Department of energy announce 30 demonstration area of distributed PV applications list (table)

Polaris solar PV net news: the National Energy Board on promoting the construction of demonstration area of distributed PV application notification

Notification of application demonstration area of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Jiangxi, Shandong, and Guangdong development and Reform Commission (Department of energy), the relevant agencies, the State grid Corporation, China Southern power grid Corporation, and hydropower planning and Design Institute of water resources:

For further advance distributed PV power demonstration district construction, full played distributed PV power in guide social investment, and especially civil capital investment aspects of role, according to national development reform Board on released first based facilities, field encourages social investment project of notification (sent modified based [2014]918,) related requirements, announced included national first based facilities, field encourages social investment project of 30 a distributed PV power application demonstration district of list. Related requirements are hereby notified as follows:

First, at the National Energy Board has announced the first batch of 18 distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration outside the region, increasing PV 12 parks such as high-tech zone, jiaxing, a total of 30 countries, one of the first infrastructure encourage social investment in the areas of distributed PV Application demonstration area. Concrete and construction, see the list in annex 1.

Second, provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), energy departments distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration areas of priority scale PV annual management plans into the region, such as the annual scale index of less than, in accordance with the “first record, appending the size indicator” construction and management, and in support of the demonstration zone construction continued. For the slow pace of the construction, within the specified term is not completed according to plan construction of demonstration area, will cancel its demonstration zone qualifications.

Three, provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) demonstration zone for energy authorities to guide the Government in formulating related policies and measures to support PV applications, establish and improve the mechanism of distributed management system for photovoltaic applications and processes, strengthening roofing resource surveys, co-ordinate the preparation of development planning to co-ordinate the development of construction and installation of photovoltaic standards, co-ordinate the project record, tracking project progress, coordinating and solving problems in the construction of the project.

Four, power grid enterprises should actively coordinate with demonstration zone projects within grid access and operation of services, implementation of power grid construction and transformation project, in collaboration with guaranteed power supply security. Responsible for distributing electricity generated by photovoltaic power metering, settlement and national subsidies to pay for electricity. Construction of promoting the smart grid as needed, improving power system operation technology system, creation of conditions for photovoltaic high ratio grid running.

V all units should step up efforts to implement the project construction conditions, develop an implementation plan to carry out project-related agreements, supply agreements, the roof of grid access and power purchasing and selling agreement signing and follow-up work, and in accordance with the relevant requirements for demonstration zone construction and operation of the statistical information submitted.

Six, each demonstration zone should carry out the development, investment and financing mode, electricity trading model and service model innovation. Encourage demonstration area of financial services in partnership with banks and other financial institutions of the Government Innovation pilot program through the establishment of a public guarantee funds pooling, risk compensation funds, public funds, and solve the financing problems of distributed PV applications. Demonstration areas are encouraged to undertake distributed photovoltaic pilot regional electricity trading, allowing distributed PV projects sell directly to other electricity users in the same radio, electricity price for the negotiation, power enterprises are responsible for the transmission and settlement of electricity charges. Model area energy departments on business electricity trading pilot scheme was proposed, after seeking the views of local power grid enterprises submitted to the National Energy Board.

Seven, all agencies concerned should strengthen the regional demonstration zone projects within grid access, operation, regulation of electric quantity acquisition and metering and settlement of electricity charges, problems in the demonstration areas distributed in photovoltaic development timely regulatory advice. Relevant feedback on policy issues where the National Energy Board or the provincial (municipal) Energy Department that involves filing and implementation issues on project filing authority, filing authority responsible for the Organization of the project the project unit for rectification.

Eight, and each province (municipalities) energy competent sector to strengthened demonstration district construction of supervision, by months monitoring statistics demonstration district within project record, and starts construction and the progress, and production grid situation, Yu monthly 5th Qian to national energy Council submitted related information (specific form see annex 2), each demonstration district should determines one contact people, by its is responsible for by months through national can renewable energy information management system online fill demonstration district construction progress situation.

Annex: 1, 30, a list of distributed PV scale demonstration area

2, 30 distributed PV scale demonstration area of information information submission form

30 list of distributed PV scale demonstration area

30 distributed PV scale demonstration area of information information submission form

Original title: Department of energy announce 30 demonstration area of distributed PV applications list (table)

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