2014 World’s ten largest solar module manufacturer rankings (tables)

Polaris solar PV net news: after a bloody in the global photovoltaic industry is back on its feet, PV manufacturers began to accelerate capacity expansion. So, this year’s top ten solar giant takes who home?

Under United States authority on market research firm IHS 2014 top PV modules supplier rankings released today predicts that Trina (Trina Solar) for the first time as the world’s largest PV module suppliers in shipments, and two consecutive years ranked Yingli (Ying Li Green Energy) is relegated to second place.

IHS rankings based on prediction of PV module annual shipments, including shipments estimate for the fourth quarter of this year, but does not take into account used for PV modules of the project within the company, including rooftop PV or large scale photovoltaic power plant construction.

IHS released top ten solar companies, 6 are from the Chinese manufacturer. In addition, although solar solar energy company (Canadian Solar) based in Canada, but its production base in China. United States two largest solar panel maker first solar and SunPower entered the list. Japan vendor sharp solar (SharpSolar) and Kyocera (Kyocera) in 2014 and continue to be the world’s top ten.

Top ten photovoltaic manufacturers

In the past four years, the PV manufacturing industry was facing a crisis of global overcapacity to produce solar panels, large companies have cut back production or halted factory production plans, many small businesses are filing for bankruptcy, but IHS list of limited companies. It is predicted that from 2013, JA Solar’s ranking was the highest ranked fifth in 2014. The company’s PV module shipments will more than double by 2013, growing faster than other top ten suppliers.

Original title: 2014 World’s ten largest solar module manufacturer rankings (tables)

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