprise income tax in the first year, fourth to sixth year income tax corporate income tax (12.5%), six years after the tax is imposed by the 25%. ”

Author query these public infrastructure project called the catalogue of enterprise income tax preferential, PV entries are as follows:

Catalogue of new photovoltaic project as approved preferential income tax programs.

It is well known that new project approval is generally divided into three administrative tools: filing, approval and approval. Record approved by the municipal authorities, approved by provincial authorities, needed to run.

So, distributed projects, according to the most recent definition, fan chips, is divided into two, one for the roof, factory space, architectural integration, a single dot below 6 MW connected to 10KV and below the rating for projects; another to use waste hills and unreclaimed lands, beaches, pond water, such as unused land construction of 20MW, 35KV and below grade Access project.

The former need to record, while the latter requires approval.

In accordance with the provisions of the catalog, distributed before the project should not belong to the preferential income tax programs and projects approved by the category because they belong to, shall enjoy the preferential income tax policy.

Of course, large power projects need approval or approval, so is sure to enjoy preferential income tax.

Original title: distributed PV income tax payment method details

Solar earnings down BYD in 2015, revenue structure changes

Polaris solar PV net news: December 18, company h, a-stocks experienced a cliff fall, shares an intraday drop of as much as 46.06%,A stock the same day also fell to 36.43 dollars/share. Subsequently, BYD management immediately convened three teleconferences, point-by-point rebuttal of negative market rumours, BYD’s Hong Kong shares rebounded after few days.

To boost investor confidence, 19th, BYD co-founder of Xia Zuoquan in h-shares to increase its stake after 500,000 shares of BYD Chairman Wang chuanfu 23rd also purchased 1 million shares of company shares from the market. 24th, 25th stocks rise for second day, 26th shares declined marginally (h-shares were closed 25th, 26th).

Company insiders told reporters, billionaire investor Warren Buffett not only reducing BYD, considered a successor to Mr Buffett’s Li Lu’s share price tumbled day bought shares in a company. In addition, the leading investment firms Blackstone Group this year, has continued to raise its stake in BYD, “this year, our traditional cars roughly in line with last year, new energy vehicles might go from zero to 8 billion yuan, our earnings and future prospects are very good, reason for prices not crashed.”

Reason for prices not crashed?

BYD bizarre December 18 falls in prices, there are three kinds of rumors in the market: one is BYD in Russia suffered exchange losses of hundreds of millions of dollars; the second is Buffett’s holdings of BYD, electric bus order sharply; the third is financial broke and heavily invested in funds has been triggered stop-loss.

Subsequently, the company held an emergency conference call for clarification. Conference call: BYD in Russia there is no big loss on Exchange, exports this year Russia’s total sales of only $ 700,000; all operating normally orders electric stability; battery factory running; and a handful of key investor communications, did not understand, reduce, Buffett’s holdings of unlikely; Wang chuanfu, without incident, and also chairs the shareholders ‘ meeting the day before yesterday, yesterday met with the employees.

In this regard, yesterday in an interview with Wang chuanfu has had in-depth exchanges Chief Wang Liusheng, an analyst at merchants securities industry. According to he revealed, due to bullish h BYD prospects, has investors through financing thaw coupons channel, borrowed has over brokerage of money previously large purchased into BYD stock, prior provides shares fell to a a range Shi must forced flat warehouse, just 35 Yuan/unit is a support points, investors forget fill warehouse, led to financing disc forced flat warehouse, caused ripple effect eventually shares plunged, “private big guy were of claims, can’t validation”.

Wang Liusheng believes that reason for yadi fundamentals don’t see share prices plunge on, Li Lu, and Blackstone’s shares is the best endorsement.

It is reported that just before the Xia Zuoquan and Wang chuanfu, BYD stock holdings, another major investor on December 4 and 9th twice the Blackstone Group bought its h shares, total holdings of 1.683 million shares, had reached 5.71% per cent at present.

Next year, BYD’s sales structure changes

BYD announced earnings this year: 40.409 billion yuan from January to September, operating income, rose 4.4%; net profit was 389 million Yuan, down 16.38%. After deducting the non-recurring profit and loss, a loss of 390 million yuan in the third quarter before. Company losses are mainly due to the decline in traditional business, solar energy operations under the influence of product prices down.

“From a fundamental, inherent to the company this year mobile phone parts and assembly operations profit rose, as Huawei mobile phones businesses improves next year, particularly with the facelift metal case Samsung phones next year will provide BYD with 10 billion yuan in revenue, mobile phones businesses for the development of other business with good cash flow,” Wang Liusheng, told reporters.

Meanwhile, BYD in new energy car Shang is continued punches, this year sales can to 20,000 car, sales reached 8 billion yuan around, “these new energy car inputs too big, but project reserves gradually mature, with next year early new battery factory production, battery capacity release, plug electric type mixed moving SUV Tang also is in next year March or April listed, became future of new growth”, Wang Liusheng said.

Wang Liusheng analysis, next year will will is BYD history of a inflection point, with BYD capacity scale of expanded, 2015 is expected to BYD new energy car sales will reached 60,000 car, sales can up 20 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan, this means with BYD car business will achieved new energy car and traditional car half points, “BYD Qin monthly sales 2,500 car is the car profit tipping point, this year because battery capacity factors, next year certainly can reached; electric bus K9 this year sales in 2,500 car around, Next year has more than 6,000 cars. “

Company insiders told reporters, excluding research and development costs, and now every K9 can earn 1 million yuan of profits abroad were can reach 2 million yuan of profits, “use electric buses already is a trend across the country, our future prospects in the field of public transport are to be expected.”

According to him, BYD is now facing five continents listing its K9 electric bus, along with a new battery plant, its entire revenue structure will be changed.

Original title: collapse in BYD Wang chuanfu emergency holdings to support margin collapse in business catalyst

Egypt next year will be open to private investors in China electric power infrastructure and renewable energy, and other fields

Polaris solar PV net news: “Egypt electricity laws would be enacted next year, our electricity market is controlled by the Government, starting from next year, will be open to private investors. Egypt attached great importance to implementation of nuclear power projects, and broaden the field of renewable energy projects. “Recently, the Egypt Ministry of electricity and renewable energy Minister Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi in an interview with reporters, said Egypt attaches great importance to developing its relations with China, and open to Chinese investors, power infrastructure and renewable energy, and other fields. He predicted that by the end of this year, Sino-Egyptian bilateral trade is expected to reach 11 billion dollars, Chinese investment in Egypt will reach $ 500 million.

With Egypt President Sessi’s recent visit to China, Sino-Egyptian cooperation on economy, trade, energy and other areas of a number of cooperation documents signed during this period, indicating that bilateral energy cooperation has ushered in a new opportunity.

Great potential for Sino-Egyptian cooperation in energy markets

On December 9, 4 Egypt Cabinet Ministers: Minister for international cooperation, Minister of communications, Minister of trade and industry and the Ministry of electricity and renewable energy Minister visited China, and Chinese enterprises to carry out more of the investment negotiations, for Egypt to strengthen collaboration warming up. On December 12, the Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration Wu xinxiong in Beijing met with the Egypt Ministry of electricity and renewable energy Minister, exchanged views on Sino-Egyptian cooperation in nuclear power and renewable sources of energy, such as an in-depth exchange of views on co-operation in the field.

Egypt is not energy superpower in the Middle East, 95% of electricity by natural gas and diesel in the country now, 5% mainly by hydro-electric power. In recent years, with the rapid increase of population, the rapid growth in energy demand, Egypt domestic energy industry has become a stumbling block to economic development—fuel shortages, severe power shortages, heavy load of energy subsidies. Because the power shortage problem, Egypt the Government had to take measures such as rationing in peak summer season, not only did this give Egypt public inconvenience, also brought heavy losses to industrial production.

High energy subsidies also gave Egypt a heavy external debt burden the Government. Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi said Egypt will slowly reduce subsidies for energy over the next 5 years total elimination of energy subsidies, over the past few years has had an increase in electricity prices in 33%.

To tackle the country’s energy problems, Egypt Government on a renewable energy Conference in Cairo, held on December 14 to foreign investors extended the olive branch, its plan in two years to rely on attracting foreign investment to achieve breakthroughs in renewable energy fields, and recently introduced wind power, photovoltaic energy development plan and price. To reassure investors concerns, electricity prices are linked to the pound and the US dollar exchange rate.

“Investors know that stable, secure environment for investment is the foremost concern of attracting foreign investment. Unstable situation, investors worry, of course, will pull the plug. Now Egypt ended a chaotic situation, there are many cooperative projects waits for the arrival of investors. “Sessi’s visit has also said that Egypt in areas such as energy and infrastructure construction has a broad investment prospects in the hope that more Chinese enterprises to invest in Egypt, Egypt will provide Chinese investors with a variety of Government support and assistance.

He said that Egypt has drafted a new Act, efforts to improve the investment environment and protect the interests of foreign investors.

“Chinese investors, in Egypt the power and energy sector investment opportunities are increasing. At present, in the Egypt investment of China’s enterprises with more than 1100 with a total investment of about $ 470 million. “Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi, told reporters that Egypt’s power sector projects seeking foreign direct investment included in the programme of action. These items would be held next March in Sharm el-Sheikh of Egypt Conference on economic development announced that deserve attention from Chinese investors.

Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi said in the power market, Egypt not only to expand the size of power stations and electricity supply and transmission networks should be enhanced.

Egypt many initiatives promoting the development of new energy sources

It is reported that the renewable energy in Egypt the proportion of primary energy consumption is only about 8%, and is mainly dominated by hydropower, solar and wind energy accounts for less than 1%. Egypt Government put forward by 2020 from renewable primary energy consumption was 20%, 12% plan is provided by wind power.

Egypt Government on their energy acutely aware of the situation, they even the Ministry was renamed the Ministry of electricity and renewable energy (Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy), we can see that importance.

In fact, Egypt had a great potential the development of renewable energy, especially wind and solar power. According to the introduction, in Egypt, an annual average of sunny days than Germany twice as much, Egypt city Aswan in southern days is more than 330 days of sunshine every year. Suez’s wind resources are abundant in coastal areas, where there are vast untapped land and its distance from the load centers in Cairo are closer, which provides favorable conditions for building wind farms.

In addition, Egypt also participated in the entire North Africa to stage the “Desertec” (desert industry plan), the project generated by sunlight, solar thermal, wind power, besides supplying the North Africa region, will also be exported to Europe.

According to Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi introduction, Egypt Government attaches great importance to the development of renewable energy, a complete development plan for that purpose. Meanwhile,

Adopted and promulgated a series of laws to encourage renewable and clean energy investment regulations. For example, for the production of solar and wind power parts free of duties and taxes, allocation of land, and Egypt signed electricity transmission company or other electricity supply agreements. Currently, these policies have entered the implementation phase.

Reporters from the Egypt Embassy is aware, there were 177 companies participate in the Egypt Ministry of electricity and renewable energy renewable energy project to be held in late November, results of the tender will be announced soon. The enterprises who invest in PV projects will receive 25 years of land tenure, wind power project for 20 years. MohamedShakerEl-Markabi told reporters that in order to attract foreign investment in Egypt carry out renewable energy projects, Egypt has set up a special government agency, offers a full range of services to foreign investors.

“Renewable energy, it is estimated that solar power the fastest progress, is expected to be achieved within 1 year grid. “MohamedShakerEl-Markabi told journalists, the current renewable energy, especially wind and solar power in Egypt a good momentum of development, promising fast grid-connected power generation. “Wind power projects may be slightly slower, but can also realize the grid power within two years. Now, Egypt is stepping up efforts to build infrastructure, such as solar power and wind farms substations to secure the power generated by solar and wind energy as soon as possible. Egypt’s initiatives for global renewable energy developers, including Chinese companies bring a lot of opportunities. “Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi said.

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GCL Mr Zhu Shan: photovoltaic manufacturing era has passed industry needs a “Huawei”

Polaris solar PV net news: “Suri’s time has passed, later named Concord integrated company”, December 26, GCL Group Chairman of the Board Mr Zhu said, the company focused systems integration services is not only trading in devices, but to do the best service company in the photovoltaic industry. In his view, the PV industry needs companies like Huawei, should focus on services are no longer just product, “today’s a-share market is not short of manufacturing, but the lack of strong innovation ability, stronger than that of consolidation and setting the industry standard for companies.”

At present, the GCL has been completed on the original Super Japanese company restructuring. “In 2015, no less than 600 million yuan in net profit” performance commitments, Mr Zhu thought “no problem”, next year, GCL integrated companies will benefit from the integration and development of financial business. GCL-Shu Hua, the Chief Executive pointed out that “financial instruments and risk control, differentiation of PV industry’s existing business model, used to be a spell price and size, and next year will enter the top level industry consolidation, greater emphasis on technology and services. The future, the industry will enter a stage of financial deepening and parity of two-wheeled “.

Not long ago, Li Xiexin announced wafer business divestiture program, but some shareholders of the Hong Kong capital markets believes that “GCL Peel is beneficial to listed company capital structure of the company, but will be properly addressed in the existing management team.” At the request of the shareholders, GCL-change the resolution. Mr Zhu said, “this decision will not affect the company’s business next year, with silicon to the original purchaser and deeper cooperation plan. ”

Shu Hua pointed out that, in PV industry integration to more high-level development stage, will to industry brings challenge and opportunities, industry integration mode and trend has following several aspects: to General mode merger of cross type integration, promoting amount winning slightly tide, accelerated industry shuffle; to light assets mode of horizontal integration (generation workers), makes leading enterprise upgrade market share, obtained development opportunities; to capital for ties of produced thaw combines, accelerated PV industry of financial deepening, continued stable development; to specialization development of split integration, Optimize business models to adapt to trends; and in the end, will enter the combination of optimal allocation of senior.

GCL Group Chairman Mr Zhu detailed strategic orientation of a-share listed companies

Polaris solar PV net news: Golden Concord (Group) Holdings Ltd Chairman, Mr Zhu during an interview with reporters this morning, said Li Xiexin (not injecting Silicon into the a-share listed companies chaori solar (hereinafter “GCL integration”), is largely due to some shareholders think. He also explained in detail the GCL newly acquired strategic orientation the listed company shall become a full range of renewable energy Integrator.

“Assets from GCL (wafers), turns out to be injected into the Concord integrated. Since then, our main shareholders taking into account the part of the Hong Kong capital markets the idea and made a difference, (terminated Silicon injections). About GCL’s management is confident that despite their asset-liability ratio is a bit high, capital structure is a bit unreasonable. “Mr Zhu said, many funds are accompanying enterprises for many years, have high hopes for GCL. These wishes are and hope that the platform of the wafer in the GCL, “it was okay, our shareholders do not need to wait. If the general meeting, and sells wafer project shareholders say NO, but bad. In future, GCL-poly silicon business to lead not only in high efficiency long Crystal and the sections to achieve the world’s advanced level, transformation and upgrade sections of old, cost, and efficiency. “He said that some investors had planned to buy silicon wafers, and other cooperation with Concord Group.

When referring to the GCL integrates positioning, Mr Zhu is very confident. He said that GCL integration will have different patterns, such as commercial, portable, floating roofs, such as fisheries, agriculture, light will have an integrated solution. “We set up this company aims to provide PV integration services to the public, to help you as soon as possible to start using photovoltaic products. At present, the market lacks PV services company can truly engaged in the enterprise. Suppose a family roof PV power plant to be built, how to solve its funding, how to operation and maintenance, and no such method, and banks will think this one is too small. GCL integration approach is, as long as you log in, we would have to provide the service and installation of thousands of households. “He said, hoping more companies to participate in this market, to expand the market.

He stressed, Association Xin integrated of service, just and consumers sale equipment of relationship, future to do best of shipped dimension company, “we will through big data, through Association Xin group of 25 years operations experience, and we has some power plant resources, absorption introduction global most advanced of solar station experience and software, quickly integrated for best of software and hardware platform, for station investment and has who provides development service. I have said many times, the PV industry needs a Huawei, is no longer selling products, but sales and service. ”

He also said that in Europe, solar plants are traded in the market. In Europe earlier than China does, the future of solar power stations in China’s capital market transactions. “I think, now China’s solar power development just enlightenment, many companies are now in development is not a normal thing, there should be a professional corporate, EPC projects, system integration has a good stock of knowledge and the Division of labour. ”

Mr Zhu also said that GCL integrated company will have the financial business, “I do not have financial licences, GCL group rather than reputation and background, introduce more financial companies, product customization done for us. Technological, financial, product and services with each other, it is GCL integration. ”

For Association Xin new energy this Hong Kong power listed company, Zhu total mountain said, the enterprise internal also has a shipped dimension career Department, “but this company of shipped dimension is career Department, it does not to engaged in this sector and this enterprise yiwai of operations maintenance business, and Association Xin integrated is is face General customer, not only is solar, also has wind, and or heating power, are can to do. “Mr Zhu said, did not rule out future Concord new energy and concord between the integrated cooperation, but on the basis of fair market conditions to operate.

Mr Zhu also revealed, GCL group has two main lines of the future: first, clean energy, led by natural gas and LNG, set foot in the beginning to the end of the whole industrial chain, “we’re from the United States, Africa back to LNG and clean resources, did not rule out future build natural gas receiving terminal, and then complete our logistics system, construction machinery and vehicles to carry fuel. Meanwhile, we are also one of the earliest gas distributed combined heat and power enterprises, GCL part standard set, here is promising. “Second, the GCL will focus on new energy sources (photovoltaic), expected from the SI service,” but the battery we do not involve. If Concord has to be done one day the battery, then there must be a super-efficient batteries, we want to do is to differentiate products and services, wouldn’t do the same thing. ”

Original title: GCL Group Chairman Mr Zhu detailed strategic orientation of a-share listed companies

Malawi signed a $ 10.4 million solar energy cooperation agreement with China

Polaris solar PV net news: Malawi Government has reached an agreement with Chinese Government to supply solar systems, the cooperation agreements valued at $ 10.4 million, will improve the power supply situation in Malawi. The agreement signed in the Malawi capital Lilongwe.

According to the African press “ventures-Africa” reported on December 22, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, said Zhang Qingyang, the development of the project will be able to ease electricity shortages in health facilities in rural areas of Malawi. Malawi’s national grid coverage only 9% power supply shortages, only 9% of the population can enjoy electricity, which pose a serious obstacle to development in many regions of Malawi. However, Malawi is located in tropical, sunny, with prerequisites for development of solar projects.

Zhang Qingyang revealed last year the Chinese Government donated 250 sets solar street lights to Malawi, 533 solar system, many of these products are filled to hospitals, and is intended to improve the lives of locals.

Malawi’s Finance Minister gudaer·gongdewei (GoodallGondwe) to the Chinese Government expressed deep gratitude for the donation and said, these donations put to use will be can greatly ease electricity shortage problem in Malawi, and improving sanitation. In particular in rural areas, Malawi health facilities in many rural areas have no connection national main grid, no security of electricity supply, and health authorities in rural areas to provide basic health care and vital, so be sure to take advantage of these solar systems.

Malawi and China Taiwan established diplomatic relations 41 years later, in 2007, the two sides broke up, after which the Government established good diplomatic relations with China’s mainland. It was reported that since 2000, the County Government has provided almost 21 development projects financed in Malawi. Including funding Malawi Academy of Science (MUST), the building of roads, proposed building, Piazza, and five-star hotels and other projects.

Original title: Malawi and China signed a $ 10.4 million solar energy cooperation agreement

*ST Suri changed its name to “Concord integration”

Polaris solar PV net news: 26th, GCL Group annual meeting, the Chairman, Mr Zhu said, “*ST Suri 002506” renamed “GCL integration”. It is learnt that the GCL integration will be interconnected through research and development, energy technology, integrated marketing resources by big data and cloud platform for commercial rooftops, portable, floating, fishing, agriculture and other photovoltaic integration solutions provider.

The 24th of this month, the Shanghai intermediate people’s Court ruled that recognize Shanghai chaori solar energy science and technology company limited (hereinafter referred to as Super company) reorganization plan is complete, marks Suri company termination of bankruptcy proceedings, Suri is expected to “shell” is successful, restore listed.

Suri restructuring timetable

On May 28, 2014, super stock suspension, “11 Super debt” terminated with effect from May 30.

On June 26, 2014 municipal intermediate people’s Court ruled inadmissible Suri and specify the company’s bankruptcy reorganization case managers.

On August 18, 2014, Suri company’s bankruptcy reorganization case to hold the first meeting of creditors, voting, Suri company property management programme was adopted according to law.

On September 30, 2014, identified by the 9-member consortium into Suri company financial investment investor.

On October 23, 2014, the hospital in the city, under the auspices of the Suri draft reorganization plan according to law was adopted.

On October 28, 2014 municipal intermediate people’s Court ruled that approval Super reorganization project.

Original title: ST Super-002506 changed its name to “Concord integration”