Comprehensive Department, National Energy Board on a solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” notification of planning work

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Comprehensive Department, National Energy Board on a solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” notification of planning work

Provinces (regions and municipalities), national development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), the national development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang, and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources and electric power planning and Design Institute, the national renewable energy Center, Institute of electrical engineering, scale Certification Center, the China quality certification center, the Photovoltaic Industry Association, Association of recycling economy, research institutes:

Solar energy resources are abundant, widely distributed, broad prospects for expanding utilization of solar energy, for steady growth, structure, improve people’s livelihood has an important practical role to ensure national energy security, optimize energy structure, improving the atmospheric environment is of strategic importance. According to the National Energy Board “Thirteen-Five” energy planning the programme of work, and for co-ordination of the national solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” planning, preparation, and related matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, overall requirements

Solar “Thirteen-Five plan” is “Thirteen-Five” promoting solar energy industry sustainable development’s basis for expanding the use of solar energy market, promote technological progress and promote the coordinated and healthy development of the industry is significant. Solar “Thirteen-Five” development planning should reflect the following requirements:

(A) to implement the Central Finance and Economics leading group at its sixth meeting, and new National Energy Commission energy development in the spirit of the meeting as well as the strategic plan of action for the first time (2014-2020) approach, accelerate the speed of revolution of energy production and consumption, energy supply system construction of multi wheel drive, plan “Thirteen-Five” solar energy development.

(Ii) to implement change functions, and decentralization spirit, adapted reform and solar development of new situation new requirements, according to solar using of concentrated type and distributed different features for plan layout, according to played market configuration resources decisive role and better played Government role of principles, science developed development target, and construction layout, and industry system construction, established and solar development phase adapted of system mechanism and policy system.

(C) the combination of new town construction, good use of solar energy in the construction of the new town and old town upgrades the role of, and continue to advance the demonstration area of distributed PV, renewable energy, green energy County demonstration area of the city activities, increase solar energy and other renewable energy sources in the city (town) the proportion of energy consumption.

(D) should give full play to role of development planning for technological progress. Relying on key base, key projects and key projects, and coordination to promote solar energy use and industrial development. Active promotion of solar energy utilization efficiency, reduce cost, play for the lead role of technological progress in the market.

(V) to realize the unification of economic benefit and social benefit. Play characteristic of solar energy use patterns and wide geographical coverage, solar energy utilization and ecological construction, urban development, poverty alleviation and development, combining agriculture, pollution control, innovation and new ways of utilization of solar energy and the construction of ecological civilization, enable solar energy to achieve the greatest possible economic and social benefits.

(F) innovation and development mechanisms to realize the new breakthrough of the development model. Combined with the expanded use of solar energy, to explore new mechanisms for promoting the use of distributed energy sources. In the investment management and energy production and supply to achieve a breakthrough in the way, distributed photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal energy, energy storage and gas distributed using a combination of new energy systems, creating new patterns of energy use.

Second, the main tasks

(A) provincial solar development “Thirteen-Five” planning study

Provincial (district, municipal) Department of energy related resources, to strengthen regional solar energy development needs, the development of conditions such as planning studies, research suggests “Thirteen-Five” of solar energy utilization in the region during the period key tasks, and major projects need to be incorporated into the national solar plan focused on content, forming solar energy development in the region “Thirteen-Five” planning proposal. Regions can be determined according to the local conditions and the main types of solar energy, focusing on solar photovoltaic and solar thermal utilization, areas with solar thermal power engineering construction conditions, should also include the content of solar thermal power. Plan suggested that the draft should include development of resources, and the developing situation, current situation, objectives, priorities and major projects, and so on. Planning for 2016-2020 and development prospects to the year 2030.

1, photovoltaic power generation planning content includes: photovoltaic power stations should provide layout, equipped areas could raise more than 500,000-kilowatt of PV power plant base. Distributed solar power, green energy demonstration counties and cities should be combined with new energy, distributed PV demonstration area focused on the urban scale, industrial parks and its application, based on the need to introduce new energy micro-grid and PV special projects such as poverty alleviation, combined with proposed ways to promote rural construction and size.

2, research on solar thermal power generation planning including: solar thermal power and scale in key areas, focusing on the project site and building condition, technique and technical and economic research.

3, solar thermal utilization planning content includes: solar thermal utilization goals, focus areas, development models, promotion and measures of urban and rural buildings, and so on.

(B) solar energy development studies

Research institutes and associations concerned in accordance with the Division of tasks and according to the planning needs, solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” planning special studies to provide the scientific basis for the preparation of the master plan. Specific research topics, research content and undertake units attached.

Third, the schedule

(A) completed by the end of March 2015 planning proposal. Provincial (district, municipal) energy planning departments in working on the basis of solar energy development in the region “Thirteen-Five” planning, proposal preparation; various research institutions and industry associations on the basis of existing research and formation of relevant research results. Provincial (district, municipal) Department in charge of energy and related research units in the regions before the end of March 2015 plan proposal and related research findings submitted to the National Energy Board new Energy Division.

(B) before the end of May 2015 form a national solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” the first draft of the plan. National Energy Council new Energy Division in regions, and each research institutions and industry association planning recommends draft and the related subject research results based Shang organization prepared national solar development “Thirteen-Five” planning draft, in sought grid enterprise, and research institutions and industry association and the related expert of views, and and national related planning for convergence Hou, Yu May 2015 late Qian issued national solar development “Thirteen-Five” planning draft, to each province (district, and city) energy competent sector sought views.

(C) the formation plan draft by August 2015. Provincial (district, municipal) Department of energy, according to the national solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” the first draft of the plan, provides suggestions for related content, feedback prior to the end of June 2015, the National Energy Board. National Energy Board based around the first draft proposed to continue to improve the planning, formation plan draft before the end of August, issued after approval by the program implementation.

(D) the regions complete the provincial (district, municipal) solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” program. Solar energy development in the country, “Thirteen-Five plan” issued within 2 months, provincial (district, municipal) Energy Department revised and improved solar energy development in the region “Thirteen-Five” program, release plan will be prepared and submitted to the National Energy Board for filing.

Four, work requirements

Units in carried out planning research and the the subject research work process in the, to according to qualitative and quantitative combines, focus quantitative of of principles science prepared planning, full using advisory institutions, social power, seriously heard expert and enterprise, parties views recommends, integrated coordination this planning and energy general planning, and energy special planning and other related planning of convergence, ensure planning science reasonable and has can implementation sex.

Units in accordance with the relevant requirements, please pay close attention to solar development “Thirteen-Five” study on the planning of the preparation work. National Energy Board according to the schedule, held some time related conferences and the advance work.

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Annex: national solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” planned research topics

Comprehensive Department, National Energy Board

On December 16, 2014

Original title: comprehensive Department, National Energy Board on a solar energy development “Thirteen-Five” notification of planning work

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