Chinese PV companies landed the NASDAQ to go way?

Polaris solar PV net news: thought on Chinese PV companies listed abroad

Recently, there have been reports that Chinese PV companies once again flock to NASDAQ. In 2014, in the case of PV is good domestic PV manufacturers rally trend, wanted to borrow capital to a re-energized. I read a story, said November 14 China PV companies sky solar (sky solar Holdings Limited) successfully landed on the United States NASDAQ, IPO to $ 9.15, up 14.38%, but there are 368,800 shares changing hands.

Allegedly, PV companies on planned NASDAQ has more than one, after another–LDK LDK Solar company subsidiary of SPI are also active in logistics. In addition, the PV industry also is launching the IPO in the country, want to take the road of overseas listed companies more like NASDAQ is a life-saving straw, IPO was a highway.

Outside, why are they interested in NASDAQ-listed?

In retrospect, China PV to NASDAQ and other overseas listing, nothing less. December 14, 2005, Suntech (Wuxi Suntech Power Company) in the United States listed on the New York Stock Exchange, price $ 15 a share on June 1, 2007, in the United States New York Stock Exchange listed LDK LDK, at $ 27 a share offer price, history of the Chinese companies in the United States biggest IPO of single release. Also, Trina solar, Yingli Green energy, JA Solar and jinko, hanwha new energy and renesola, photovoltaic, solar solar energy, but the year 2010 daqo new energy on the NASDAQ stock market and other overseas stock markets.

In recent years, PV enterprises in China under the influence of excess production capacity, market competition is becoming increasingly intense, industry in the shuffle. Some companies would like to achieve in the shuffle process transformation, through technical innovation and structure adjustment for enterprise development to a qualitative leap forward, finding adequate funding support is particularly important. Only in this way can come up with enough money in the industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions of weaker companies. Meanwhile, as the market slump, corporate expenses increased, much needed investment, limited with the Bank’s accumulated despises itself, only listing one way, in the case of domestic photovoltaic developments known, listed abroad like the NASDAQ was particularly promising. Of course, PV-State support policies and national development strategies such as new energy, companies go for PV companies to create an opportunity. Although there are policies to facilitate this and that, but better than overseas, for example, domestic a-share IPO market with high standards, net asset size, profitability and IPO standards become mandatory targets; and domestic a-shares IPO administrative examination and approval system leads to cumbersome procedures, and so on, so some companies which do not. “The rising tide” IPO standards “increased the threshold for cost and time,” after “fails, upfront playing Boondoggle, the domestic system caused” can’t afford “and” can’t afford “.

For enterprises, enterprises can succeed on the NASDAQ stock market listing overseas, such as fate and the future of enterprises is a major event, it tends to be business grow is an important turning point. So, it is necessary to talk to a topic, what it means to businesses listed on NASDAQ? What is listed on the NASDAQ stock market and for what? It is said that on the international capital markets for financing! Yes, any company issuing shares or bonds listed, all in order to be able to raise capital, this is the finance function of the capital market. Of course is simply “money”. Financing financing of the English word, while “money” Word was unable to find the word in the English language, if you want to get “money” translated into the English word, the easiest way is to “money” understood as finance translation. In fact, financing and “money” there is no difference in the nature of, and could only have been more Chinese words, with “money” as a derogatory reference to financing. Actually, for enterprise listed, not only is “circle money”, author is such understanding of: company success in NASDAQ, outside listed, not only to enterprise brings has new of opportunities and challenge, while also to globalization of market operating work injected has new of vitality and vitality, it let we to new of perspective to again review and shaped enterprise in products, and market, and service, multiple level of differences of competition advantage, increased products of “selling”, further upgrade and highlights enterprise of core competitiveness.

On one hand, on the NASDAQ stock market listing overseas, such as enhancing the enterprises ‘ international image. At present, from product management phase to branding, branding the capital value of brand internationalization of capital operation, which has entered a new era of brand competition in the world. Overseas listing on the NASDAQ is able to adapt to the coming of the era of brand competition in the world, enhancing its international public image and reputation of the international community, and further enhance the company’s brand value, raise the corporate image and brand communication to a new height and breadth of internationalization, laid the Foundation for enterprises to enter the new era of global competition.

Overseas listing on the NASDAQ is the watershed between the shift from industrial to international capital operation of enterprises, the company’s successful IPO, highlighting the enterprise’s comprehensive strength and international competitiveness, marking the company’s management science, norms, enhance the company’s international reputation, enhance business confidence and loyalty of customers at home and abroad to enhance the global visibility of the brand and market presence.

Meanwhile, on the NASDAQ stock market, open the door for the internationalization of enterprises listed abroad. Enterprises listed overseas, such as success on the NASDAQ, also a departure for standardization and internationalization of companies operating platform. On the NASDAQ stock market for the internationalization of enterprises listed abroad, such as injecting lifeblood of sustainable development. In an international platform to attract more talents and clients all the time, providing human security for the company’s global strategy for development. Shows the value of each staff set up internationalization platform. Overseas listing on NASDAQ, enterprises will be broad prospects for development, on the one hand the basic qualities to the team put forward higher requirements.

Meanwhile, this will bring more development opportunities to the team. On the NASDAQ stock market and other overseas listing for the company to build a good platform, international finance, will be the next step for the company’s international integration and strategic expansion of the market to provide follow-up funding. For a specific company, not only have international capital markets platform and resource to ensure more facilitated further good and strong into the world.

In short, marks companies listed on the NASDAQ stock market and other overseas development toward standardization and internationalization in the future, laying the Foundation for next steps for advancing the global market integration. The above analysis, explains why the Chinese PV industry directly to bend, so excited about the NASDAQ listed overseas, such as the root cause.

Second, NASDAQ listed abroad can become our way?

Of course, companies on the NASDAQ stock market and other overseas on the internationalization of the city means that it is a public company, has its advantages and disadvantages. It is said that over and over in the offshore market in gold is actually not. In fact, supervision costs more expensive, there are also “acclimatized” risk, the United States heavily regulated securities markets.

Recently, I went to United States listed this and spoke to a photovoltaic business executives. He said that at present, except for some very big monopolistic businesses (such as PetroChina, etc), most of the enterprises are facing the problem of rapid adjustment. This is not a theoretical problem, but a question of survival. To adjust, you must have sufficient capital reserves, select, choose direction for the project will take time and money to keep it. If you are not listed, a new opportunity arose, you self rolling funding for business development, risk is very high. Why is that? Since the world economy as long as there is now a hot spot, and all the money and all the people will pounce quickly do dig it into social average. Therefore, you must be rich to flutter. Enterprises can be listed and make good use of their money, is a very important issue. People ask me, says listed OK? I really can’t say, is not good for the boss, too much pressure. Listed work for society, working for employees, working for other shareholders. That is not a listed company? Is not listed you may die, die faster than others. So and pressure before he died, would prefer pressure would not die. This is one reason companies must be listed. Instead, I was responsible to the shareholders, and I didn’t make all the investments into zero assets. I think the listing is an inevitable choice for us, with a concrete outcome of the Fund is listed, and listed the main purpose of enterprise’s survival. After listing, the company also will face a new test. Especially in NASDAQ, outside listed investors most close concern of is enterprise of profit capacity and the operations quality, and information is transparent of, we will faced unprecedented of profit pressure, this on requirements we of enterprise work must to combines new of situation innovation conspiracy to variable, to full upgrade market operations quality and profit capacity for gravity, to good of performance won customer of trust and shareholders of support and participation. Meanwhile, increased transparency of enterprises, listed companies should always be with oversight by the media and the public condemnation. Enterprise ready, enterprise’s international profile, otherwise you will suffer global investor rejection!

Therefore, as a listed company, do your homework, not blindly, and want you to make a good position in the market. After the IPO, we would become an international public company, will be closely watched by the international public, we ought to also open image of the face of the global community, and make the world a better understanding of the company, knowledge company, agree with the company, so as to promote and stimulate the development of enterprises. Market is the driving force for enterprise development, in the current market, under the laws, the market determines enterprise’s lifeline, and market position is good or bad, will directly determine the prospects for future development, is the cornerstone of business survival.

But as an overseas listed companies on the NASDAQ, how do you position your market? In my opinion, direction greater than, decide the future of innovation. After listing and marketing themes should be located in “global vision to lead the market and establish international brand, innovation and service”, is based on the companies listed under the background of the improvement and innovation of marketing models and company in the target market’s combined campaign. To guide the global vision market, you must make international markets, always stand at the forefront of market, grasp the pulse of the market, to respond quickly to market dynamics and technology innovation to accelerate product innovation, one step ahead of new products that lead the market trend. Successful listing by Dongfeng, aggressive market innovation, improve market segments, looking for new space in the subdivision. Next steps will focus on corporate image, brand’s international image and international image, including entrepreneurs and their management team and other key elements to create enterprise’s core competitive power in the world, the full implementation of international brand marketing, tangible product branding, intangible brand tangibility, internationalization of domestic brands. Insisted “quality created value” of operating concept, build independent brand, using brand upgrade company of core value, build target market first brand; to “innovation service” as upgrade company core competitiveness of external way, in company internal established simple, and efficient big service chain of based Shang, to meet global user needs for Center, to innovation service for point, to precise management for main means, full upgrade company of global core competitiveness, then full led both at home and abroad market.

2011 United States capital markets blow up “shares in fraud” Cyclone now have influence in this area. When the Chinese company listed is the date of loss, did not last long. LDK, Suntech enterprises had losses, suffered a big setback. In fact, the most important thing is how innovation in order to promote the company’s profit improvement. For businesses, listing is only the first step in a long March to be listed, there is no turning back, to transform the mechanism the operating rules of access to international capital markets, improve business operations, service innovation, marketing innovation, technological innovation to achieve a breakthrough, to improve profitability, increase returns, to maintain price stability will be the more difficult task. Means to report to our shareholders to invest, this requires the improvement of corporate profits. However, many industries in the country has entered the era of high costs, profit is a sign of maturity. Profit means increased competition within the industry, the maturity of the market. It requires that companies will scale back its efficiency advantages into advantages, profit will eventually bring competition between enterprises into a new mutation.

Therefore, I believe that we have entered the era. In this case, as an improving corporate profits? Of course, problems in development only with the solution to the problem of development. Of course, NASDAQ-listed overseas should learn to do as the Romans, must know, understand the law, abide by the law, good faith acceptance of United States regulatory supervision, moreover, must know how to respect for investors and shareholders, learn to stock management and crisis public relations, maintain the company’s market presence. Due to space limitations, no longer one by one here.

Of course, our companies to NASDAQ and other overseas listing of the most immediate purpose is to finance, as if on the city circle, with money can cover the multitude of sins. Although listed squandered opportunities and paths in a variety of beautiful eyes, but how many companies well before committing to this wave of thought about why they should be listed, as well as raise money to key issues such as how to use it? Don’t just sit back and relax on the city now? The author believes that listing is a double-edged sword, how to avoid a big problem. In short, objectively speaking, enterprises listed overseas are both opportunities and challenges. To think through scientific analysis, right, down to Earth, do your homework, do not blindly follow, is the most pragmatic choice! (Text/Han Yongqi of Penglai city in Shandong province economic and Informatization)

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