Clean energy to do well under the new normal risk prevention

Polaris solar PV net news: “over energy resources and the environment space is relatively large, now carrying capacity of the environment has been at or near the ceiling. “—This is 2014, the central economic Working Conference on China’s current energy resources and ecological environment of a straightforward description.

In recent years, the great force for clean energy as an energy source, power systems, and energy development in China, in particular, is playing an increasingly important role in the energy saving and environmental protection, giving priority to the development of clean energy is an inevitable trend.

Especially since this year, in promoting energy revolution under the new situation, China’s energy industry started along the clean, green, walking in the direction of diversification, many new results have been achieved. During the year in advancing the energy revolution, increased focus on clean energy development in China, clean energy has become integral to the transformation and upgrading of China’s energy development an important part.

Clean energy is the backbone of energy revolution

“Energy consumption is a rigid demand, with the level of economic development, is related to income levels, quality of life, it is difficult to change. Total energy consumption, but its going to grow. We face the biggest challenge in the energy revolution, is how to regulate their own behavior, control our total energy consumption and keep energy consumption at a certain level. “On December 17, the China Power Development Association hosted the” 2014 competition in the electricity sector intelligence reports “on climate change, national development and Reform Commission national and international cooperation, said Li junfeng, Director of the Center for strategic studies.

Clean energy move the adjustment of energy structure, and even entire pillar of economic structural adjustment. So far this year, China gradually to deployment the energy revolution, the establishment of “energy-saving advantage, relying on domestic resources, green, low-carbon, innovation-driven” four strategies to develop clean energy to fight climate change is an inevitable trend.

“If 5-10 years ago, saying the development of electricity from renewable energy sources can be used as one of the leading energy, everyone thinks that is impossible because the renewable energy development ‘ very weak ‘. “The State Department counselor, said Shi Dinghuan, Director of China renewable energy society,” adopted in 2005 and 2006 in China formally implemented the law on renewable energy, followed by 10 years, renewable energy in our country has made great progress. In recent years, when renewable energy output remained at 140 billion-kilowatt per cent, making it the 3rd largest power supply in China after the thermal power, hydropower, which is great. Once it is hard to imagine through the fan rotation to put together such a huge power supply system. “As the world’s largest wind turbine, China also has the world’s largest photovoltaic industry in the entire value chain. So far this year, three generations of nuclear power have independent intellectual property rights, “Hua long, first” has become an important signal for Chinese nuclear power reset speed. Information showed, according to the National Energy Board on October 30, at the end of September, total national renewable energy generation installed capacity reached 404.37 million kilowatts, accounting for over 30% electricity capacity, and global scale of renewable energy superpower status.

According to CEC statistics analysis, planning and Statistics Office Director Liu Guiyuan introduced in 2014, China’s power supply and demand situation was more relaxed and power supply capacity is adequate. Related data show that non-fossil energy sources, including wind power, and hydropower development faster, slower thermal power and hours decline is relatively large. Meanwhile, it is predicted that around the end of 2014, China’s power generation capacity will reach 1.35 billion kilowatt, non-fossil energy sources close to 34% the end of 2015, non-fossil energy will reach 500 million kW of installed capacity, ratio will rise to about 35%.

Clean energy development to do a risk prevention

“In 2008 after the global financial crisis, some countries and some groups have put energy in transition, they were faced with the energy revolution in our country are precisely to show problems. “The Deputy Director of the NDRC’s Energy Research Institute, said Gao shixian.

According to Gao shixian introduces several main characteristics of development of economies in transition are based on national conditions, development of energy transformation, develop clear energy transformation goals. Same time, rely on technical innovation and promoting energy transition “whole energy transition in a large proportion is relying on scientific and technological innovation system and the creation of institutional mechanisms. United States propose technological innovations include the development of Smart grids, electric vehicles, a fourth generation nuclear technology; energy Internet, EU countries have large offshore wind turbines, highly efficient photovoltaic cells, carbon capture and sequestration technologies, electric cars and other green technologies in energy production and consumption as an important means to achieve transformation of low carbon energy; Japan focused on nuclear power and further improve energy self-sufficiency and energy efficiency. “Shi Dinghuan said the energy revolution is difficult, are closely related to energy development in our country and everyone, especially in the ideas to be transformed. “Peak around 2030 carbon dioxide emissions” is a great challenge for China, the urgency of this situation on the adjustment of energy structure, arduousness and complexity could be more clear, if there is no revolutionary measures, no revolutionary thinking, it is hard for us to complete such a difficult goal.

The “new normal”, the energy development is not simply for the purpose of supporting economic development, its economic benefits generated by the development will also have a more direct impact on China’s economic development.

According to May 15 this year, the State Council issued the 2014-2015 action programme on energy saving low carbon development, output reached 4.5 trillion yuan in 2015, China energy conservation and environmental protection industries. And when the environmental industry’s share of GDP higher per unit GDP energy consumption and lower the overall consumption of resources and environment, the economic structure will be “green”. But with the deepening energy market, the market risks must be on guard.

“Like heavy chemical and real estate sectors, including energy, raw materials, is the main power source for China’s rapid economic growth. We are moving forward at high speed in the past, and now in the shift of the economic growth period, dissolve in excess capacity and bubble for industrial structure in a single area will form a larger impact, and even regional subsidence phenomenon, or induces financial risks. “The macroeconomic Research Department of the development research center under the State Council Minister, Yu Bin, said,” from an overall perspective, but it has opened up a new round of reform in China reform and crises of race. If breakthrough reform in important fields and crucial links, you can avoid a systemic crisis. Conversely, if reform in important fields and crucial links of delays to take a decisive step, you may need a crisis to force market players to adjust. ”

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