2014 non-fossil energy sources, China is expected to account for up to 11.1%

Polaris solar PV net news: Deputy Director of the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration Wu xinxiong 25th introduced China to accelerate the development of clean energy, energy structure has been further optimized. Expected in 2014, the proportion of non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption increased to 11. 1%, coal down to 64. 2%.

Wu xinxiong said at a national energy conference held on the same day, expected in 2014, the national hydropower installed capacity at about 20 million-kilowatt, the total installed capacity of about 300 million-kilowatt, and completed one year ahead of the “Twelve-Five” plan objectives; wind power installed capacity exceeding 90 million-kilowatt, when the annual energy output 150 billion-kilowatt; grid-connected solar power installed capacity reached 30 million-kilowatt, when the annual energy output 25 billion-kilowatt; biomass, geothermal power generation capacity of more than 9.2 million-kilowatt, while electricity 35 billion-kilowatt National yields 1.2 billion cubic meters of shale gas, coal bed gas (mine gas) extraction volume of 17.1 billion cubic metres, use volume of 7.5 billion cubic meters.

In the area of nuclear power plant construction, said Wu xinxiong, 2014, new nuclear power units in China, 5 sets of national nuclear power units in transit exceeds 22 units, installed capacity of 20.1 million-kilowatt. Meanwhile, China’s nuclear power “go out” to make substantial progress, voice and influence in the International Energy Affairs further improved.

In addition, Wu xinxiong, in 2014, China’s energy sector has been continuously increasing air pollution control, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding area backward small thermal power units more than 250,000-kilowatt promoting the clean and efficient use of coal, the annual transformation of backward small thermal power 3.3 million-kilowatt.

Original title: 2014, non-fossil energy sources, China is expected to account for up to 11.1%

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