Destroying the Daimler and the photovoltaic plan map

Polaris solar PV net news: comprehensive foreign media, until recently, Daimler announced that its battery factory Li-Tec in 2015 will be discontinued by the end of the message. However, Daimler didn’t give up efforts in battery. On Monday, Daimler, next year’s DeutscheACCUmotive company has announced that it will invest 100 million euros to build a new battery plant, new workshop is scheduled to be finished in 2015, the medium-term. It is reported that the workshop covers an area of 20000 square meters, is when to begin production in 2011, the company factory area of 4 times. What’s interesting is, site of the new plant in Kamenz (Kamenz), namely Li-Tec factories are located.

Outgoing Li-Tec factory

Li-Tec battery by Evonik (Evonik) was established in 2006. In 2008, Daimler and the win created a “battery Alliance”, Master Li-Tec 49.9% shares in the company. In 2009, he established the 90% DeutscheACCUmotive company controlled by Daimler, and aimed at common development and application in the field of automotive lithium-ion batteries. Earlier this year, Daimler’s acquisition of Evonik (Evonik) in the Li-Tec holdings of 50.1% shares in the company, as well as in the DeutscheACCUmotive holdings of 10% shares in the company. At this point, Daimler became the two companies wholly owned.

Li-Tec is now Germany only a production of lithium ion batteries for electric car plant, but poor economic benefits has always been shrouded in haze above it. Daimler is to find the right customer for Li-Tec, but has backfired. Main reason is the product of this plant’s price was too high.

Smartfortwo electric version

Judging from the industry, Daimler partner Renault, battery parts suppliers are concentrated in Asia. So include Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, etc. At present, the Li-Tec production range covers three-cell system, models covered Smartfortwo EV, S300BlueTEC hybrid, the S400 hybrid editions, E300BlueTEC hybrid, E400, hybrid and C300BlueTEC hybrid version. So far, total shipments reached 50000 units of this plant.

In mid-November, Daimler announced that Li-Tec will be discontinued before the end of 2015. Daimler spokesman said that in the foreseeable future, in Germany the production electric car batteries are not economical. Germany media reports, future, Daimler will be the same as other competitors from Asia to buy lithium-ion battery. And its suppliers in the future will come from Korea’s LG.

An DeutscheACCUmotive worker working on the line of Kamenz

But building new plants, show Daimler still refused to give up on the layout of the lithium-ion battery. DeutscheACCUmotive FrankBlome, General Manager of the company said: “we expect that in the next few years, market demand for our output battery will also rise. “According to PVMagazine reports, starting in 2016, DeutscheACCUmotive to buy batteries from LG, Smartfortwo and forfour models and Mercedes-Benz hybrid vehicles with batteries.

DeutscheACCUmotive future will be used in the manufacture of photovoltaic energy storage system

Aside from motorcars, DeutscheACCUmotive also hope that the difference in fixed installations. Lithium-ion batteries can be used as a stationary energy storage unit, which flattened peaks and troughs, stable power grid. It is worth mentioning that, DeutscheACCUmotive will be looking to the photovoltaic industry. In Germany, DeutscheACCUmotive are not many competitors in this area. At present, the company in Kamenz has set up a production line.

At present, Li-Tec has a total of 280 employees. DeutscheACCUmotive spokesman said that most of these people will be hired by DeutscheACCUmotive. Negotiations between enterprises and trade unions will begin in January 2015. But Germany metal industry Union (IGMetall) have expressed dissatisfaction with the Li-Tec discontinued. Trade unions noted that Germany Government should come up with initiatives to continue to support the development and production of battery, otherwise Germany will repeat the mistakes of the solar cells and plasma screens before, once again lost core technology leadership.

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