China renewable energy 2050 86% fight: not a technical interest?

Polaris solar PV net news: the Chinese Government has begun to push an energy revolution, through the transformation of current unsustainable energy systems, so as to meet China’s future development strategies. The revolution’s ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable energy system, and one of the most closely watched the main question is how renewable energy systems.

On December 16, announced Danish renewable energy development project came to an end, the most important outcome of the China renewable energy roadmap 2050 by the national development and Reform Commission’s Energy Research Institute, national renewable energy Center synchronization publication. Road map depicts China’s wind power, solar energy, biomass energy, future development paths and trends.

“The extent to which vision for renewable energy development in China? We concluded that, by 2050, the energy consumption of 3.2 billion tons of standard coal in China, total final energy consumption by more than 60% of electricity, direct consumption of fossil energy for 900 million tons of standard coal. Proportion of non-fossil energy supply of electricity reached 91%, renewable energy accounted for more than 86%. “National renewable energy Research Institute, national development and Reform Commission Deputy Director, said Wang Zhongying, Director of the Centre.

86% dispute

Designed according to the story, power will dominate in the future energy systems, wind power, solar power will dominate the power system.

It is understood that the roadmap is designed with positive two basic development scenarios. In the basic scenario, to 2020, 2030, 2050, cumulative installed capacity of wind power in China, and 200 million-kilowatt and 1 billion-kilowatt, respectively, and wind power generating capacity will reach 400 billion kWh, 800 billion kWh and 2,000,000,001,000 MWh; solar energy will replace fossil fuels, more than 150 million and 310 million and 860 million tons of standard coal, which provides electricity when they were 150 billion, $ 510 billion, and 2.1 trillion-kilowatt. Biomass energy respectively amounted to 110 million tons, the total 240 million tons and 340 million tons of standard coal.

“Our country’s resource potential is sufficient to support the large-scale development of renewable energy. “National renewable energy Center Vice Director of Hu Gao said,” to wind power, for example, we examined seven bases each time economy, specific conclusions are seven bases of economic exploitation amount can be more than 1 billion-kilowatt. ”

Renewable energy scenario of practicability of large-scale horse?

Wang Zhongying’s conclusion is “no problem”, he suggested that by 2050, the energy supply will rely on the energy of the Internet in China. “In our scenario design, when the quantity of car ownership in China is about 500 million, 400 million of which are electric vehicles, the future electricity market is a huge support, and its most obvious effect is the difference between peak and Valley sliced off, can support power system stability, reliability, and run even more efficiently. “He said,” of course, electric cars is only one of many power systems and technology in the future, there will be all kinds of energy storage technology, a smart information transmission and control technology. ”

Although detailed data and research information, some industry experts are still questioning this, they suggest, the formation of China’s energy structure and energy supply structure has its deep historical reasons and occurrence characteristics of resources if fossil-fuel generating facilities within just three dozen years to quit, and large-scale use of renewable energy, China would carry too high a cost. ||||

“Renewable energy accounted for more than 80% wish is unrealistic. “Power development association consultant Jiang Shaojun believed that” more realistic idea is that by 2050, renewable energy as one of the pillars of China’s energy, coal proportion dropped to 40%-35%, nuclear, hydropower, non-renewable energy accounted for more than half of the water. ”

“No technical problems, is interest”

Despite various forecasts and expectations, but overall we are happy to see the high proportion of renewable energy in China energy system development.

“Denmark 2009 developed by 2050 from fossil energy consumption in grand strategy, and down-to-Earth to carry it out. Renewable energy-rich regions in northern China in recent years, on the one hand a lot of burning coal, on the other hand many clean grid-connected electricity can not be unreasonable phenomenon, which in Denmark expert is difficult to understand, that we have not built up power management system adapted to renewable energy, there is no build priority renewable energy concepts and awareness. “The new energy Department Shi Lishan, Deputy Director of the National Energy Council, said at the meeting.

Shi Lishan, reducing power output is not a technical question, but the benefit relation of. Denmark’s development experience, Denmark not only has advanced clean energy production capacity, and more importantly has set up a scientific management system.

Data shows that by the end of 2013, China’s power generation installed capacity total of 1.247 billion kW, of which thermal power 860 million kilowatt, grid-connected wind turbine 75.48 million-kilowatt, grid-connected solar power installed capacity 14.79 million-kilowatt. In terms of proportion of electricity generation, thermal power accounted for 78.5% of the total national electricity production, and wind and solar only 2.5% and 0.17%.

“Modern society as a whole still insufficient understanding about the strategic significance of developing renewable energy and new energy is not viewed as emerging industries of strategic importance, and pay more attention to short-term interests, partial interests, or Department interests, one-sided understanding, old ideas. “Inner Mongolia electric power Department official told reporters that,” at present only on general policy instruments have been hard at work, the only way out is a major institutional innovation, set up an effective regulation of the interests of all parties, encourage the development of renewable energy, promoting the construction of power grids, effective transmission and eliminate institutional mechanism for renewable energy generation. ”

Original title: 86% battle in China renewable energy 2050: no technical interest?

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