China-us dual-end outsourcing sensitive time AIT has the solar industry beckons?

Polaris solar PV net news: United States Department of Commerce today (17) issued a statement published in China solar plant with the anti-dumping and countervailing duty final sentence, but at such a sensitive time, United States Institute in Taiwan (AIT) to solar industry publication investment shows a notice, seems to want to invite Taiwan companies to the United States to set up factories.

AIT AIT to industry publication on “United States solar market analysis and investment seminars” invited and said the United States solar markets residential and commercial users are fast-growing, shows solar products wholesale and retail market opportunities, saying that “it’s plants in United States, the timing of the establishment of sales offices and warehouse facilities”. AIT is also further explained that if Taiwan factory will invest in United States building component production lines, may also take part in BuyUSA government procurement projects, participation in public sector opportunities.

TrendForce under EnergyTrend Gao Jiaxi, an analyst noted that the China-us dual-after the results were released, shipping United States would be affected. But AIT investment shows seem to be helping rig factory find new ways.

Original title: China-us dual-end outsourcing sensitive timing, AIT on solar industry beckons?

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