2015 United States solar power 1% said people in the industry or not to stump up money for projects

Polaris solar PV net news: according to the United States Energy Department official data revealed, although invested millions of subsidies and government loans, but solar power may still occupy a small fraction of all electricity in the United States.

According to the United States energy information Administration (EIA) revealed that its 2015 utility-grade solar power generation will show a rising trend, but remain only 0.6% of the nation’s total generating capacity. In 2013, the United States utility-grade solar power capacity has doubled, while the EIA estimated that by 2015 the PV installed capacity will grow again by almost 1 time.

The past few years, Union, State and local subsidy mechanism and green energy targets have helped push United States PV industry development. Only the third quarter of 2014, total installed PV power generation system has reached 1354MW, 41% higher than in 2013.

According to the United States PV industry association (SEIA) announced that America now has been put in operation of PV installed capacity up to 16GW. The Association says 2014 solar electric new grid-connected capacity of about 36%.

SEIA reports fastest growth is in the solar photovoltaic market. But earlier this year, the concentrated solar power has grown rapidly, which is located in Southern California, with Yi Fanpa (Ivanpah) grid-connected power station had been achieved.

Yi Fanpa was the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant, the plant uses 173,500 heliostats, to reflect sunlight to spotlight Tower.

The project is funded by Google, Bright Source Energy and NRG Energy share, and Obama’s $ 1.6 billion in loans from the Government.

President Barack Obama said: “after the project is completed, for 140,000 households use electricity generated by. ”

However, Yi Fanpa power station’s output did not meet original expectations. Just put into operation less than a year’s time, the project owner has proposed subsidies amounting to $ 539 million to the Federal Government to help repay its federal loans.

Obviously, Yi Fanpa of current generating capacity is stated then about one-fourth. What are the reasons? Allegedly this was because local solar radiation values than previously estimated.

Foundation of reason (Reason Foundation), Julian Morris, Deputy Chief of the Fox News Network with respect, and those like the spend money like water debt amounting to billions of dollars, they tried to get a federal bailout, in other words, let us taxpayers stump up money for their projects. This extremely disgusting.

Although Yi Fanpa project problems, but it continues to be the renewable energy World magazine (Renewable Energy World) named the “2014-renewable energy projects.”

Original title: 2015 United States solar power 1% said people in the industry or not to stump up money for projects

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